Natural Ways to Get Rid of Oily Skin

Posted on Updated on 21 April, 2018

Oily skin can irritate when an excess of it gets combined with the sweat during the times of summer. Many people get the sweat over their palms of the hands. It can be frustrating when someone in the business world shakes hands with the sweat in them. No doubt, sweaty hands are not impressive at all. There are some of the natural remedies that can be used to prevent the oily skin.

Many times the food consumed by you also plays an essential role in adjusting the balance of oil in the body. After using the remedies mentioned in the article, you’ll start loving the tone of your skin instead of hating. Oily skin is the one that is thick, shiny and also dull colored; it can also be painful to deal with it. The excess oil on the surface leads to blackheads, pimples, whiteheads and irritation on the skin.

The oil on the skin has large pores, and it also looks pale. Also, oily skin tends to get better while talking about age and the people with oily skin get fewer wrinkles than the ones with normal or dry skin. So, having that surface is not bad but no doubt it is hard to maintain.

Use of Face Packs to Get rid of Oily Skin

Oily skin looks down and dull, and it needs proper nourishment and care. It is essential to go for the right type of skin product that maintains oily skin. It can easily catch the dirt that leads to dullness. Some of the best ways to treat oily skin are mentioned here. All of them help to get rid of it.

Aloe Vera

aloe vera

Oily skin leads to breakouts, pimples, and acne that develop oil on the surface. To get rid of this, use the gel of Aloe Vera or its extract that will help to absorb the oil and will keep you away from blemishes, acne, and pimples.

Make sure you remove the extracts carefully as it has pointed spikes. You may also consider adding it to the lemon juice for better results.



Many people don’t understand the importance of this vegetable. It is the one that is rich in nutrients, vitamins and contains antioxidant properties that work best for your skin. If you too have the oily skin, don’t look anything further and apply the juice of tomato all over the neck and face until it gets absorbed. Wash it off after 10-15 minutes and enjoy the glow.

Honey, Yogurt, and Oats

Honey, Yogurt, and Oats

The mixture of all three products proves to be a gem for oily skin. Yogurt helps to fight the problem quickly. On the other hand, honey helps to tighten the skin and helps to reduce acne or breakouts. Make sure to use the raw honey as it includes antifungal and antibacterial properties. Oats lighten the complexion of skin and give a smooth effect.

Lavender Oil and Raw Milk

Dip your face in the goodness of fresh milk and oil to boost the color of the skin naturally. Milk helps to reduce the oil present on the surface, and lavender oil adds the essence of blocking the cells of the skin to produce more oil. Both of the ingredients help to fight with unwanted bacteria that stick to the walls of the epidermis, and it flushes out all the toxins.

Slices of Apple


Ever thought why your doctor asks you to consume apple in a day? It is because of the benefits that are in it as apples contain the properties of vitamins, minerals and infused. Cut the apple into two slices and rub it on your skin till it stops production of the oil. Make sure to repeat the process several times in a week for better results.


Many people might get shocked after reading this ingredient on this list. Well, the truth is it helps to get the lighter skin tone and also exfoliate the skin. It doesn’t only keeps the oil away from the skin but also increases the radiance and glow naturally. It might seem oily at first, but it works like magic.

Banana Face Pack

banana face pack

Consume a ripped banana to get rid of oily skin. Mash the banana; add a spoon of honey and some drops of lemon in it. After mixing, apply the pack on your face and neck. Leave the mask for 20 minutes. Wash your face with warm water. If you want to get rid of it immediately, it is better to apply once in a week.

Strawberry Face Pack


Strawberries work best to get rid of the oily skin. After mashing the berries, add little amount of lemon juice in it. Mix it and apply on your face. Leave the paste until it gets dry. Rinse your face with cold water. This helps to keep the skin smooth. It also keeps you away from wrinkles and aging.

Orange Face Pack

orange peel powder face packs

The fruit is rich in Vitamin C. It helps to prevent oil from the skin and also fight against early aging. It even improves the skin texture. Orange helps to provide younger and fair skin. Apply the juice of orange directly on the surface, or you may also mix it with other ingredients as well.

Lemon Face Pack

The ingredient is considered as the natural bleaching agent and is used as a mixture in many face packs. The property of citrus cleans the skin and also decreases the secretion of oil. It helps to eliminate the dead skin cells. You may mix the juice with turmeric that allows recovering the oily skin.

Cucumber Face Pack

Lemon, Cucumber & Tomato Face Pack

Cucumber is the best pack to get rid of oily skin instantly. It helps in the prevention of dark spots and blemishes. It also provides fairer looking skin. Extract some of the cucumber juice and add drops of lemon juice in it. If you find it right, then you may consider adding a pinch of turmeric in it. Mix the solution and apply on the surface. Let the mixture dry and then rinse it off with water.

Multani Mitti

fuller earth

It is one of the best face packs available for oily skin. It helps to prevent the skin full of acne. Prepare the thick multani mitti paste with the rosewater. You may also consider adding a pinch of turmeric powder in it. Apply the mixture to your skin. Leave the mixture until it gets dry and washes your face with warm water.

Reasons for Oily Face and Skin

Follow the beauty tips mentioned below if you have oily skin and get ready to flaunt your smooth and beautiful surface.

  • Wash your face at least two times in a day with the best face wash to remove oil and dirt from skin.
  • Ensure to remove your makeup before going to bed.
  • Eat food that is rich in your proteins and includes it in your daily diet.
  • Eat lots of green vegetables and fruits daily.
  • Include the foods that are rich in Vitamin B2 such as beans, kernels, and
  • Decrease the fats and sugar in your daily diet.
  • Don’t consume the foods that are deep-fried, chocolates, alcoholic beverages, etc.

Causes of Oily Skin

  • Hereditary Factor: This is the primary cause of oily skin. If everyone in the family has oily skin, then no doubt, you’ll get that too.
  • Overusing the skin care products for exfoliating, cleansing or scrubbing for a better and smooth skin also leads to oily skin.
  • Season change: The oil production increases if there’s rapid change in a season like the rise of humidity or heat. In the winters, when skin becomes dry, it gets dehydrated and there comes the excess oil.
  • Medicines: Medications of hormonal replacement or birth control also leads to the production of oil on the skin.
  • Hormonal changes among women, at the time of pregnancy, pre and post-menopause can get the sebaceous glands to get more oil.
  • Stress: If you are in tension, the body naturally produces androgen hormones that lead to oil production.
  • Suntan: It might temporarily dry the skin, but it causes the glands to surge the oil production to protect the oily skin.

Tips to Prevent Oily Skin

  • Wash your face regularly with mild soap as it helps to keep the oil in control. Make sure to wash your face and neck after coming home from outside.
  • Apply the toner or astringent to remove dirt and close pores that are presented on the skin.
  • People who have oily skin must use the moisturizer that is water-based.
  • While going out in the sun, it is essential to apply the sunscreen lotion. The sun damages the surface of the skin and leads to the glands secrete more oil.
  • Foods rich in fats or fried food must be avoided as it leads to secretion of oil on the skin. Also, it is better not to consume the foods that are sweet or high in calorie as they also increase the chances of oily skin and pimples.
  • To get the flawless skin, start taking fruits and green vegetables.
  • Caffeine drinks should be taken in the limit as they make the system hot and produce the excess oil.
  • Drinks that contain carbons are high in sugar, and hence it leads to pimple formation.
  • You shouldn’t believe that the oily skin doesn’t need to get hydrated. Keep the skin hydrated by drinking lots of water. Use the best moisturizer, the one that suits your surface, so that the surface may continue to get hydrated.

Natural Beauty Tips to Stay Away from Oily Skin

  • Lemon Juice: Mix the juice with cold water and massage well on the surface of the skin. After 15-20 minutes, wash your face with better face wash. This help to prevent oily skin.
  • Honey, Lemon juice, and Milk: Combine a mixture of 1 spoon of lemon juice & milk and half spoon of honey. Apply it on your face for 10-15 minutes and then wash the face with cold water. This is the natural remedy that helps to limit the excess oil from the skin surface.
  • Scrub of Almond Honey: Blend some of the pieces of almond with honey. Massage and don’t scrub it on your skin. After few minutes, wash your face with cold water.
  • Aloe Vera Scrub & Oatmeal: Mix both the ingredients together. Rub it on the skin. After few minutes, clean your face.
  • Never scrub if you are already suffering from acne problem as this may make the skin more irritated.
  • Avoid doing a lot of makeup as clog the pores.
  • Avoid applying oily and heavy products that prevent providing nourishment to the skin.
  • Aloe Vera: Wash the face with god face wash and apply its gel. Let it dry. You may also put the gel in the refrigerator for the cooling effect. You may use 2 or 3 times as you like in a day.
  • Do facial: To get the glowing skin, peel the apple and cut into the small pieces. Rub it on your face. After keeping it for an hour, rinse with cold water. This will make the skin soft and glowing.
  • Multani Mitti: Mix it with water. Apply it on the surface. Wash after it gets dry
  • Lemon, Multani Mitti or Juice of the orange: Mix one spoon of mitti with lemon or orange juice. Apply the mixture till it gets dry. After 15-20 minutes, wash your face.