Cornstarch for Diaper Rash

Cornstarch for Diaper Rash

Cornstarch is starch made from corn. It is in white powdered form. It is an excellent absorbent which soaks all oil and any fluids from the body part it is applied to and keep its dry just like a talcum powder would do but in a gentler format without any harness.

Cornstarch is organic and very gentle on skin and can be easily applied to baby’s skin. It can also act as a gentle exfoliant when mixed with a tablespoon of glycerin and rum. It helps clean up the pores and dead skin.

It can be mixed with essential oils like lavender and can be safely applied over the underarms to keep you smelling all day. This can also act as a mild deodorant for your babies but do a patch test before you use it on their skin as babies can be allergic to essential oils.

Causes of Diaper Rashes

  • When you leave your baby for too long with a soiled diaper, the poop reacts with urine to form ammonia and reacts with baby’s delicate skin to form rashes.
  • All diapers use a chemical coating and sometimes when it drags again and again against skin reacts with it to form rashes. These rashes can be in the shape of small red patches or little bumps or even white filled pops on the skin of your child. Sometimes, the child may even develop yeast in their mouth area due to these infections.
  • When you child intakes any food especially one, he is allergic too can change the composition of his poop which again reacts with urine to form the rashes on the skin.
  • If they wear diapers that are too tight on the skin, that may also develop the skin rashes. The warm and wet area beneath the diaper provides the perfect atmosphere for bacteria and yeast to flourish and grow.
  • If a child or lactating mother is on antibiotics, then that may also lead to rashes. These medicines can even cause diarrhoea and can add to diaper dilemmas.


Baby’s skin is the softest thing in the world and is prone to get easily infected when exposed to harshnesses like tight diapers or unhygienic conditions. If you leave them too long into soiled diapers, they may be likely to develop rashes to skin infections. We need to keep them fresh and airy to make your baby feel comfortable and rashes free. But certain times it’s unavoidable, and your child gets the hives. Cornstarch is the best way in home remedies to treat your child from rashes. Rashes are formed when your baby’s skin is wet and exposed to bacteria. To keep the bacteria away from their skin it’s very important to keep the skin dry. Whenever you baby develops rashes, sprinkle some cornstarch in that area. This will ensure that your baby skin is dry and even if he wets it the cornstarch soaks the extra moisture to keep skin from developing a new infection and give room for the previous infection to be cured. Cornstarch is considered better than talcums as talcums may consist of harsh chemicals which may worsen the condition of your baby rashes by reacting with their poop. However, cornstarch is organic and is skin friendly. If it does not do any better at least, it will not do any harm to your baby’s skin.

Benefits of Cornstarch

  • Cornstarch is perfect allergy reliever. Just mix some cornstarch with some water and make a slurry-like paste and apology it over the affected area of baby’s skin with some soft tissue or cotton and leave it overnight to cure any allergies.
  • If there are some bug bites on your baby’s skin, cornstarch is to your rescue. Clean the are to make it dry and free from any dust oil and bacteria. Mix cornstarch with some water and apply it over affected area to cure the big bite.
  • If your baby is having flaky skin overhead and forehead again apply cornstarch mixed with some water and baking soda apply it head in very small quantity. Wash the head in the morning. Repeat it once in two days until cured completely.
  • Cornstarch can soothe any skin irritation, sunburn and allergies. Just apply cornstarch paste with water on affected area and leave it overnight to act and help heal your skin. Its antibacterial property helps check the further growth of bacteria in the area and keep it dry and clean to allow to heal it on its own.
  • In the case of your child have developed any yellow bumps with liquid filled in it, apply cornstarch paste of it. It will help quickly dry up the blister and heal the skin.

Precautions to Avoid Rashes

  • Do not use diapers which are very tight on their skin and should be replaced Keeping soiled diapers in contact of their skin for too long results in infection and rashes. Keep them open for while rather they always covered up in diapers.
  • Wash their clothes in gentle detergent which would be soft on them when they wear it. Use a soft tissue to wipe them and even their bed sheet and cover should be washed with mild detergent and should be soft on their skin.
  • Choose baby skin products very carefully. It’s always advice to use natural organic products on the baby skin to avoid any harshness impact their skin. Preferably product without dyes and artificial fragrance are recommended.
  • Never keep your baby soaked up in water for more than five minutes. Wash them with Luke warm water to keep their skin hydrated followed by a gentle moisturizer.
  • Massaging baby skin with light oil and gentle hand strokes can boost the skin health and help cure rashes more quickly
  • In case you see the skin rashes in the form of red-relish skin or yellow fluid-filled bumps, your baby does not need home enemies, rather seek a good pediatrician.