Natural Ways to Get Rid of Back Pain

Posted on Updated on 3 June, 2018

The back pain these days is one of the standard problems among people. Sitting over in same posture or the wrong one for many hours is the leading cause of back pain today. There are numerous reasons behind the spine problems which are not only related to posture but also hold a counterpart of sudden muscle pulls.

The back pain never goes with age factor; it can affect anybody, anytime, anywhere. However, adults (30-55 years) are most common suffers from back and spine issues. Many health experts claim that back pain is linked to muscles, ligaments and bones movement while working, sitting, lying or walking.

It can be lower back pain or upper back, both of these reasons have many other aspects like lower back pain can be in the lumbar spine, between discs vertebrae, ligaments, spinal cord, lower muscles, abdomen and more. However, upper back pain can cause due to misalignment in aorta, or tumors in the chest or might be spinal inflammations.

Back pain or other spinal problems can be caused while doing everyday activities. This is a traumatic pain which makes difficulty in walking, sitting or even at sleep. But curing of back problems or spine pain is not that difficult.

Before discussing prevention, cure, remedies, and exercise, let’s talk about causes first.

Causes of Back Pain

Any internal or external injury at the back related to muscles, ligaments, discs, etc. can adversely affect spine movement and posture. The most common cramp in the back are:

  • Inappropriate push, pull or lifting of the massive object.
  • Improper, or wrong posture.
  • Uneven and unsuited mattress.
  • Sleeping Problems/disorders.
  • Pain during fever, Arthritis, and other health problems.
  • Age Factor (adults and older people are more prone to back pain and other spinal issues).
  • Gender (As women are more affected by back pain than men) (Pregnancy, and Periods).
  • Exhausting workouts, exercising or physical activities.

Moving ahead let’s now look for more specific symptoms that are first causing factors for back pain. These are:

  • Increase in body temperature.
  • Back swelling.
  • Never ending back pain or backaches.
  • Insensibility near back and buttocks.
  • Uneven pain in legs, knees, thighs.
  • The same posture worsens the pain.

These kinds of symptoms are found individually with variations from mild to critical, even more, worsen.

Note: If you are facing the critical back or spinal issues, injuries then always seek for medical help, but if it mild and ordinary pain then home remedies and few exercising tips will help you out to cure back pain effectively.

Some Natural Home Remedies to Relieve Back Pain

Essential Oils

essential oils

Well, there are many kinds of essential oils which are boon to health, skin, pain and more. Essential oils are naturally excreted and are good substitutes in natural medical treatments. These are the natural essence of plants as flavor, aroma, or pigments. Few of most popular essential oils are:

Peppermint, Sandalwood, Lavender, Rose, Jasmine, Lemon, Bergamot, Ylang-Ylang and more.

Epsom Salt Bath


This salt is the rich source of magnesium and sulfate with many other chemical compositions. It works in reducing back pain, injury pain, even nervous system health and more. This is the natural anti-inflammatory compound used after soaking in lukewarm water.

Olive Oil

olive oil

Olive oil is well known for its bundle of benefits related to skin, body and overall health. It helps in preventing stiffness in many types of pain like the neck, shoulder, back and other muscular/joints pains. Massaging with olive oil also helps in treating stress, anxiety, and depression.

Fenugreek / Methi Seeds

fenugreek plant

This natural remedy is beneficial not only in pain but also suitable for diabetic patients. Fenugreek is the boon remedy for many health problems. It holds anti-inflammatory properties, consuming it in powder form or seed form is recommended as the natural medicine to cure pain. This is one of the ayurvedic treatment to heal pain, aches, and other health problems.



Turmeric is traditional spice with rich in many healthy properties. This bright shade species is used in medical treatments since ancient times in ayurvedic curing methods for many diseases. However, now many scientific health kinds of research had proved the advantages of using turmeric. The anti-inflammatory properties works as soothing pain reliever so are used to cure back pain, other types of pain and health problems.



Ginger is one of the best natural remedies to treat pain and other pains. Either you can guzzle in powdered form or even can apply it in paste form over the affected area. In fact, you can take water with raw ginger essence as per need; this will help in treating pains to some extent. Ginger is a rich source of anti-inflammatory properties are boosters in pain.



This home remedy holds the bundle of healthy properties that work in favor of overall health including pain. Garlic is a natural treatment as it is the fruitful source of vitamins, antioxidants, anti-inflammation, minerals and more. The selenium and capsaicin ingredients of garlic work for preventing and treating back pain, joint pains and more.

Basil Leaves


Basil leaves are packed with medicated properties and is the herbal home remedy to treat back pain. It helps in reducing stiffness, inflexibility, pain in muscles. Natural basil oils or taking it as the beverage, or even as the vegan in the menu will add antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds in the body which benefits in pain and overall well be.



Chamomile tea or flowers in boiling water work best as natural aspirin in pain, inflammation and other kinds of swelling. It impacts instantly over spasms muscles, stiffing of veins, and also works in excellently in stress.

Note: With many benefits, chamomile still a warned ingredient to be used as the pain reliever to those who are allergic to its effects, so before using or consuming it, consult the doctor.



Many health studies now claim that there is the link between calcium deficiency and back pain, which can be prevented with the excellent source of calcium that is milk. It works as a booster boon to make bones strong. There is no age factor to guzzle milk. In fact, it is recommended that pinch or turmeric in milk works best to relieve pain and other injuries as well.

Note: Other natural sources of rich calcium are yogurt, cheese, kale, spinach, tofu, broccoli, peanuts, beans, almonds, etc.



Pineapple is potent with an enzyme known as bromelain which holds anti-inflammatory and analgesic quality. These two compositions are herbal painkillers which help in curing back pain, inflammation, etc. This fruit is also helpful in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis as pain killing mediator.

Aloe Vera

aloe vera

One of the most used natural ingredient with many benefits. Its anti-inflammatory and analgesic sources are bonus blessing to in treating back pain. Massage with fresh gel is good relievers in pain. However, drinking of pure Aloe Vera juice is also recommended for overall health including pain.

Exercises to Overcome Back Pain

Arm Slide

To do this exercise, you need to stand against a wall with a right and straight posture. Then you need to stretch your arms while holding straight. Keep your shoulders and arms touching the wall with no raise and lift of shoulders. Relax in the first position. You can repeat this arm slide exercise 10-12 times to help your back pain, muscles cramps, etc.

Shoulder Roll

This exercise is quite easy and can be done anywhere, anytime. To move shoulders in clock and anti-clockwise making circles with shoulder movements will help pain aches, and upper back pain, neck pain more supple.

Push- Ups

The most common workout among men and women which impacts body movement, flexibility and effectivity for pain, muscle cramps and other advantages. Push-ups are more potent to bodybuilding, losing stomach fat. However, with many added benefits, push-ups are the best curing regime for back pain. 10-12 push-ups daily will work as the boon for overall health as well.

Knee to Chest

This is an active game to stretch knees towards chest. This exercise relief in back pain, thigh pain and is even reasonable to enhance knee movement. In this, knee and leg muscles are stretched and pulled with hands around the knee. You can quickly do this with count repeat of 5, 8, or 10 with each leg. 10-12 repetitions per day will affect pain to some extent.

Scapular Squeeze

Stretching with pain in muscles is the difficult task but is also the practical way to get rid of it. Shoulder stretching needs patience and little effort when they are paining. In scapular squeezing you need to stretch elbows at the side position, then need to compress the shoulders together and let it hold for about 8-10 seconds. This is a back fold Namaskar position. You can randomly repeat this 10-15 time every day.

Seated Bending

Calmly sit with a straight posture over a bench or a chair with feet on the floor. Now you need to bend to touch the toes. Well, it is not necessary to reach them but requires a movement of exercise aiming to comfort your back. Relax up again while coming back and sit straight as well to the first position. You can repeat this easy and effortless seated bending exercise 5-10 times daily.