Quit Addiction by Using Natural Home Remedies

Posted on Updated on 8 September, 2018

Wondering whether there exist home remedies that can completely help you stop drinking alcohol?  Stop worrying anymore and try the following:

Go on Grape Diet

Grapes are used to preparing wine and thus have some alcoholic contents. If you eat grapefruits daily for an average of 30 days, you are less likely to crave for alcohol. This remedy is regarded as the most popular home remedy for quitting alcohol.

Use of Fresh Fruits

If you introduce fresh juice as part of your diet, you will slowly start having a low craving for alcohol and eventually, you will completely quit alcohol. This trick has solved the misery of alcohol for many and has an advantage in that it is easier to prepare fresh juice at home. Some of the selected fruits for making home juice for this particular purpose include apple, oranges, pineapple, cantaloupe, watermelon, and beetroots.

Use of Coconut Oil

Take a few tablespoons of coconut oil daily. It helps reduce alcohol cravings as it kills body yeast that feeds on sugar.

Use of Carrot Juice

Carrot juice makes you have reduced the urge to take alcohol. For it to work better, take one glass daily, and the trend should go on for some time and anytime you feel like taking alcohol.

Use of dates

Dates can help treat alcoholism. Mix some dates extract with water and take this for about one month. You will for sure be relieved of alcohol addiction.

Having Changed Lifestyle

It is believed that peer pressure can lead one into engaging in activities he or she did not intend to. For example, if you socialize with drunkards, you are most likely to be influenced by their actions. Learn to make a decision and stand firm on it. Try to avoid such friends at all costs and learn to resist their influence. This also includes avoiding keeping alcohol at home, staying connected to friends who don’t drink and avoid stopping by drinking places or joints as well as occasions where alcohol is included.

Make Yourself Busy

If you engage yourself in meaningful activities, you will not have time to think of alcohol. Try making yourself busy by doing some gardening, painting, listening to some music, running errands and having time with your family.

Make Gradual Dietary Changes

The progressive change in our eating habits can help curb the problem of alcoholism. For example, you need to eat regular meals that are low in fat, having a lot of vegetables and fruits to provide you with necessary vitamins and fibers like bananas. You should also take whole grains to provide you with essential carbohydrates which metabolize slowly and end up killing sugar cravings for a quite longer time.

Bitter Gourd

Apart from assisting in getting rid of alcohol, bitter gourd also helps in treating a damaged kidney. Bitter gourd juice should be taken in the morning daily for it to give positive results. The juice is very bitter and for this reason, can be mixed with other liquids like buttermilk to improve its taste.


Physical exercises keep the body fit, prevent depression and help solve the problem of cravings. If you have proper exercise, you will also have a better sleep and enough rest at night. When fighting alcoholism, you may include in your program physical exercises such as aerobics and brisk walking in your daily routine.

Yoga and Mediation to Get Rid of Alcohol Addiction

Yoga helps in keeping the connection between body and mind. It is, therefore, suitable for fighting stress and helps maintain emotional stability. Yoga should be accompanied with meditation which assists in relaxing your mind as well as your soul.

Effective communication can also help quit alcohol. You need to discuss your alcohol-related issues to someone you trust who understands what you are going through. It is advisable that you choose close family members or friends who had experienced the similar problem of alcoholism and got advice on how they overcame it. You can also visit a rehabilitation centre for consultation.

If you are an alcohol addict and wants to quit, try some of the above remedies, and for sure you will experience positive change. Many people have quit drinking alcohol through these remedies, and I hope you too will succeed.