How to Get Rid of Acne with Coconut Oil Naturally

Posted on Updated on 21 April, 2018

Coconut Oil for Acne

Acne occurs when the open pores of dead hair follicles are clogged with dirt and bacteria grow over them to form whiteheads, blackheads, etc.

The lauric acid in coconut oil has antifungal and antibacterial properties which kill the acne causing bacteria. Coconut oil has soothing effect thus reduces the inflammation caused by acne. It is like the natural oil on the skin and hence do not clog the pores when used at moderate levels. Coconut helps to stop of oxidation on your skin and thus also accelerates the healing process of the skin to cure acne scars as early as possible.

The antioxidants in coconut oil have antioxidants that slow down the free radicals thus slow down the aging of your skin and reduces fine lines giving you younger and healthier skin. Coconut also helps build collagen which in turn increases the elasticity of your skin and thus reduces any scars from happening. It also helps lighten the skin tone making you fairer and flawless.

Coconut oil adds extra antibacterial shield which helps to keep away any bacteria to build up on your skin to cause acne. Acne occurs due to the excess secretion of sebum which may be attributable to hormonal changes or skin dryness thus giving way to blackheads and whiteheads. P-bacteria lives on skin and hair follicles and multiplies quickly thus giving way to whiteheads and blackheads which may grow more savior to form pustules and cysts. Using coconut oil regularly as a moisturizer and skin cleansing agent keep the bacteria growth under check thus reducing the cause of acne. It is safe for babies and people with sensitive skin.

  • Treatment

Coconut oil comes in various forms like extra virgin coconut oil and diluted coconut oil.  The diluted or healthy coconut oil works on your skin like any other oil and may cause clogging of pores. One should always use virgin coconut oil for all beauty processes. Take a few drops of oil in your fingertips and apply it in massaging formation all over the affected area. You can keep it overnight and clean it in the morning. It’s very much necessary that your skin is clean from all the oil you have put on so we recommend that you clean with warm water or else the sticky surface of left over oil may introduce more dirt and bacteria to your skin and rather than improving it, it may worsen the condition.

You can use coconut oil by mixing it with various other home remedy products to have more efficient results. Like you can mix coconut oil with baking soda or brown sugar. Brown sugar and baking soda having coarse structure will exfoliate the skin while coconut oil with its antibacterial and antifungal properties will cure the acne causing bacteria.

When you use coconut, oil mixed with honey, the bleaching agent in honey helps reduce acne scars. Turmeric is another home product which can be mixed with coconut oil to treat acne. Turmeric with its anti-inflammatory properties helps cure the skin of any redness caused due to acne.

An excellent combination to apply on acne is coconut oil mixed with chickpea flour. While coconut oil heals acne, chickpea flour absorbs excess oil and avoid any further clogging on skin. It also is a soft exfoliant which removes all dead skin gently.

Mix coconut oil with some lemon juice and apply on affected area. The acidic nature of lemon cuts down the oil-related factors of coconut oil. Coconut oil adds the moisture to the skin which is dried up due to lemon. Both lemon and coconut oil are a cure for acne, and when combined they work wonders as they balance the shortcoming of each other and together helps cure acne causing bacteria leaving your skin brighter, fairer, and moisturized.

  • Precautions

Coconut oil is not a complete treatment for acne it just cures the already occurring acne and forms an acidic layer on your skin to prevent further clogging. The results may differ depending on the skin type, age, lifestyle, diet, hygiene and other habits of a person. In case the symptoms exist on your skin, you should consult a skin specialist. Individual cases certain oral medication needs to be taken with the external treatment like coconut oil to control and cure acne.

Always use a refined version of coconut oil. Using low-grade oil may introduce dust particles which worsen you the condition of acne. Always do a patch test before applying coconut oil all over your face or body.

Although coconut oil is very gentle on the skin, sometimes you may be allergic to coconut oil, and that may add to your trouble rather than solving it. Apply some coconut oil on your wrist and let it sit for twenty-four hours and if nothing happens, you may reasonably use coconut oil to cure your acne and other beauty related problems.