How to Get Pregnant Naturally & Reverse Infertility

Posted on Updated on 20 May, 2017

What is Infertility.?

Today infertility is a serious rising concern in the society that lays difficulties to couples looking to get pregnant. Infertility is very similar to any disease, as it is just a sign that all is not right going inside the body and you need to fix it at the earliest.  Infertility can be produced by a vast number of factors like hormone imbalance, Endometriosis, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, physical blockage, insufficient hormone production, small luteal phase, the absence of luteinizing hormone, great levels or prolactin, etc.

How to Reverse Infertility:

You can follow below described ways to reverse infertility:

Go Low-Glycemic:

You can exclude processed as well as sugary foods from your diet and substitute them with an alternative. This includes a low-sugar diet that comprises an adequate amount of good fats as well as lean animal protein. A low-sugar, high-fat, diet becomes the finest solution for reversing infertility. You need to detox yourself from gluten, sugar, dairy, as well as other health-jeopardizing food items.

Fix Your Gut:

As per research, the wide-ranging roles gut microbes, as well as optimal gut health, subsidized to the amount of fat, hormonal imbalances, PCOS, and much more. Incline your inner garden through gut-supporting diets such as fermented foods, as well as probiotics and fiber. In case if you doubt gut issues such as leaky gut or IBS, contact a functional medicine practitioner to correct them.

Regulate Stress:

Out of many problems leading to infertility, extended, constant stress may direct you to cut sex drive, insulin resistance, and ultimately to infertility. For that, a patient may need to rejoice themselves and find ways to keep their mind fresh. You must even focus to get out of stress that might be deterring you from becoming pregnant by searching for conducts that you can unwind yourself. Whereas this unaccompanied has been very obliging for few couples, it will fail for everybody even though decreasing stress is a decent idea throughout the process of pregnancy.

Get Adequate Sleep:

As per the medical studies, sleep disturbances cut health of women and can lead to problems of infertility. To reverse infertility, aim for eight hours of quality, continuous sleep each night as complete sleep will help you to stay fresh the entire day.

Decrease Your Environmental Toxin Disclosure:

Environmental chemicals have the ability to hit hormones out of stability and can lead to infertility.  For example, if you intake bottled water, go for glass or hard, clear, durable plastic containers (in comparison to opaque, soft, thin, easily flexible plastic). A soft plastics attempt to release toxic chemicals, comprising phthalates relates to infertility and hormonal disorders.


Medical researchers suggest that diet changes are significant to reverse infertility. To enhance fertility using nutrition, consume a nutrient condensed fertility diet by aggregating vigorous fats in the diet and acquiring sufficient amount of protein. Nutrition is directly connected to the physical health of human, so it can also be associated for curing this. Though, nutrition is even associated with conception and fit pregnancies. Hence its absence in proper amount can lead to infertility. It is vital to consume well-balanced meals filled with the commended vitamins and nutrients associated with your health and fitness. Apart from doing exercise, this step is one of the greatest important measures for becoming healthy, and this is directly connected to your fertility health. To reverse infertility, you must go for the suitable daily consumption of fiber, carbohydrates, protein, and indispensable fats. In addition to healthy eating, there are few crucial nutrients associated with the fertility wellness, and it makes it simpler to get pregnant naturally.

Intake of Folic Acid:

Folic acid links to healthy baby development as compared to conception. However, as this vitamin is so vital throughout the leading few weeks of pregnancy, it is significant to focus it now. It is necessary to make sure you are consuming per day 400 to 800 mcg of folic acid because this aids to stop neural tube defects.

Lifestyle Factors:

You need to make significant changes in your lifestyle to increase the odds of fertility. For that, decrease exposure to toxins and cut out bad habits of drinking to avoid problems of infertility. As per studies, increased physical movement and some lifestyle adjustments turn out as the primary tactic to reverse infertility. Constant exercise has capabilities to impose significant effects on dropping sugar cravings and matching hormones. Irrespective of whether you’re a pro or a newbie, you can know an easy-to-implement and efficient approach to reverse infertility by exercising. You must confirm that you are practicing enough exercise by considering a positive thought that exercise is supportive. However, it is vital that you stop doing exercise to the extreme as this can subsidize lead you to have increased concerns with fertility. Women should take part in few hours of low impact recreational undertakings, such as swimming or walking. Availing proper amount of exercise and controlling stress can impose a positive effect on the fertility. Strange habits like smoking, drug abuse, and addiction to caffeine have capabilities to make you infertile.

Lose Weight:

In a situation, if you are overweight, it can indeed inflict chaos on fertility of women. If you are overweight, it can make the body not to practice insulin properly, and that impacts the fertility hormones in the body. Attempting to decrease sugars, grains, junk foods, processed foods, sugars, and starches can certainly go a long way for serving to lose weight and boost fertility. Dropping as low as five to ten pounds can intensely recover fertility and reverse infertility.

Change Your Habits:

There are many negative habits, which could be disturbing your fertility in a great way. This is the reason it is significant to take out any negative characteristics that fail you to get pregnant. These habits include drinking alcohol, smoking, and consumption of illegal drugs. Also, make sure to check in with your physician to diagnose if any of your medicines could be producing fertility issues without your knowing. Caffeine is too a big problem for many women, thus carry out check up with your doctor to find if they recommend decreasing your intake while you are attempting to conceive.

Intake of Supplements:

In case if you sound that you must give your fertility a slight enhancement, however, need to do this in a natural way, then there are various supplements to consume. For instance, a consistent prenatal vitamin is an unusual approach when you initially attempt to conceive. Some supplements do not need the prescription from doctors and are obtainable on the medical shop which is a definite asset. Apart from that, there are several different herbal remedies available that can aid you to reverse infertility. Few of the most usual herbal treatments for combating issues of fertility are the red raspberry leaf and dandelion root. One aspect that is very significant is that you evade consuming any supplements accompanied with birth control pills, fertility drugs, and hormone treatments. These can impose an adverse effect on one another, and it is significant that your specialist recognizes about such medications and supplements and that you are using. The correct supplement in proper amount benefits both men and women by growing sperm count and then diminishing the risk of infertility. According to one study, nutrients such as vitamins C and E, zinc, and coenzyme Q10 can boost fertility four-fold.  Names of other recommended nutrients to reverse infertility include consumption of fish oil, vitamin D, and B vitamins.

How to Get Pregnant Naturally:

Getting pregnant naturally may seem a problem for some; however, by carefully below described natural approaches can help you a lot.

Foods to stay away from when trying to get pregnant naturally:

Consumption healthy openly provisions your health and fitness whereas consuming poorly balanced food can damage your health to get pregnant. For maximizing your fertility wellness, there are few nutritional items you must stay away from to boost the odds of getting pregnant in a natural way.

Below list describes things to stay away from or limit your consumption:

Caffeine – Caffeine decrease calcium absorption and few modern types of research suggest that it reduces your fertility by around 27%.

Processed Foods – It contains artificial hormones, pesticides, and preservatives that cooperatively impose an adverse effect on your fertility.

Red Meat – Extreme consumption of red meat can direct you towards endometriosis that can severely affect your attempts to conceive.

Soy Products – Taking products made up of Soy by men is directly linked to cut sperm counts.

Timing Intercourse:

Certain people attempt to time sex so that it is throughout or right before ovulation. Whereas this can function, there is a recommended approach to the sex schedule for people attempting to conceive. In a situation, if you go through a regular cycle happening every 28 to 32 days, then you are capable of influencing a particular fertility window for scheduling sex. For these stated regular cycles, you must find that ovulation normally takes place between day 11 and day 21 of your ovulation cycle. The majority of people don’t know that sperm can live within you from 2 to 5 days after having intercourse. In such cases, you can use free Ovulation Calendar to help recognize your fertility window.

To boost your attempts to conceive below is how to go for your sex schedule and boost your attempts to conceive.

Initially, count ten days right from the first day of your previous menstrual cycle. Perform sex this day and later every other day, continuously for the upcoming days.  This is because performing sex every other day aid to guarantee that you have active mature sperm transported through each intercourse. This particular schedule will place semen inside coming up for the egg to discharge, while even complementing sperm during the period of ovulation.

Practice Massage:

Massage is another characteristic of the movement that is significant for detoxification and boosting circulation towards ovaries and surrounded regions, uterus, and eggs. A self-fertility massage is a simple approach to get pregnant naturally.

Stretching or Yoga:

Yoga is a very helpful because it supports to unwind the body, stretch limbs and muscles. This helps to transport fresh blood to every extremity and even decrease stress and poise the hormones over relaxation.

Increase Your Circulation:

It is found out that there are diverse approaches to boost circulation in the region around the uterus. Certain rapid and effective approaches are to go for hot baths, carry out castor oil packs on the lower part of the stomach, and transfer around by exercise or yoga. Circulation flows towards the uterus organ because it parts the same flow as your legs. Whenever you are passing through stress situation or sitting for a long time, the circulation in the direction to the uterus is compromised. Concentrating on several ways of transporting oxygenated, fresh blood to uterus region is the key approach to get pregnant naturally.

Maintain and clean the liver for hormonal balance:

Out of all, this is one of the vital phases of the fertility cleanse, proved to boost fertility. In many cases, the liver is accountable for dissipating out more toxins and hormones. Through supporting the liver by nurturing herbs, it is capable of doing its task in the better way. The decrease of surplus hormones moving around benefits the hormonal system to stay more balanced.

Do some fun activities every week:

It is necessary to make sure to have amusement activities and enjoy your life to the fullest to get pregnant naturally. For this, you can go dancing courses, involve yourself in some art activities, go on a date with your partner and avoid being serious every time.

Concluding Note:

Today it happens many times that the answer to infertility is complicated and a doctor would not be capable of giving all the answers. Though, many people have recognized that making simple changes in life through natural ways has confirmed successful in reversing infertility and getting pregnant naturally. It might take little more time if you follow genetic approaches, but they assure satisfied result to reverse infertility.