Fix Bow Legs Naturally

Posted on Updated on 21 April, 2018

Bowlegs are medically known as Tibia Vara. It is an abnormal condition in which knees stay wide apart while ankles are together. It usually detects in babies (under 18 months) because of their folded position in mother’s womb. But as they grow up it can be a critical concern. It can be an underlying disease such as rickets or Blount’s disease. Some primary reasons behind it are nutrition deficiency, fractures, lack of vitamin D, fluoride poisoning, abnormal development of bones, etc. This problem can resolve quickly without any bracing or medical treatment if the child is under the age of three. However, treatment for this abnormality does not recommend unless the condition is worst. But if it does not treat on time or stays for a long time it can cause arthritis problem. Although, active natural treatments are available to cure bow legs at home.

1. Lose Weight

Excess obesity can lead one to have suffered from bow legs and sometimes it makes condition poor. Because you have a bulky body, your knees, as well as hips, have to work compactly. That’s why your bones and joints suffer from a lot of pressure. As a result, they become distorted.

Therefore, have a healthy but balanced diet along with some cardiovascular exercise to lose yours over heaviness. Lessen of weight goes parallel to heal the bow legs.

2. Massage

Go for massage therapy that can get rid of various disease such as stomach ache, constipation, bow legs, arthritis, etc. You should apply this method if you notice bow legs symptoms in your children. Massage therapy straightens the bow legs naturally and efficiently.

Direction to perform:

In this manner, you should move the legs of the children in forwarding and backward direction for a long time. Directly, raise their legs, bend their knees and thrust their legs towards their chest. It is the best remedy for the kids have bow legs and whose bones are growing up. You should ask your children to bend their knees while they lay down or sleep. Apply this daily for several weeks to rearrange your legs rapidly.

3. Vitamin D

Deficiency of vitamin D is the main reason for bow legs. Therefore, consume foods (eggs, fatty fish, cheese, soy milk, beef liver, cereals) rich in vitamin D or vitamin D supplements to fix your bow legs. Sitting in the sunny day for 20-25 minute will be extremely beneficial that spurs your body to make vitamin D. vitamin D is satisfactory for both adults and young. It is better to have 400 to 1000 IU of vitamin D for young and 1500 to 2000 IU for adults daily.

4. Yoga

It not only heals bow legs but also has many health beneficial outcomes. It boosts alignments and flexibility. Yoga is a natural solution to health problems. Even a person who doesn’t have any kind of disorder or disease is suggested to practice yoga daily. It heals you naturally without any side effects. Some yoga postures such as forward bends and cow face help in keeping the leg together. It fixes the attitude and straightens the muscles of legs. However, it is difficult for bow leg person to perform such postures. Use yoga straps that will help to bind your legs together and allows you to practice well.

5. Stretching

Stretching your body helps to make muscles and core area secure and improve your posture. Doing stretching in the early morning is said to be very beneficial. It helps to strengthen the ligaments of the body and keeps you away from laziness throughout the whole day.

Direction to perform:

To get rid of bow legs hastily, stretch your body as you can. It also enhances your skeleton system that supports your whole body. It also increases the length of your body parts and especially your legs. Perform it for several weeks and get positive results.

6. Pilates Exercise

This exercise recommends to all having bow legs. It tones leg muscles and adjusts your body, develops perfect posture along with correction of bow legs.

Direction to perform:

This activity involves laying down on your back, raise and keep your legs close together and straight. Follow an up and down motion. Also, bring your shoulders off the mat and try to touch your chest with your chin (by curling). Hold this posture until you can or at least for one breath. It makes your body more flexible.

7. Body Detox

Detoxification of body means to remove toxins present inside your body. Sometimes chemicals and toxic substance store in your body and as a result they affect bones (stop development, abnormal growth, etc.). These substances have heavy metals and chemicals such as fluoride and lead. So, detoxify your body time to time to get rid of bones deformities. Raw juice, green tea, lemon, Epsom salt bath, oil pulling, and green smoothies are the best techniques for detoxification of your body.

8. Braces and Casts

These use most widely to treat bow legs in young and adult also. These used when someone has new disease along with bow legs or if the condition is severe.

Direction to perform:

Let them stay after putting braces and casts. While sleeping, use splints (an orthopedic mechanical device), instead of removing the braces. Wear them with your legs to get straightened. It considers as a panacea to rearrange bow legs. Therefore, if it does not work, then you should consult the doctor immediately.

9. Hot Compress

It tranquilizes your muscles and bones and heals to get the proper blood circulation, which is must for the proper functioning of any abnormal body part. It also makes your body flexible.

Direction to perform:

You can apply hot compresses on your bow legs by using fragrant warm compress, heating water pads, or warm steam compress. Be careful of excess heating; it may even burn your skin. Remember only lukewarm approaches should be undertaken.

10. Leg Strengthening Exercise

Such exercise strengthens the muscles, especially around the knees. These activities are aimed to lessen the strain on the joints and ligaments and cure the bow legs. These can be practiced anywhere but must to be exercised in the early morning with an empty stomach for fast and better results.

Direction to perform:

To do it, lay down flat on your chest on a bench, then bend your knees by making a little distance between your feet (ten pounds). Keep looping until you touch your butt with your feet. And then extend the legs. Some more exercise recommends for such deformities like hamstring curl exercise, step-up exercise, wall sit exercise, single-leg squat, etc. More repetition will enhance your progress speed and offers you straight legs.