What if You have a Fever After being Fruitarian for Months?

Posted on Updated on 11 June, 2018

“Fruitarians” are the one who makes the real sacrifice for the sake of health and knowledge. They are the one who chooses to be the best of humanity in today’s world. They believe in addiction, toxicity, being better and respect towards their body and mind. Eating just fruits means giving your body the best and only nutrition it ever requires. Fruits have every possible blast of taste for your tongue and every nutritional stuff which our body needs to be perfect. No medicine can heal your body or can keep your body balanced than fruits.

One must have to understand that fruits are the best doctors who don’t speak and cures your body like crazy and also doesn’t charges you for the treatment. However, one should appreciate sincerely that what fruits does when you eat only them regularly. Because information makes you wise but, wrong information makes you more stupid. So you should experiment sometime with yourself and feel the change of being natural and healthy.

If one has any doubt about we are here going to explain about. What if you have the fever after being fruitarian for months? It can make you sometimes ill but it’s because sometimes even fruits available in the market are toxic.

However, let’s talk about how it works and understand why and how to cure if you have the fever after being fruitarian for months. It is normal that you will have a lot of health problems after staying some months or weeks when you go fruitarian.

We have to understand it biologically and by being more logical and highly sensible. We all know human body has the best system ever made on this earth. We can extract energy from any food we eat, but same time we forget that we even consume the toxicity and the diseases for the weird food we eat. So it keeps on depositing in your body day by day which we call fat.

Fat is not something we can say good for health at all, that’s why every doctor keeps you telling that decrease the fat and try to detox your body.

Now let understand what makes you sick or infected when you have a fever.

When your body starts detoxifying, it always faces some problems like soreness, fever, back pains, stress, anger, vomiting, coughing, cold, nausea, diarrhea, stomach aches, a lot more. However, all of this is right symptoms for your body because it is repairing itself. When your body starts healing itself because of eating just fruits regularly, and it starts functioning correctly as it should always work. Moreover, start throwing out the toxin stored in your body through every possible way it can throw. This is the only and only reason you become sick and had problems like fever and else.

In case if you again go for drugs and medication in the between of your fruitarian diet, you may end up the process of being naturally healed, and yet your body becomes dependent on the drugs to heal itself.

What is Fever Sickness?

So it is the best way to have a perfect human body to get the detoxified and do nothing about the doctor.

A fever is a natural body reaction of cleansing itself, when the body gets too much waste inside and a bacteria starts hurting the body than body tries to throw it out and the way you feel is fever, and actually, fever is inflammation, and you should begin to fasting because inflammation cant sustains without water. Fasting will cure you and your body will never get infected by such bacteria again.

Things to Do to Get Rid of It

First of all, you should never worry about anything when you eat fruits because you are eating the best food available for us in the world of existence. No doctor and no dietician can prove you wrong that you are choosing wrong way of eating or you will not be balanced. You must walk as much as you can when face problems like fever and else. Walk 2-3 km in the morning and 2-3 in the evening when you are sick of fruits diet, it will help you to get rid of toxins faster which are hurting you. Moreover, try to get more sunlight because UV rays will break down the cell membranes of the infected cells and toxic cells so that it would stop hurting you suddenly (avoid afternoon sunlight in summers). It may again start hurting you but remember the longer it hurts means more toxins you were having in your body and if you keep on eating just fruits after that, also you will build the ability to fight the bacteria and shits naturally.

Moreover, when the immune system can heal it by itself, it becomes better and better every day, and you will never get sick of any of those diseases which you have been through while detoxifying.

Experimenting is the most significant experience if you feel that you always are sick until you take medication or you can only heal yourself by medicine than you are on a wrong track. By doing this you are making your body to be addicted again for those drugs.

As well all know that the body itself has the ability to heal itself, so it can easily deal with that ordinary fever. All you need to do it just eat right eat natural be toxic free.

Nothing can be more stupid than this when a human understands his/her body has the ability to heal everything and still make themselves dependent on drugs and medications.