Enhance Your Beauty with Natural Dimples

Posted on Updated on 21 April, 2018

The small dent on the cheeks makes a person a lot prettier when they smile. This indentation is globally known as a Dimple. A dimple is exposed when a person smiles. However, dimples are not as cute as they seem to be. As far as science is concerned, dimples are a result of contorted muscles on the cheek. When a person smiles, the contorted muscles tighten the skin above.

As a result, a divot is formed on the exterior part of the cheeks. Dimples signify beauty in both women and men. Some people are blessed with the feature while some people crave to acquire it. This function is passed on to a person genetically. Dimples are the dominant genetic feature. Thus, there is a reasonably high plausibility that you will have a dimple if one of your parents does.

It is a peculiar muscle deformity that became an emblem of beauty. Women, in particular, are incredibly desperate to possess the unique quality. They opt for various methods to achieve their goal. However, going as far as to get a cosmetic surgery can result in damaging situations. So, consult the natural and effective ways to get dimples.

The Illusion of Dimples (Make-Up)

Make-up is known to enhance the beauty in a somewhat defined way. Make-up is the life-long companion of a girl. So, use your precise techniques in make-up to draw yourself the perfect dimple. In this case, you have to be exact about the position, shape, and your skills.

Necessary Preparations

  • Start by standing in front of a mirror. Apply the necessary foundation on your face. Spread it evenly over your entire face to create the base.
  • Now smile wide and mark the desired spot on your cheeks. When you smile, you will see some creases on your cheeks where you could have had dimples.
  • Make sure your smile is broad to have the proper position for your dimples. Positioning is the key to this method. You must do it with precision so that the artificial dimple looks natural to the average eyes.
  • Use a black eye-liner to mark the spot. However, it is more efficient to use a brown-colored pencil instead. Brown is the natural color for darker complexions. Hence, brown can be merged with the skin tone to create the illusion of a dent.
  • Colored pencils should be avoided at any circumstance. Do not use a black liner either if it can be helped.

The Process

  • The Right Shape

When you start drawing a dimple, you might notice that the indentation resembles the crescent shape of the moon. So, the first thing to do is to make a small curve on the mark you left before. Try to get the pencil you used to draw the target before. The curve should not be extended to more than an inch. It should be a bit straighter than that of the moon. Try to do the lines in the first chance. Removing and redoing the same can result in a mess. That will require you to start over.

  • Symmetry in the Lines

The key to good looks is perfection. If you want your dimples to look natural, then you must concentrate on the balance in the dimples on both cheeks. Therefore, once you are done drawing the slightly curved shape on both of your cheeks, recheck the size and the shape of the marks. If you see any noticeable difference between those lines, then you must adjust it before finalizing the look. When adjustment does not qualify as a valid option, then wipe it off with a wet tissue and redo the things that are necessary.

  • Blend It All In

Your skills as a make-up enthusiast come in handy in this step. It is the last and the final stage. You will need eye-shadow and blush for this scene to work out. At first, blend the dots with eye-shadow to smudge the sharp edges of the line. Use a lighter shade for the perfect look. Finalize the dimples with the blush to enhance the lighter portion of the skin. Check the makeup correctly and make the adjustments necessary.

Workout to Get Dimples

Exercise is the most efficient and natural way to work with your muscles. Training can build muscles, destroy them, kill the fat, and give you’re the shape you want. Cheeks also contain tissues that can be modified. Although it is the slowest possible method, it is the most effective and permanent one. With the right exercises done in the right way, you can gain the dimples with a little hard work and devotion.

Work Your Cheeks

This exercise is proven to be the most efficient one of all. To make sure you do the set correctly, perform the activity in front of a mirror. Suck your cheeks in as much as you can and position them between your upper and lower set of teeth. When you suck in your cheeks, notice that your lips look puckered.  Hold that position for 10 seconds and then release. Repeat the process for 10 to 15 minutes on a regular basis. Keep it up till you get the desired results.

Use Your Fingers

It is another method that provides results naturally. It is the most straightforward exercise to perform. To start the training, stand in front of a mirror and smile as broadly as you can. Now, mark the deepest dents formed on your cheeks. Put your index fingers on the cuts and start pressing. Make sure you chose the right position for your natural dimples. Now, push the spots and make a broad grin like a Chelsea-grin. Do not move your fingers and do not stop pressing.  Hold on to the position for 30 minutes or more. You may get better results if you can hold more than 30 minutes. Repeat daily. You can do this exercise by using a pencil or a pen as well.

Wide Smile

A broad smile can help in obtaining dimples. The muscles in your cheek move towards your ears while smiling causing crinkles on the cheeks. Eventually, those crinkles turn into dimples. Repeat the process every day for the best results naturally.

Other Methods to opt For Pimples

There are different effective methods to get the dimples you desire. Make sure you know all the essential facts before you decide to apply one of these ways.

Pierce for Dimples

Piercing is a practical yet risky method. Piercing can cause severe infections on your skin. So make sure to be careful about during the process. Piercing on cheeks can be tricky and disastrous. Thus, seek professional help and never try it at home on your own. Take notes before you even decide to go for it.

  • Wash your face with anti-bacterial face wash. Remove any harmful chemicals from your skin.
  • Use moisturized wipes to remove the remainder of the bacteria.
  • Use sanitized needles to avoid infection. Get the single-use needles if possible.
  • The iron hook needs to go through sterilization. You can use flames to heat up the needle for sterilization.
  • All the appliances must need to undergo thorough washing after usage. Use sterilizer in that case as well.
  • The person executing the task has to have sterilized hands for the job.
  • The jewelry used in the process should be clean and disinfected too.
  • Avoid this method in case of allergy prone skin.
  • Remember to follow the instructions provided by the specialist for post-piercing skincare.

Maintain Your Diet

You can apply millions of methods to get the dimples you always wanted. However, excess fat content on your cheeks can hide them. Body fat is essential for a healthy life. Regardless, an excessive amount of fat can be damaging to the body. A study suggests that an average man needs 11-24% of the fat level, whereas, an ordinary woman will need 16 to 20%. Make sure your body fat content comes within that range.

Invisible dimples can undergo refinement by adding the right food to your diet. Decrease your sugar intake to maintain the carbohydrate level in your body. Cut off all kinds of fast food or canned food. Increase protein consumption. Eat fresh vegetables on a regular basis. Do not consume more protein than your body can process. Otherwise, the excess protein gets wasted. Always go for lean meat for best results. Keep your body hydrated at all times to detoxify your system. Grains and nuts are also beneficial in this case.

Following Correct Methods is Necessary

A tiny dimple can add volumes to your beauty. Being blessed with a dimple is a gamble of luck. However, there are ways to obtain it if you know the correct methods to apply. Even though a cosmetic surgery will give you the perfect dimples eternally, this procedure is relatively expensive and includes some severe consequences. Therefore, the natural ways are the safest to go for. Nonetheless, the physical means have drawbacks too. Although it is a harmless procedure, it is mostly temporary. Dimples are the only flaw in genetics that attracts such a vast population.