Effects of Marijuana/Weed on Your Health

Posted on Updated on 28 April, 2017

Marijuana. A very much gifted substance if you ask me. It is a drug which goes by the street names, Bake, weed, kush and Mary Jane. It is made by drying the leaves of a hemp plant, and it can be taken through; Smoking, drinking from brewed tea, edibles, e.g. cookies etc. However, tobacco use and brewing can reduce its potentiality but, edibles produce a great high from marijuana and you will start to see beautiful things, some will laugh, some will be more confident, and others will even sing and dance. The effects are different on people’s behaviors, but towards the brain, they are the same.  Marijuana has effects on certain parts of the body, which are;

How Marijuana Effects on Your Brain & Health

Effects on The Brain

Marijuana is well known to cure nasty diseases like glaucoma and give you the best high you will ever have. But, as you are having the time of your life, your brain is begging for mercy.  At first, it gives your brain some advantages, e.g. confidence. But, as time goes by and you continue to smoke this plant you will begin to develop some psychiatric disorders, and all this is linked to the brain. The brain is like C.P.U which has certain functions. But, when a foreign substance is introduced, it begins to work differently. Your judgment will be the worst ever and let’s not forget, you cannot function without this substance. It will drive you insane not to have a little JJ to start your day. This is the brain reacting to a sudden change and to avoid the pains of withdrawal symptoms, what do you do? You put more of that in your body. All of that is triggered by the brain. Also, this stuff can reduce the tendency of you scoring high grades in school. Why does all this happen? Marijuana disrupts the nerve endings in the brain. Hence the loss of memory.

Effects on The Body

But it’s supposed just to get you high! Isn’t it? However, drugs have a way of just doing what they are not expected to do. Now, if you know a marijuana user, they do not have any coordination. So, here’s the deal, when you smoke or put marijuana in your system, it will be there for weeks and months. This is bad because you might later decide to join the sports team and what happens? You’re tested positive. Trust me, after this; you will never play in any team. Now, when you smoke this substance, its smoke gets absorbed in the lungs, and the chemicals just pass through the membranes and into the bloodstream. The blood goes with them from the lungs to the heart, and this causes the increase in heart rate. The blood vessels also relax and dilate, allowing the blood to rush around the body hence, making it feel warm as the blood goes to the skin and later rushes to the vessels in the eyes. This causes one to get bloodshot eyes. Another increase in heart rate is due because the blood pressure is lowered. Also, it reduces your weight. You will look like a toothpick. I know, this can be argued with, but your insulin levels are lowered by the drug. This causes a sudden decrease in weight, along with your immunity. Guys! Don’t smoke marijuana. This is the slowest ever death to choose for yourselves.

The Reproductive System

Yes, indeed, the reproductive system. Now, as we all know, our body is made up of a total of 46 chromosomes, and a single sperm cell has 26 chromosomes. Same as a female egg cell. Now, marijuana is said to reduce the size of the sperm and egg cells. It results in the birth of physically inadequate kids. Imagine a tiny baby just right there. A kid that is the size of your hand. This is because of the decreased chromosomes that the cells have, and now, the kid’s size will be very abnormal for his/her age.


Yes, the use of marijuana changes your behavior. It ultimately turns you into a whole different person. You’ll talk different, act different and approach situations differently. All this is not in a positive way. Yes, this is negative. Your speech will be almost hard to recognize, people around you will be crying for the old you to come back and your aggression will increase when the situation gets tougher and trust me, it will not be a pretty pal.

Effects to Your Life

Marijuana is known to be a chill drug. It is smoked when one wants just to calm his nerves. However, it has very dangerous consequences. After it finishes munching up your brain, you will be bored of it. You go on a quest for a much better high and in that quest, you will stumble upon the well-known illicit drugs, and they will ruin your life man. Things like cocaine, meth, Adderall, MDMA and when the worst comes to worst, nitrous oxide. All this started with marijuana. So, I tell you that drugs are going to kill you.

People, I hope you heed what I have given you for I know many who have died from this cause, and I wouldn’t want it to be you. Change this habit before the habit changes you. Socially, your friends will want nothing to do with you because you are a user of this nasty substance and they do not want to be poor company. When you take marijuana, your friends will begin to see you as an anchor just keeping them grounded to one spot, and they will never see you as the friend you used to be. Your ruthless aggression will strike fear into them, and they will find it tough to communicate with you. Therefore, they cannot help you they can only respectfully back off, and you will be left with your drug buddies to experiment new substances.

Also, think of the people you represent. What are they going to say? Think of your family, friends, and anybody close to you. Don’t do drugs. Be genuine and stay alive. Weed is for losers.