Effective Home Remedies for Back Pain as a Result of Working on a College Paper

Effective Home Remedies for Back Pain as a Result of Working on a College Paper

Back pain is a serious complaint making college students to spent most of their time in clinics. The pain is associated with the way bones, ligaments and muscles in our backs operate and connect. The primary symptoms of back pain among college students is severe ache anywhere on the back which may transcend all the way down to the buttocks and legs.

Students with persistent back pain and elevated temperature should seek medical intervention. Peeing unintentionally and difficulties in urinating alongside numbness around the buttocks should be considered as advanced stages of back pain. Regarding this, the paper will explore effective home remedies for back pain as a result of working on college papers.

Reasons for Back Pain during Studying

Apparently, straining during studies is associated with severe back pain. College students strained their muscles and ligaments when writing their essays to meet deadlines. This abrupt changes in the back muscles result to aching back muscles.

The second reason for back pain during studying is the adoption of poor posture while studying. Many college students may adopt poor posture while revising for exams. Such postures may include:

  • Bending awkwardly.
  • Bending down for sustained periods.
  • Straining the neck forward when studying from desktops.
  • Overstretching.
  • Long essay writing can also contribute to severe back pain.

Home Remedies for Back Pain


Massage therapy is an effective home remedy to relax the body muscles and ease tensed knots. Researchers proposed that regular spa massage helps to reduce the production of stress hormone cortisol as well as neurotransmitter hormones. The excessive production of these two hormones is associated with severe back pain among the students. Exams fever among the college students enhances excessive production of neurotransmitter and hormone cortisol as a psychological response to handle exams. Regular massage also soothes the body and boosts the secretion of mood-enhancing serotonin. The serotonin hormone is essential in soothing the back pain contributed by poor posture during intense studies.

The spa massage is also recommended for back pain since it stimulates blood circulation. Soft and rhythmic kneading of the back muscles enhances proper blood circulation. The efficient flow of blood within the back muscles aids in the transportation of oxygen and nutrients to the key organs. Effective massage is essential in eliminating waste products from the key organs. Excessive accumulation of these wastes contributes a severe backache. Writing essay may prompt students to use the computer for a prolonged duration. This may result to stiff, aching back. However, taking regular spa massage to rub and stretch the back muscles promote blood circulation to the muscles.

In conclusion, massage is an effective therapy for relieving muscle tension, fluid retention, stiffness, and muscles pain. Spa massage helps to improve circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid. Apparently, massage is preferred for college students to improve tissue elasticity and flexibility. The therapy is best for warming the muscles and other soft tissues within the back muscles. The full body massage relieves the students free from anxiety. Though it is imperative to seek the doctor’s attention before undertaking a full-body massage, however, local massage can be done at home with no specialized tools.


Stretches to Relieve Lower Back Pain

Stretching the back muscles may help to alleviate a backache without seeking medical attention. Stretching helps in reducing tension in muscles which support the spine. The tension from ligaments and bones of back muscles worsen the back pain conditions among the students. However, regular stretching is desired for improving the body mobility and other range of motion. Stretching also reduces the risk of potential disability contributed to severe back pain. The chronic back pain lasting extending to over three months requires several weeks of regular stretching exercise to reduce the pain successfully. The affected students should incorporate stretching exercise into their daily physical therapy program to obtain effective results.

According to scientists, regular stretching after studies helps in keeping the muscles and ligaments flexible. Poor studying posture may stiffen the back muscles. The adopted studying posture can also strain the joints and reduce the circulation of nutrients. Stretching exercise is therefore desirable to reduce stress on joints and facilitate the flow of nutrients.  It is important to undertake stretching on a daily basis before studies to prevent the back muscles from straining and injuries during intense studies. Starting the day with slight stretching exercise in the morning is an effective refreshment. In conclusion, before undertaking stretching program, consult with experts to ensure there are no restriction or harm in the type of stretching activities. Experiencing severe pain during stretching exercise is an indication of incorrect techniques of stretching or serious medical condition. Apparently, over time stretching exercise is an effective home remedy for back pain.

Improved Posture during Studies

Besides calming the body and mind after the studies with a spa massage, adopting the right posture is an effective home remedy for a chronic backache. College students should always maintain an upright posture while studying. Bending the head or leaning forward toward the computer contributes to a severe backache. The reading chairs should have slight comfort and straight to prevent the students from straining.

Meanwhile, the computers should strategically be placed in front of the student to prevent them from bending and twisting their neck toward the computer. Straightening the back muscles allow efficient flow of nutrients and prevent the accumulation of waste products in the tissues. Similarly, standing for long hours should also be discouraged since it can trigger a backache.

Taking a Relaxing Bath

Bathing in a warm shower is prescribed for students with a backache. A warm shower helps to calm the body and stimulate blood circulation throughout the body. Taking a relaxing bath before sleeping and early in the morning is an effective home remedy for back pain. Moreover, the students should be enrolled for swimming lessons to help them manage back pain that could result from studying. In conclusion, relaxing bath may also massage the body and enhance relaxation of the stiff back muscles.