Easy Ways to Lose Body Fat

Posted on Updated on 21 February, 2018

How to Lose Body Fat

Everyone dreams and lusts for a perfect body shape and ideal weight. But it is not an easy task. Only the person shedding those extra pounds knows the real efforts behind it.

To lose weight, one need to follow strict discipline in the entire day schedule regarding the diet, calorie intake, exercise and adequate rest too.

The vigorous activities with no control over your food and vice versa lead you nowhere. It is very essential to maintain the balance between both that is your diet and the exercise on a regular basis.  By diet, it means the proper balanced diet as per the requirements of the body neither starving yourself nor treating yourself with fatty food often.

  • Exercises:

For losing your body weight the exercises should be planned under the guidance of a knowledgeable trainer, and the exercising routine should include cardio activities, weight training, floor activities and interval training:

  1. Cardio Activities:

The intensity of cardio activities should be taken up based on your weight. If you are severely overweight, the intensity and duration should be low at the starting. You can include aerobics, dancing, biking, cross trainer, cycling and treadmill in your cardio exercise

  1. Weight Training:

Weight training is very effective for weight loss. Unlike bodybuilding that requires higher weight with fewer repetitions to be followed, you can use low weight equipment, and dumbbells with a higher number of repetitions for weight lose purpose. Along with the weight loss weight training enhance inch loss too and thus bring your body to a right shape.

  1. Floor Activities and Interval Training:

Floor Activities refer to the exercises that include your efforts and requires no machines and weights to get accomplished. These exercises include stretching and various body postures for different parts of the body for example crunches, sit ups for core area, push-ups for your chest, etc. These exercises improve your muscle strength along with adding to the weight-loss.

Interval training is most prevailing exercise forms due to its beneficial and speedy results. Interval training is nothing but taking up a certain exercise like jumping for 30 seconds to 1 minute rigorously and then taking a break for 30 seconds with no or low intense exercise and then again repeating the same. The High-intensity Interval Training increases the metabolic rate of your body resulting in the fat loss.

Planning Your Diet:

When it comes to weight loss or fat loss even as a layman. Every one of us understands that we should reduce or stop the intake of fatty foods. Proper diet is very essential because it not only helps you to maintain your body weight but also controls your cholesterol and helps you to stay fit. Several things to be kept in mind while planning to lose your body fat are listed below:

  1. You should never prevent prolonged gaps between your meals. Eating in less amount at regular intervals is advisory rather than stuffing yourself all at once.
  2. Drink plenty of water as it increases your metabolic rate and hence enhances fat loss.
  3. Increase the number of proteins in your diet as it dissolves fat and is helpful in losing weight. Maximum weight loss supplements are high protein supplements.
  4. Decrease the intake of sugar, carbohydrates, white flour and fatty fried food.
  5. Take more of edibles that are rich in fiber.

Weight loss can be easier and simpler if you do it with determination and you follow your exercise and diet plans regularly. Though taking a break from the monotonous routine and relaxing once in a fortnight with your choice of food and skipping exercise can make no harm. Eating healthy and staying fit is the right mantra for a longer life.