Get Rid of Ear Mites in Cats Naturally

Posted on Updated on 21 April, 2018

Otodectes Cynotis is the most common species of mites that is responsible for ear mites in 90% of the cats. Ear Mites is the severe condition that causes the itching sensation in a single or at times in both the ears of the pet which in turn causes the irritation and scratching; that leads to affect the entire ear. Sometimes Ear mites may also result in the production of an unusual cerumen.

The most common symptom that lets you know about your pet suffering from ear mite is that you can notice a wound on the back lobe of the skin of the ear that is caused due to harsh scratching. And these wounds are further attacked by bacterias resulting in diseases in your pets.

How to Treat the Ear Mites Naturally?

The ear mite of a cat can be easily treated in three simple steps:

Step 1: Clean the Ear

The first and foremost step to treating this disease is to clean the ear of your pet properly with the help of some ear cleaning solution, or you can also use oil say for e.g. the almond oil or olive oil or any other mineral oil. Once you are done with pouring several drops of liquid in the ear, you should follow up with a gentle massage. Massaging will get the debris out of the ear to the outer layer, and it can be easily swapped with cotton.

 The cleaning will surely assist to get rid of maximum small critters.

Step 2: Ear Miticide

Ear Miticide is a commonly available product at your nearby pet supply store that contains pyrethrins. Miticide is a solution that contains natural insecticide.

To make effective use of ear miticide, you are supposed to read the directions for its use and then step ahead accordingly.

The drops shall enter the ear of your cat properly and then a gentle massage should be provided to extract out the excess solution.

The cleaning with ear miticide may not work for an individual use, and you might have to continue with it for several days. Because even if you missed out on a single female bacterium it would reproduce and generate many ear mites all over again and you may have to start all over again. So, it is suggested to take up with the procedure as directed.

Step 3: Prevent Reinfestation

Once you get rid of ear mite in your cat, it is utmost important that you take a better care and keep a regular check on the ear for a span of time.

Because the ear mite may hide in the cat’s fur and once the treatment is over it may again inject the infection all over again. You should get your cat regularly treated with flea products to save them from the hidden mites.

Some Additional Home Remedies

  1. Clean the bed and cage of your cat regularly with a vacuum cleaner and get it sun dried.
  2. Apply the mixture of garlic and olive oil. Heat the mixture and put into the ear with the help of a dropper.
  3. Some of your home ingredients if applied directly to the ear may help your cat to get rid of ear mites in few days. The products are listed below


Procedure: Apply the honey with the help of cotton on the wounds. Leave it on the affected area for about 15 to 20 minutes and then wipe it. Honey possess antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that will make the healing process at the earliest. You should regularly carry out the procedure minimum twice a day, for about a week to acquire the desired result.


Procedure: The Vaseline is a very useful home remedy for treating the adult ear mites. It retains the moisture and thus heals the wounds quickly. Vaseline snatches away the food of ear mites and thus eradicates the mites from the ear. You just have to apply Vaseline with the help of cotton minimum twice a day on a regular basis.

Hand Sanitizer:

Procedure: Hand Sanitizer kills the bacteria and helps in eliminating the ear mites. Hand sanitizer should be poured directly and massaged gently. Using this remedy for two to three days will give you desired results.

Aloe Vera:

Procedure: This medicinal plant has hundreds of benefits. Ear mites will be entirely removed from your cat’s ears if you apply the Aloe Vera Gel twice daily and it will also provide healing to the wounds very quickly.

Hydrogen Peroxide:

Procedure: Applying hydrogen peroxide with the help of cotton balls for two times a day will cease the multiplication of ear mites at an instant and it will not allow any dirt or debris to accumulate in the ear.


Procedure: Dilute the white vinegar with the help of warm water. Apply the mixture with the help of cotton balls. The acidic nature of vinegar would readily kill the ear mite when it comes in contact. Also, the vinegar will clean the ear completely from the deposited wax due to ear mites.


Procedure:  Applying sulfur directly on the ear with the help of cotton helps you end up the disease. The remedy should be practiced once in three days. It should be followed in the defined interval until you completely get rid of ear mites.

Mineral Oil

Procedure: Put 2 ml of oil in the ear with the help of dropper and spread with cotton. Gently massage for some time. Carry out the procedure for two times in a week. The ear mites will be completely removed for a duration of three weeks.

A mixture of Almond Oil and Vitamin E. The mixture thoroughly moisturizes the ear and suffocates the ear mites present inside the ear.

Home remedies if followed as per the guidance will surely give you the results over the time but you should consult the Veterinary if the ear mites take more than three weeks to get removed else it might affect your pet’s health.