Remedies to Get Rid of Dry Nose

Posted on Updated on 16 June, 2018

Discomfort is the word that people often come across while dealing with a dry nose. Though the condition does not have an adverse effect if not very severe, it can be highly annoying especially for people who need to go out to work on a regular basis. A dry nose is something where the drying out of the central nasal passage take place. Starting from sinus attacks, severe headaches; these are significant consequences of such a condition. However, if cases are severe, people can face breathing issues and vision problems. By being the primary defense line, the nose forms an essential part of the human body. To keep it healthy is the challenge in a world full of pollution and toxic gases. Delve into the utilization of proven home remedies efficiently to treat such a condition quickly and efficiently.

Basic Causes for Nose Anomalies

These are entirely an everyday kind of obstacles that you face daily. It happens due to varied reasons. For example-

  • Climatic Setbacks.
  • Excessive Pollution.
  • Water Aversion.
  • Bacterial Susceptibility.
  • Irregular and Unhealthy Food Consumption.
  • Pests’ Attack and so on.

These conditions can easily be treated by using some of the conventional and traditional home remedies. But consult a physician for avoiding any unfavorable happening if the circumstances seem to last.

Sear Nose Due to Pharmaceuticals

Dryness of nose is not always caused due to improper weather conditions and unstable precipitation level. It is also incited due to the intake of medications to check on some health conditions.

Some medicines that often lead to a dry nose are:

  • Antihistamines.
  • Decongestant Nasal Sprays, etc.

Maladies Indicating Dry Nose

A dry nose is a widespread health phenomenon in most of the tropical countries or somewhat throughout the globe. It has nothing serious about it unless it gets connected with other crucial symptoms of some important diseases. It can be treated very quickly by applying some of the necessary remedies that can be easily obtained from your home, itself. Even it is not a hard task to identify the conditions of having a dry nose as it is very congruent to dryness of any other body parts and nasal blockage due cold and cough. Still, for your convenience, some of the symptoms are being mentioned so that you can start treating it as soon as you trace out any of these signs.

  • Skin get cracked outside and inside the nose making the surface looks like dry scales.
  • You won’t be able to inhale the air accurately.
  • The dermal layer inside the nasal passage becomes so dry that it gets split up.
  • Due to the internal cutaneous damage, fissures have formed that bleed.
  • The nose remains full, occurring breathing issues.
  • Due excessive dryness blackheads and crusting of skin are observed in the outer space of the nose.
  • It can cause to the outburst of mucus and blood at times leading to several bacterial infections.

These are few general symptoms that can be seen when you have a dry nose.

Administering Dry Nose

A dry nose can better be treated by using several natural and homemade remedies instead of applying anesthetics or consuming antibiotics. A dry nose is a straightforward and colloquial issue of your anatomy which chiefly needs no biochemical medications or treatments. There are numerous and active formulas that are extracted from the natural environment. Even many antidotes are derived from regular using stuff from your kitchen.

There are numerous and assorted countermeasures and restoratives that are quite popular in treating a dry nose. According to here in this article, they are enlisted to help you out with a bad nose condition.

Natural Remedies to Dry Out Nasal Dryness

There is not just one or two but many formulae to cure your sapless, parched nose under any circumstances. But few traditional and handy remedies are always the first one to be discussed for its easy access. Accordingly, this article bears all the remedial corrections for your moisture less, nosy problems.

Consume Loads and Loads of Water or Any Liquid

Drinking Water

Your body tissues dry up according to the climatic alterations and geographical dimensions. The dried up body tissues tend to extract whatever leftover fluid or moisture it gets from your system, resulting in causing dryness. This finally leads to dehydration. Dryness is first observed in some patent areas of your body which consists of soft skin and exposed to the outside atmosphere. Face, nose, hands, feet are prone to get dried up very easily. So it is always recommended to drink lots and lots of water or any other kind of fluids which are not synthetic otherwise it would create a hindrance for other organs to perform smoothly.

Application of Petroleum Jelly Heals Dryness

petroleum jelly

This is the most traditional and easily acquired item used to clear out any dryness of your skin. It is the cheapest form of treatment you can do to cure your dry nose. Get some Vaseline or petroleum jelly and apply it all around your nose and on both the sides in a thick layer for at least twice a day if the dryness is too deep. But be very careful of not stacking them inside your nostrils. It will then cause nasal eruption as the nasal hairs get blocked inside.

Coconut Oil is a Genuine Antidote

coconut oil

Not only it does a miracle to your hair, by making it luscious and thick but coconut oil also acts as a superb antidote to treat dry nose, both from inside and outside. You can apply few drops of pure coconut oil inside your nostrils to clear off the congestion and repairs the gaps and pangs created by dead cells. It also softens the interiors and helps you to clean all the solid form of dirt and impurities. You can also apply coconut oil on the exterior portion of your nose to mend dry and tattered skins. It moisturizes and softens your nose in a large extent.

Usage of External and Artificial Humidity Controller

Most of the body dryness is caused due to the drastic fluctuation of meteorological conditions around you. At times the weather around you becomes extensively dry and arid, causing unwanted exhaustion and dryness of your body and nose. In this situation you can use an artificial humidifier to increase the humidity and moisture level in the area, encompassing you. It will lower down the dryness of your nose and also spare you from the pain and congestion it causes inside your nostrils.

Applying Almond Oil is always Beneficial

almond oil

Almond as a dry fruit and oil is always your best friend when it comes to obtaining a glowing and fluffy skin and shiny hair. Even you can use almond oil for treating your dry nose whenever you want. All you need to do is mix one teaspoon of almond oil with few drops of Castor Oil or Aloe Vera Gel and apply it all over your nose and face. You can also apply the mixture inside your nostril to get rid of congestion and interior dryness. Use a soft earbud or the tip of your finger to put the solution inside your nostrils. Do not overflow.

Spray Salt Water to Get Relief from Dry Nose


The easiest and the quickest method of treating your dry nose is by using saline water. You do not need to go to a chemist shop for buying a medicated saline water pouch for this. You simply need to go to your kitchen, take two and a half tablespoons of salt and mix it well in a 400 ml of normal water and apply it all over your nose and spray few drops inside the nasal area. It is certainly going to help you to get rid of a dry nose and clear out all the internal congestion.

Oiling Your Nose with Sesame Lube

sesame oil

Dryness brings itchy feeling along with it. So to abandon both of these, you can use sesame oil and essential oil compilation. Take few drops of sesame oil and essential oil; you can also use olive oil as an alternative to essential oil. Mix it well and apply it in and out of your nose. It is going to provide you relief from dryness as well as rawness.

Using Aloe Vera Gel Is a Super-Excellent Process

aloe vera

Nothing can be as good as natural Aloe Vera Gel for your skin and any basic problems related to your skin. You need not worry at all about your dry nose, anymore. Get some pure Aloe Vera Gel (perfect if you have an Aloe Vera plant at home) mix it well with one or two drops of cold rose water (optional) and apply it all over your nose and inside it with a cotton ball. Do not rub it or rinse it off. Leave it to dry by itself. It gives a cool and moist sensation to your nose.

Glycerin Can Also Be Applied

glycerin saop

Glycerin can provide some relief to you from a dry and sore nose. Though apparently, it will have a slight burning sensation inside your nose soon it will heal the soreness occurred due to nasal clogging. Do not apply a lot of glycerin inside your nasal opening. Just pour few droplets with a cotton bud and stretch your head backward. Remain this way for some time.

Inhaling Steam

inhale steam

You can inhale the vapor of boiling water to get rid of nasal jamming. Not only this, it clears off all the impurities and dirt that remain stuck to your nose. It cleans up all the open pores and blackheads on your nasal area. At least once in a week you should go for a steam bath or simply heat a vessel of water on your gas oven and inhale the steam with your face covered up all over your head.

Mustard Oil

mustard plant

Pouring two or three drops of mustard oil in the nostril proves to be effective when inhaled smoothly. The best thing about this is that the moisture of the nose is maintained. Sticking to this method at least for a week is recommended, and it has to be done before bedtime.

Wet Wipes Can Be Used to Retain the Moisture

wet wipes to get rid of dry nose

You can even use wet wipes, preferably baby wipe without any fragrance and colors to keep your nose moisten from outside. This prevents the scaling up of dry skins and also keeps the area around your nose clean and oil free.

Some Useful Tips to Get Rid of Dry Nose

Cleanliness is Important

The best way by which nasal dryness can be avoided is by cleaning the inside of the nose carefully before you call it a night.

Nose Picking is a Complete No

The problem of a dry nose increases by five percent as people keep on nose picking due to the itchiness. Avoiding this is highly recommended to stop aggravating the condition.

Wearing Masks

External gases like toxic gases and temperature can lead to the dry nose. Use a mask when outside for keeping the nose warm.

Food Items to Avoid

Salt, alcohol, and caffeine are those three ingredients whose intake must be stopped in the event of having a dry nose as these elements contain dehydrating agents.

Wrapping up:

Unnecessarily do not gulp down medicines as immoderate consumption of drugs can often precede you to other complications and derma dysfunctions. There are these great remedies mentioned that can be easily carried out at home and with home products: thereby offering you relief from a dry nose. Along with the solutions, consume dishes that are protein rich in your diet as it assists in the eradication of the infection. If not helpful whose chances are very less, see your doctor whose medicines then people can consume with the effective home remedies.

Necessary measures must also be taken for the prevention of such a condition as it is always better than curing it.