Detox Tea Recipes for Weight-loss

Posted on Updated on 5 December, 2018

Well! Most of us are addicted to tea, and why not, Tea is somehow healthy, the energetic beverage that actually is enriched with countless benefits. Helps in flushing out of toxins, keep the body perfectly hydrated. In fact, detoxification is new and healthy trendy among people globally. Detox beverages enhance immunity to one extent and cut off the impurities on the other end.

With the growing era of advancement, life is being too luxurious, and such modernization has lead to more health issues among people. Eating unhealthy, sitting over the cozy couch, hectic work hours, and lack of physical movement of the body has chained up the body’s health into minor to major health problems. The most common issues related to health and fitness are weight gain, i.e., is due to laziness attitude of us.

Lack of exercising, gulping of unhealthy meals are somehow the key factors behind the story of weight gain, which actually give a warming-alarming hug to diabetes, heart strokes, organ failures, unstable body functions and more.

However, people are now quite active and love to follow the race of fitness to gain health, not the weight of course. There are always so many tracks to play and to shuffle, so is with the concept of weight loss, but despite being moving ahead with active routines of exercising, why not to try some natural hacks to shred off the extra bulky pounds of the body.

Detoxifying and cleaning are the active and great way to lose weight. There are so many measures to do such kind of cleaning programmes but trying of simple and effective 7 Detox Tea Recipes For Weightloss are crazy yet healthy hacks to hangup with refreshing taste as well.

Detox Tea

7 Detox Tea Recipes For Weightloss

To give an effective solution to eliminate your extra pounds, we are listing top 7 Detox Tea Recipes For Weightloss.

1. “Refreshing” Green Tea

Green Tea


The most commonly used beverage by people is actually inherited with many healthy properties. This is an effective tea helps in losing bulky weight, boost immune, detoxify impurities and more. Many health studies found stable evidence in favor of maintaining body weight and belly fat.


There are various methods to make green tea, well, the simple is just to add green tea leaves or green tea bags in boiling water and let it over for few minutes over the low flame. After a boil, strain all leaves or tea bag from water when infused with the refreshing green shade, and refreshing aroma and flavor. You can also add honey, lemon or any other natural ingredient to enhance its healthy properties and its ready to guzzle.

2. “Purifying” Pu-Erh Tea:

Pu-Erh Tea


This is also called as pu’erh or pu-erh, which is actually a Chinese tea in the shade of black after the process of fermentation. The earthy aromatic tendency of Puerh gets strong as long it is stored. The scientific evidence still lacks to calculate the benefits the of Puerh Tea but still being used as a healthy beverage by people as it regulates the health and fitness in many ways. In fact, few studies found that it helps in enhancing weight loss and extra body fat.


In fact, there are two different ways to prepare Puerh Tea

  • First Method (Traditional): Boil the water, and let it bubble on the medium flame. Then pour this hot water over the leaves in the pot, and let it there for few seconds. Rinse off the water from the leaves as it helps in removing all impurities in the tea and allow tea leaves to get little soften. Do this step once again and drink it hot.

  • Second Method (Western): This method is suitable for those who are more addicted to stronger brew and flavor of Puerh Tea. In this process, boil Pureh Tea for longer periods, 10 minutes 25 minutes or even 50 minutes as per personal choice. With more steeping and boiling periods, Pureh Tea will turn into black color and will get stronger, even more aromatic. This preparational way is quite a new trend to prepare Puerh Tea and also not the traditional Chinese method.

3. “Boosting” Black Tea:

Black Tea


“Black is the New Pink” is a defined proverb we are using to point out the healthy and trendy tracks of Black Tea these days worldwide. This is one of the commonly found tea types like Green tea, Lemon tea, etc. Black Tea is rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties and more good compositions that benefit the body in many ways. Many health studies found that Black tea helps in detoxifying toxins from the body, maintain weight, boost immunity, lowers the level of mood swings, stress and anxiety as well.


For best aromatic and flavored Black tea you need the good quality of black tea leaves or tea bag. For sweetener add sugar cubes or honey (natural sweetener). Take measured water in a pan and let it boil for few minutes then add sugar cuber, let it stir for some time occasionally. Now add tea leaves, and cover the pan with the lid for two minutes on low flame. The final turn is to strain the leaves from the water. Drink hot Black tea which is full with mild flavor and sweetness regularly to detox body and shread weight.

4. “Oxidising” Oolong Tea:

Oolong Tea


Oolong tea is also listed as a type of traditional Chinese tea that is being used since ages. It is even packed with many healthy properties that boost health in many ways. Oolong tea somehow resembles Green Tea and Black Tea in color and oxidation. This a fruitful Chinese beverage is known for its aroma, flavor and unique properties that are boon for overall well being of the human body. It works in favor of stabilizing weight, as helps in burning of fat, increase body metabolism and more.


To prepare Oolong Tea, you need to boil water over medium flame and then need to add the required amount of leaves in it. Let this mixture boil over the flame for few minutes till the water get the sweet aromatic essence of the tea leaves. Use the filter to separate the flavored water from the left up leaves. You can add sugar or honey as per need.

5. “Wonderful” White Tea:

White Tea


Just like many other teas mentioned in the list of 7 Detox Tea Recipes For Weightloss, White Tea stands out from the queue as it is harvested when the tea plants are blooming youngs. White tea is inherited with its own flavor, aroma and taste, as are delicate buds so are naturally sweet as well. Studies have found that White Tea is loaded with many healthy properties even boost immune, and kills oral cancer cells. It also helps in many other statics of health and cuts off the belly fat, extra body weight effectively. It relatively works in favor of the breakdown of fat cells naturally. More health studies are still in the process to know the potential of white tea with health and fitness.


To prepare this uniquely headed health drink, you need the excellent quality of White Tea leaves. Boil the water, and remove it from the flame. Now, add White Tea leaves into it and cover it with a lid for few minutes. The more you keep leaves in the spring water, the more the essence will be infused by leaves. Strain the leaves and use them multiple times. The healthy White beverage is ready to drink.

  • Note: For best brew flavor water should be hot not boiled with leaves over the flame.

6. “Potent” Parsley and Mint Tea:

Parsley and Mint Tea


Detox Tea plays a vital role in enhancing health and getting rid of impurities of the body. They also favor in promising fitness with strong nutritional value. Tea brewed with flavors of parsley and mint leaves all together is a healthy beverage that regenerates body functions, and overall health as well. The healthy compounds like antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, flavonoids and more also work in boosting mood. This specific beverage is also stimulating health to live, heart, kidney, fat, and body weight, immune system, etc. These refreshing leaves are natural detoxifiers that function in body oxygenations too.


Boil the water over the medium flame and add refreshing mint and parsley leaves to it. Let it over the fire for few minutes till the water gets the essence of the leaves and cover it with a lid. Now strain all leaves from the flavored hot water and let it cool for few minutes. Drink this vibrant and natural detoxifier beverage to boost health and to lose weight.

7. “Lively” Lemon, Honey and Ginger Tea:

Lemon and Ginger Tea


All of the mentioned ingredients are unique and natural, enriched with countless benefits, healing-healthy properties. With all so many boosting boons, this particular beverage is one of the known weight loss drink that also supports other wellness issues. When all three ingredients are used to guzzle as one detox tea, then the count of good compositions is increased. In fact, all of them also works in favor of better digestion, promote goodness to organ and body functions as well.


To make this tri-ingredient tea, you need to boil water for a few minutes. Then add a small piece of ginger and let it simmer for few more minutes on low heat. Put off the flame, now squeeze lemon, add honey and cover it with lid. Strain ginger piece from the water and warm, healthy beverage is ready to take.

Final Verdict:

Well, as with ending lines, we just want to conclude that the mentioned 7 Detox Tea Recipes For Weightloss are not only useful to loose extra bulky fat from the body but also enhance health in many ways, So guzzle them regularly instead of calorie drinks or artificially made juices. These natural detoxifiers drinks will add and aid wellness in your routine.

Be Healthy, Be Natural!