Daily Practices to Maintain the Mind Body Soul Harmony

Daily Practices to Maintain the Mind Body Soul Harmony

Our body is an energy latticework which responds to fluctuations in frequencies and functions optimally if we follow the laws of nature. This incorporates all the aspects – physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. Unhealthy food and drinks and polluted air, water and environment can affect our physical health directly. On the other hand, stress at home or workplace, strained relationships, and depression can rob us of our mental and emotional well-being. And all these have external factors have a direct impact on our spiritual being, weakening it over time and draining it of its natural energy and vitality, which gradually manifests in the form of various sicknesses or diseases.

What is True Well-Being?

Being in perfect health doesn’t truly mean free of diseases. It is only partly the case. The very origin of the word ‘health’ is from the word ‘whole.’ The ancient cultures have long established the unavoidable connection and energy flow between the mind, body and the spirit and advocated that all the three made up what we called “the whole.” This means, when you feel healthy, we get a sense of wholeness. In other words, when the mind, body, and spirit – all are in perfect harmony with each other you automatically feel whole and healthy. However, to reach that level of wholeness the energy of the body must vibrate an equally high frequency as the mind itself. This is to say while you may have been physically fit in the medical terms, your energies could still be low, making you feel drained and lethargic. This makes it important for us to take care of our energy systems as well.

The Basis of Energy

For all the psychological and physical experiences that we go through in life, there is a basis of energy which works at the backstage, manifesting itself in the chemical level. When some abnormal reaction takes place in body’s molecular level, it is addressed with a chemical intrusion like medicines. For example, if you complain of excess acidity in your body, you would be administered an alkaline drug to combat it. However, allopathic medicines most often have their side effects. To treat this side-effect, you may be prescribed an antidote and to combat its effects, a secondary antidote and so on. What’s more important to address is the cause of this physical effects which manifest themselves in the form of various illnesses. If the energy of the body is balanced and is in full flow, it will manifest physically, emotionally, mentally and definitely, spiritually. The physical body is impacted directly by the thoughts we think or how we feel or how the energy level drives our mind.

Practices for Spiritual Health

The spiritual body is what connects our physical body to the source of energy which we call The Universe or The One or The God. Energy emanates from that universal source and makes way into our mental body. To keep this energy flowing in, we have to do maintain the connection open by doing certain practices on a daily basis. This is because; a blockage can cause disruption in the flow of spiritual energy and impact the mental, emotional and physical well-being negatively. This makes it quite a necessity for a regular practice of religion or spirituality to keep the connection open. Harmony in all the facets of being can only be obtained by developing spirituality and intuition which is the core foundation of health.

One good way to begin is by making meditation a part of your life. Then, of course, you can explore the various energy healing practices like Reiki, Chi Gong, Acupuncture, Huna and the likes to gain more insight into how energy works and how you can use it for your upliftment. Many ascetics believe that praying regularly is also keeping a good way to remain connected to the source. Besides, every day makes set aside some time to gain more knowledge on consciousness, philosophy, and religion through books, shows, talks and other mediums. Often, attending a spiritual retreat and networking with spiritually minded people is also a great way of getting into the positive, spiritual mode.

Practices for Mental Health

While the mental body is the cradle of our many thoughts on the surface, looking deeper, you will see it is the storehouse of our core beliefs, values, desires and ambitions. These accumulate since the very moment we were born. And, if you believe in rebirth, it is said, the mental body is the cradle of all our thoughts, beliefs, habits, desires, values and goals which we have been accumulating over various lifetimes. When the spiritual connection is open, it opens access to the higher energy levels. The mental body can thus effectively use this higher intelligence to make wise choices which not only prove good for us but are in the higher benefit for all concerned.

To begin with, this practice is to set clear goals, those that you wish to achieve in the various areas of your life, both short term, and long term. It is always helpful if you can get a mentor to motivate you to remain focused on your goals. Continuing enhancing your knowledge as you accept your present life as it is and go by it, gradually parting with the stressors.

Practices for Emotional Health

The past, current, and future make up your emotional body. The emotional body is the reservoir of feelings of all kinds from anger, happiness, fear, and jealousy, resentment, hurt and so on. Every time we experience something new, our emotional body associates it with past similar experiences and influences a response depending on our past. When energy from the mental body flows into the emotional body, it can cause an excess baggage of thoughts and feelings which can result in emotional stress finally affecting the physical body.

To keep the emotional body healthy, it is important to practice self-reflection on a daily basis. This, you can do by maintaining a journey noting down your life experiences and your feelings about them. Practicing forgiveness is yet another way to keep a healthy emotional status. Make deeper connections with people around you and spend quality time cultivating gratitude for the things that you have and cherish in life. You can also take the help of emotional freedom techniques or EFT and other mental freedom meditation exercises.

Practices for Physical Health

The physical body, in fact, is the total sum of all the aspects – mental, emotional and spiritual. In other words, besides offering a structural support, the physical body also acts as the barometer which tells us how the energy is flowing in the various facets. While most people think of regular exercise and healthy eating as the basis of good physical health, it is not limited to that. Getting plenty of sleep, receiving regular massages to drain the lymph nodes and spending time in nature also count up amongst the daily practices required for maintaining optimal physical health.