Core Workouts for a Tight Midsection – For Beginners

Posted on Updated on 17 February, 2017

Core exercise is an exercise that strengthens the muscles of the torso, especially the lower back and abdominal area. Some people thought that core training is just like six pack exercises. This thought is incorrect. Our core muscles made of two various systems; movement system and stabilization system. The stabilization system is responsible for your hip portion, and the other one network flow system is in charge of the core. A weak core causes serious injury to your health. Core workouts include ball crunches, back extension, reverse crunch, cable rotation, chess pass, ball medicine ball pullover throw, etc.

A beginner has a different thought in his or her mind that how he/she make perfect so that they easily can do most of the workouts. Above we will discuss some easy tips and solution for core exercises that is very beneficial for a beginner.

  • Crunches


Crunch is a type of core training exercise that helps to improve your body balance by strengthening your abdominal muscles, that helps you from your back pain and muscle injury. It can improve your stomach problems. It is very helpful in muscles worked that stabilize the spine. It can burn one’s calories, required only 10 minutes for daily to burn 98 calories per person. Crunches include ball crunches; vertical leg crunches that benefit for producing activity in rectus abdominal.

  • Birddog


Birddog means to follow, watch carefully or investigate. Birddog has been an effective movement to reinforce proper spinal alignment and core recruitment. It is a type of an exercise that activate smaller muscles such as in hands, feet or neck that produces large neutral to stronger muscles through the kinetic chain. It increases core innervation’s and spinal rigidity.

  • Planks

how to do planks

Planks are very significant for your entire core, stabilizing muscles of shoulders, abdomen, and hips. One can add crunch into exercise and boost the inner power. When you do this in proper coordination, it can improve your stamina and increase muscle strength. You can try knee to elbow Planks, try this touch from your right leg to left elbow to perform repetition. Planks included knee planks, side plank with crunch, etc.

  • Leg Lifts

leg lifts exercise

Leg lifts include side lying leg lifts that are moderate exercise and recommended for beginners. Lifting the top and bottom leg work the inner leg muscle of the lower leg. Lying leg lifts are performed on a flat bench. In this, your hands placed under your buttocks to elevate your hips to avoid arching your back. It targets to improve your abdominal muscles. Leg lifts is an alternative for hanging leg lifts and abdominal chair leg lifts.

  • Classic Wood Chop

classic wood chop exercise

When you do this type of exercise keep your arms straight all times and stress-free your shoulders away from your ears. Protect your back when you twist side to side. It is an upper and lower workout that can be used for cardio and strengthen your muscles that help to stronger your core system. When you hold a dumbbell or a medicine ball in your hands make sure that always start with a small weight, otherwise it can harm your body.

  • Reverse Crunch

reverse crunch exercise for ads

It is the bottom portion of your rectus abdominal that facilitate your four packs to make six packs. You can crank things by the way performing the exercise with your shoulders lifts and legs straight the entire time. It works the rectus oblique with transverse abdominal muscles. It may be most useful exercises for core strength.