Clorox Bleach or Bleach Pregnancy Test

Posted on Updated on 21 April, 2018

Checking out pregnancy with home based kits has now become easy and handy. Just you need to carry a small thin stick available in the market in the form of pregnancy test kits, and you can get your pregnancy confirmed in no time.

But, what do you assume was the way to check for the pregnancy in early days when these sorts of kits were not available? What were the ways to check? Were the women not able to discover her pregnancy without going to a doctor?

The answer to all such questions is home based pregnancy test methods. Though there is no scientific support for confirmation of results for these sorts of homemade tests. They were highly reliable in old times.

Out of the numerous tests that were available at home the most popular one was Clorox or bleaching pregnancy test.

How to Perform the Bleach Pregnancy Test?

Bleach is usually used as a cleaning agent for household purpose. But it is also a good ingredient to check your pregnancy. All you need is combine the fresh urine to the Clorox. To carry on with the test, there are no measurements of urine or bleach; you must take up with that relative quantity of each.

Step 1: Collect the sample of your urine in a container. Preferably the first urine of the day, in the morning. First urine gives you the most accurate result. But if not possible you can collect the sample at any point of the day.

Step 2: To perform the test take a small amount of Clorox powder or liquid chlorine.

Step 3: Add the bleaching content to the sample of urine.

Step 4: Stir the contents such that it gets mixed well.

Step 5: Allow the contents to rest for a while to get the results.

How to Know If the Test Result of The Clorox Test Is Positive or Negative?

The following indication tells you that your result is positive or negative:

  • If after mixing the Clorox with your urine sample, the resultant is the formation of foam like structure in the container or you observe some sorts of bubbles are, then the test result is positive and that you are pregnant.
  • The fizz formed for the positive effect is as high as, it may readily ooze out of the glass. Just in the case of the cold drink or soda mixed in the glass of water.
  • Alternatively, the test result by use of Clorox Pregnancy test is negative; if after mixing the Clorox to the sample of urine there exist no changes in the mixture.
  • In some, cases you may even observe some small flat bubbles on the surface, but they have no kinetic energy to rise or spill. They are simply still without any movements.

What Are the Factors That Determines the Accuracy of Clorox Or Bleach Pregnancy Test? 

The accuracy of pregnancy test results carried out by Clorox home pregnancy test highly depends on a single factor, and that is HCG Level.

  • The higher the level of HCG in the sample of your urine the more accurate is the result.
  • You should not conduct the pregnancy test carried out at an early stage. Because then you cannot achieve the desired level of HCG. You should wait at least for a time span till you miss your first period.

What is the role of HCG Hormone and Why is its Increased Level Desired for The Pregnancy Test?

  • The female body liberates HCG hormone only when she is pregnant.
  • The level of this hormone increases with the advancement in the duration of your pregnancy.

The sole reason for the higher requirement of HCG hormone while carrying out the Clorox pregnancy test is, the results of this test depends upon the chemical reaction between the urine and the bleaching agent. And, the HCG behaves as the catalyst for this reaction. Thus, the presence of a good amount of HCG content in the urine sample gives you best results.

 Why the First Urine Sample Gives the Most Accurate Results for Urine Pregnancy Test?

The first urine of the day is the most reliable sample for any pregnancy test and not just for the Clorox test. The sole reason being the amount of gestation hormone present into it. The pregnancy hormone or HCG is present in highest quantity in the first urine of the day. It then decreases gradually as the day passes.

As a result, the bleaching agent may not detect HCG correctly, while carrying out the Clorox home pregnancy test. And the test may end up giving you the false results.

* Note:

If you want to perform the pregnancy test at any other point of the day, you can go for it. But the best way out for that is to hold your urination for 3 to 5 hours and then go for performing the test. This is another way out to expect the reliable results from the homemade tests.

What Precautions Should Be Taken While Carrying Out the Clorox Pregnancy Test?

Clorox is the adamant chemical having a very foul smell. It releases harmful gases after the reaction.

  • While you begin with the test, keep your head high and do not bend it closer to the test container.
  • Keep your nose and mouth covered so that the harmful gases do not enter your body directly. As these gases may be toxic to you and even for your child if at all you are pregnant.

Though there exist no quantity measurement ration in which you should mix the Clorox and urine, the study or survey carried out on practical performance of test says that, if you mix equal quantities of Clorox and urine there is maximum accuracy in results. That is the ratio of the mixture should be one.

* Important Note:

There is no home based or even clinical test for pregnancy that is 100% precise. But then too if you think that you might have conceived then it is advisable to consult a gynecologist, after carrying out the test at home. No matter whether the test result for Clorox Pregnancy Test or any other test performed at home is positive or negative.