Cinnamon Health Benefits that You Should Know

Posted on Updated on 25 August, 2018

Cinnamon is known to be an excellent spice that has been used for medicinal purpose across the globe for many years. It is still widely used because of the immense health benefits that it has with itself. Moreover, it has a very delicate taste, and it is being used extensively in many recipes.  It is also known to be one of the twenty-six most popular herbs across the globe, and it ranks 1st worldwide regarding antioxidant levels.

Moreover, it comes up with a unique color, smell and flavor that helps it to stand out from the rest of the world. Furthermore, it is equipped with a lot of properties that is beneficial for the health such as anti-diabetic, immunity- boosting, anti-microbial, etc.

What are the health benefits of cinnamon?

There is a lot of health benefits associated with cinnamon, and we would be covering all these in the paragraphs below. Let us have a look at them in brief.

It can help to reduce the blood sugar level

We often associate cinnamon with sweet treats such as apple pie, muffins, cider, etc. but the fact is cinnamon itself is not sweet at all. Thus, cinnamon can very well be used to reduce as well as stabilize the blood sugar levels. Moreover, with the help of cinnamon, you can also improve the sensitivity towards the insulin.

Therefore, cinnamon can be quite beneficial for those people who are suffering from diabetes (1). All these are quite possible because cinnamon blocks specific enzymes such as alanines that helps the glucose to be absorbed into the body as well as blood. So, if a consumed a high sugar meal, then you can supplement it with cinnamon which would help to reduce the sugar amount in the blood.

It can help in dental hygiene

When the word dental hygiene comes in mind, then most of us think about peppermint. But, it is time for us to evolve as cinnamon products can be quite beneficial for the dental hygiene (2). Cinnamon is known to be more useful when compared with clove oil as it can remove the oral bacteria.  Moreover, it can remove bad breath without any side effects as well as chemicals in the body.

It is loaded with antioxidants

If you want to save your body from free radicals as well as harmful molecules, then it is advised to add antioxidant-rich foods to the diet. Some of the common anti-oxidant rich foods are blueberries, berries, and chocolate while there are a lot of herbs as well present in it such as cinnamon. It is also known that cinnamon has the highest antioxidant activity (3).

You can use cinnamon as an antioxidant in the food, or you can make a nutritious snack using dark chocolate, berries and add cinnamon to it.

It can help to reduce the inflammation

If you are suffering from a headache, arthritis pain and any other kind of inflammation present in the body, then it is indeed a time that you opt for cinnamon. Cinnamon has an excellent component present in it named as cinnamyl alcohol which helps in the release of the histamine which has anti-inflammatory effect present in it(4, 5).

Cinnamon further provides the much-needed circulation which helps in getting relief from muscle pain, and it is also quite beneficial for headaches which get from bad to worse in the cold atmosphere.

It comes up with anti-viral, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties

If you are suffering from flu or cold, then cinnamon can undoubtedly come to your aid. Cinnamon is known to have the ability to stop the growth of the fungi as well as bacteria. Moreover, cinnamon is equipped with cinnamaldehyde which has infection-fighting capacity present in it. Furthermore, it is also used to fight against the salmonella as well as Listeria due to its antibacterial effects (6).

Cinnamon also has antiviral properties associated with it which can prevent the viruses from entering into the cells. In general, you can use cinnamon anytime you are getting sick. Even if you do not have sickness, it can still help you out.

It can boost the activity of your brain

Cinnamon can save you from different kind of neurological disorders and thus make your mind to work at its peak. It helps to protect the brain health (7) as it helps to activate the neuroprotective proteins that further protect the brain from undergoing damage as well as mutation. Besides this, it also makes the reduction of the oxidative stress by stopping the cells from self-destructing and morphing. So, this potentially gives you enough reasons why you should be taking cinnamon on a daily basis.

It can help you out during the time of periods

The time of periods can be critical as women face a lot of pain as well as cramps. But in some instances, it has been known that some of the women experience more pain and difficulty as compared to others. Many of them think that it is normal, but it is indeed not the case.

Many people try painkillers during the period every month, but the fact is it can typically have side effects. So, it is better to try out a natural herb such as cinnamon that would effectively ease you out during periods. Furthermore, it may reduce the heavy bleeding as well as the cramping and the pain that is associated with it.  This is all possible because of the anti-inflammatory benefits of cinnamon (8).

It can help you to fight against the cholesterol

By the recent research, it has been known that regular intake of cinnamon can reduce the level of fats in patients by up to 30 %. Besides this, the cholesterol that was cut was 12% to 26% while the lousy cholesterol reduced by 8 % to 27%. So, it is necessary to add cinnamon to your diet if you wish to remove bad cholesterol from your body (9).

It fights against the colon cancer

Cinnamon has a compound present in it that helps to fight against the colon cancer (10). Cinnamon distinct flavor and aroma is all due to the mixture present in it known as Cinnamaldehyde. Moreover, it can help to protect against the carcinogen exposure through detoxification and repair. Besides this, it can also improve the health of the colon as well.

It relieves the muscle soreness as well as swelling due to exercise

Cinnamon can be quite useful in decreasing the swelling as well as muscle soreness as it has anti-inflammatory properties associated with it. It helps the cell damage as well as tissues that break down due to intense exercise.

 It can help to improve the digestion

In various researches, it has been known that cinnamon has properties associated with it which can provide the much-needed relief from heartburn, flatulence, nausea, indigestion as well as stomach cramps. Moreover, cinnamon has been used for long in folk and traditional medicine for anyone who required a digestive aid.

It can help to clear acne

As we have seen above that acne has antibacterial properties associated with it, and thus it helps to reduce acne. A face mask can be created using honey and cinnamon (11) and then applied to the face directly. Leave it for 10 minutes on the face and then clean it using clean water. Pat dry and apply it on a regular basis to get away from acne.

Helps to fight allergies

By studies, it is known that the people who suffer from allergies can find great relief due to the benefits that are associated with cinnamon.  It has shown signs of fighting with the various allergies as it reduces the inflammation.  Many people also believe that they can reduce the symptoms that are associated with asthma attacks.

Cinnamon can also help to boost the immunity of the body, and it also plays a critical role in the absorption of nutrients during the process of digestion, and it also cuts down the auto-immune reaction that occurs while you consume allergen food.

It can help to preserve the food

One of the benefits of cinnamon is that it can be used in the form of a natural food preservative. Cinnamon has antioxidant as well as anti-bacterial properties present in it and thus can be used as a preservative in many foods without any artificial ingredients or chemicals.


Cinnamon has been used since ages in making the food taste better. But additionally, it is also being used for medicinal and home remedies purposes. Besides this, it has a lot of health benefits associated with it which you can go through in the above paragraphs. So, indeed the time has come that you add cinnamon to your daily diet and thus consume it on a regular basis such that you can reap off the benefits that come along with us. You can also write down any other health benefits that you feel comes up with cinnamon.