Chinese Gender Predictor

Posted on Updated on 12 April, 2018

Chinese Gender Predictor is the best tool designed for the sex determination of your unborn baby. It makes use of ancient Chinese calendar for gender calculation which is mainly based on two main concepts:

  • Age of mother.
  • The month of conceiving according to lunar calendar.

The tool is the best implication of authenticated Chinese gender predictor, because of simplicity of usage.

Benefits of the Sex Predictor Tool:

  • It predefines the sex of the body before it is born.
  • Secondly, if you are planning for a baby and you are biased for a sex, then you can plan according to the calendar to achieve the desired results.

This Chinese chart for gender prediction is used since ancient times, and it is about 700 years old.

How to Predict the Baby’s Sex with This Technology?

Typically, there exist two ways of gender determination with this Chinese method:

  • Chinese Gender Predictor Chart:

This chart came into existence by the I Ching and was found in a royal tomb. It was kept by the royal family and was supposed to have useful results. Later it traveled to England and finally to Austria from where it found its way back to Chinese people. But this time it was not preserved for their secret use but led out to the entire world.

The requirements of sex prediction using these charts are described as follows:

  • Lunar Age of Mother at The Time of Conception:

The lunar age of a person is two to three years more than the actual age. To access the chart the age should be entered in the form of lunar age or Chinese age. Now the question arises how to calculate the lunar age of mother?

Step 1: The first and foremost requirement is to know your lunar birth year of the mother. A lunar birth year can be calculated with the help of a Chinese tool known as ‘Gregorian Chinese Calendar Converter.’

Step 2: The second requirement is to convert the year of conceiving into the lunar month which can also be done with the help of Gregorian Converter

Step 3: Now subtract the year of conception from the lunar birth year of mother and add one to it. The resultant would be the mother’s age or lunar age of the mother.

  • The Month of Conception:

The month of conception also needs to be calculated in the lunar form. And any date month or year can be converted to lunar form through Chinese calendar converter.

  • Now when you know both, the month of conception and mother’s lunar age you can easily go through the prediction chart, and it will readily tell you the sex of your unborn baby. The table below gives you clear guidance for your results.

Chinese Gender Predictor

  • Chinese Gender Predictor Calculator:

Chinese Gender Predictor Calculator also works on the same criteria and information, that is,

  • Lunar age of mother.
  • Month of conceiving.

But the tool works automatically unlike the chart. You just have to enter the inputs as per lunar calendar, and the tool will display the result in the form of a girl or a boy. It saves your time for calculation required in the chart where you should put the manual efforts.

To understand the chart and predictor in a better way. Let’s take an example.

Let us consider the lunar age of the mother to be 25. And the month of conception is February after converting it into lunar form using Chinese calendar converter. And if we prefer the gender prediction chart the correspondent result comes out to be a baby boy.

The accuracy of the Prediction Method:

There exists no scientific proof for the verification of this examination process, tool or predictor chart. Since the resultants can vary only in two options that are either a girl or a boy, the accuracy of the method is said to be 50%.

To check for the accuracy or be sure about the gender calculator method you can test the method by checking your result of your already born baby or you can put your friend’s data. You can put your conception month and your age and verify the data and similarly can put 3 or 4 inputs of your acquaintances to gain the confirmation. Do not forget to convert the data of your age, month and year into the lunar format else the correct results can never be obtained.