Chickenpox Home Remedies

Posted on Updated on 21 April, 2018

Chicken Pox is a disease that spread from a person to another rapidly. The most common consequences are the bulge or red spot, and tickling rashes all over the body. Chicken Pox mainly caused by the “Varicella-Zoster” virus. It takes about three weeks to make as if it’s Chicken Pox. Mostly Children come under assail of Chicken Pox, especially new born babies. This disease is an airborne disease like Tuberculosis and Meningitis. Chicken Pox can also spread by saliva contact, mucus or from the flow of bulges. You can cure this disease at home by using following natural herbs.

1 .Herbal Tea: People who suffer from Chicken pox carry a weak immune system. Thus, herbal tea recommends to those to improve their immune system.

herbal tea

Method to use: Take a table spoon of herbal tea and mix it in a cup of boiling water for 5-8 minutes. After that sieve it and uses it for drinking this in sessions throughout a day. You can add some sugar or honey into it to enhance your taste.

2. Brown Vinegar: It is used widely for many medical purposes. It’s mild acid helps to cure the blemishes and itchiness caused due to Chicken pox.

brown vinegar

Method to use: Daily Add a half cup of brown vinegar in a bucket of lukewarm water and have a bath in it until your Chicken pox healed.

3. Baking Soda: It is also the best home remedy to treat Chicken pox. It also stops itchiness and irritation occur in Chicken Pox.

baking soda
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Method to use: Take a table spoon of baking soda and mix it in lukewarm water, now you can use it for both drinking and bathing purpose.

4. Neem Leaves( Azadirachta indica ): It is an herb used from ancient times for curing chicken pox. It can give relief in itchiness and get rid of red spots.

neem leaves

Method of use: Have some fresh Neem leaves and make a paste of the leaves and apply the paste on rashes, it will help in swelling and itchiness and also you can mix the paste in water and drink it after filtering throughout the day.

5. Calamine Lotion: This cream is very helpful in gaining relief in itchiness and help in removal of rashes of chicken pox.

Calamine Lotion

Method of use: After having a soapless bath, let your skin get dry and apply calamine lotion drop wise on each spot of chicken pox.

6. Vitamin E: Eat foods like Almonds, Avocado and Butternut squash that are rich in vitamin E. Use Oils as well rich in vitamin E helps in healing and making the rashes disappear.

vitamin e foods

7. Coriander Leaves and Carrots: This both together can assist in sustaining body temperature which increases a lot due to chicken pox. It helps in giving a relaxed time from the itchiness of the disease.

coriander and carrot

Method of use: Slice a carrot into two of more pieces and cut the coriander leaves into pieces and boil both in half cup of water for 10-15 minutes. Then after filtering them a use for drinking purpose, keep on doing this on a daily basis for a month and will help in a sooner recovery.

8. Oatmeal: It succor to confer on the ticking problem of chicken pox, and gives tranquility in chicken pox. It also helps in getting purge of urticaria.


Method of use: There are two different to have to use oatmeal for bathing purpose.

  • Take two demi tasses of oatmeal and around 2 liters of distilled water and mix the oat meal after crumbling into two-liter water. Pack this mixture in a clenched pouch. And soak this bag in a tub full of warm water until the water of tub turns milky white.After this have a bath in it twice a day and never use any towel to dry off the body.
  • Take two demi tasses of crumbled oat meal and mix it in two liters of distilled water and keep for 10 minutes and fill a tub of lukewarm water and while filling the tub pour the mixture of oatmeal into the tub with lukewarm water. After this get a silk towel and soak it in water of tub and rub gently on the infected one.

9. Sandalwood Lubricant Oil: It is an inordinately antibacterial anti-agitating and antiviral thawed.


Method of use: It can be directly applied to the rashes and and and should not be wiped out before an hour so that it may reach the core of pores or rashes and heal them from inside flawlessly. And remember while cleaning the lubricant after an hour, do not harm the rashes.

10. Epsom Salt: Being rich in Sulphate(SO4-2) and magnesium(Mg) makes it a mineral compound, not salt. Though, it’s very advantageous in curing the itchiness and rashes of chicken pox. It also works to stop the sensation of torment. It also soothes the inflammation caused due to chicken pox.

epsom salt

Method of use: Take two small cup of Epsom salt and mix it in a tub of lukewarm water and keep on liquefying till it dwindles properly in water. After this dunk into the tub of water and feel gentle and relaxed from your irritation of Chicken pox. Or you can even do it in another efficient way by using a towel for gently rinse water on hives.

11. Ginger: Thai is the unrivaled in the field of treatment using herbs and spices, and ginger in an another matter scrutiny for treating Chicken pox. Drinking ginger tea is one the best solution to cure chicken pox and having bath in the mixture of ginger -water works as bald head got some ice to cool down.


Method to use: Make slices of ginger and boil it while you boiling your tea and have the tea when it’s lukewarm, doing so will soothe you and having a bath in boiled water with ginger in it will help in vexation.

12. Flowers of Marigold ( Tagetes ): The flower with pinnate green leaves and a bright shiny Orange colored flower holds significant side role to vanish out the disease like chicken pox and much other related to human skin. Its root is rich in “Thiophene” ( C4H4S ) which is potent antibacterial. Though, it is used to treat widely for treating chicken pox. Even there is a huge variety of medicines made by the utilization of the flower.

Flowers of Marigold

Method of use: Roots of the flower is more efficient in comparison to the flower or leaves. So take out the roots of the flower and chop them and boil for 30 mins in a liter water and when the water cools down and become lukewarm then soak a towel of non-sticky wool or cotton and gently situate on the body of the infected. Do it for a month, and you will see rapid relief in Chicken pox. It will give relief in swelling, pain, and itchiness.