Certo aka Sure Jell to Pass Drug Test

Posted on Updated on 25 August, 2018

Are you worried about a drug test, do you want to pass it to negative without any hassle. Then you are on the right place, here we will tell you in detail about the use of Certo to pass the drug test. There is a lot of hype among the people that Certo can affect the drug test such that it can detoxify the body from the drug. You might be scratching your head if Certo can pass the drug test. Well, the answer is yes. We are going to tell you how you can use it in an effective way pass drug test let us find it out in the blog below:

What is a Certo (Sure Jell)?

The Certo is fruit pectin which is used widely for jam making as well as jelly. It has been used for ages, and it generally comes in the liquid form.  It is available at a little cost, and it can easily be found in the local store. It is known to be a soluble product, and it helps in the detoxification of the body. Further, it binds the fatty acid which is known to be one of the main ingredients in marijuana. When it binds the acid, then it can take out the constituents with the help of the digestive system. This would potentially mean that whenever you go through the drug, urine or blood test, then the negative result would be obtained. A lot of people have claimed that the following method works, but there is no guarantee that it is an error-free method.

The most crucial thing is that you should be using it in the right form and make use of the proper ingredients.

How does the Certo method work?

To explain the following, we would be making use of an example. Suppose you smoke weed, then the body would break down the THC and then store it in the form of fat. Further, it gets released into the bloodstream and thus gets flushed out through various mediums such as urine, sweat or fences.

Certo helps to absorb the fluids that may contain all these toxins in the stomach. Besides this, it prevents the toxins to get out through urine and instead it gets pooped out. The urine would be then clear. Besides this, the fiber gets released by the medium of stool. Due to the following reason, you may expect individuals are running to the washrooms.

Here are the things that it works out for:-

  • Cocaine.
  • Weed.
  • Alcohol urine test.
  • Opiates.

So, you would need the following ingredients:-

  • B12 Vitamin.
  • One liquid fruit pectin.
  • A gallon of water.
  • 32 OZ Gatatore lemon-lime.

The process to make the components from the following has been mentioned below:-

  • You would have to mix the liquid fruit pectin with the Gatatore.
  • You would need to shake the mixture well and gulp it down such that it doesn’t make a gag.
  • Further, keep drinking water but stop 2 hours before the schedule of the test.
  • Once you see that the urine is cleaning, and then you can intake a B12 VITAMIN as well as water such that the color of urine goes back to normal during the test.

Why is the Certo (Sure Jell) Method So Popular?

The reason Certo method is so popular is of the fact that it can work out for a wide variety of toxins. It can detoxify THC, cocaine and many other drugs quite quickly from the urine. All these are possible without any side effects. If you are going through any urine screening, then it is potentially one of the best methods to use. However, it may not be as effective with saliva, blood or hair testing.


Fruit pectin is known to be quite beneficial for the health of the body. It comes up with amazing detoxifying qualities that can help you to pass a drug test. With the time, it has been proven that it works quite well for the detoxification of the drugs from the body of the human. If you incorrectly use the method, then it may not be as effective. So, you can try out the following method, and I am sure that you won’t be disappointed at all.