Cannabis: Beginner’s Guide

Posted on Updated on 25 January, 2018

Well, it seems you’re finally about to get interested in smoking weed! And of course, you are highly excited. And no doubt you’ve got lots of questions swarming in your head – all about weed and how to puff it. You live in the country where Aunt Mary was successfully legalized for recreational use. But man! Just before you rush to the nearest dispensary and after – to the bong store, consider running through our most complete marijuana guide for beginners.

If you wish to know simply all about marijuana (or the more significant part), you can be sure – we got your back covered. In our cannabis beginner’s guide, you will find some useful info on how to pick and consume a particular strain as well as the legality of marijuana in Canada as it has finally come out of the shadow.

So there goes the guide to weed for beginners, based on the knowledge of cannabis growers and sellers, physicians, and medical experts. We hope this primer will come in handy for you to find out everything about the plant that is gathering more and more followers day by day in all corners of the world.

What is Cannabis/Marijuana/Weed?

Cannabis aka marijuana, dope, pot, Mary Jane, kush, weed, and lots of other names derives from the cannabis herb. It traditionally grows in wild regions of many tropical and warm countries. However, it is possible to cultivate cannabis in almost any climate conditions if raised indoors with the use of specific hydroponic technology.

The key active component of marijuana is known as tetrahydrocannabinol, popularly called simply THC. It is precisely that substance of the herb giving you the “high” feeling. (1) There is a different THC ratio and thus, its power between weed strains.

You can use cannabis in three forms – weed, hashish and hash oil. Marijuana is usually produced from dried flowers and leaves of the plant. It is of the least potency among all cannabis products and is mainly smoked or consumed in the form of edibles, such as cookies or brownies.

Speaking of hashish, this dude is made from the resin extracted from the stem of the cannabis plant. Hashish is often dried, compressed into little blocks and then smoked. It may also be used in cooking food (added to the dish) and eaten all together.

Finally, hash oil is the most durable cannabis product, coming in the form of the thick oily liquid obtained from producing hashish. It can also be smoked.

Why Cannabis so Popular?

Actually, the primary factor that made us prepare some cannabis tutorials for beginners is marijuana’s rapidly growing popularity. And there are some reasons why smoking kush is so popular not only in the US but also Canada and other countries. The first of those reasons is medical indications. Marijuana is proved to be the ultimate treatment for such mental disorders like insomnia, depression, and anxiety as well as the physical illnesses accompanied by chronic pain (2).

Furthermore, cannabis is a huge problem solver when a person is fighting cancer. In this case, weed is used to relieve the pain coming as a result of chemotherapy. As a matter of fact, some patients claim that without consuming marijuana, they would not have defeated their cancer. When high, a person starts feeling deep pleasure and experiences a great sense of ease. When it comes to all modern advancements in medical treatment, weed can play a significant role in person’s recovery.

A lot of people using cannabis claim they turn to doing this to experience a feeling of euphoria and relaxation they could never achieve before. Mary Jane can cause changes in consumer’s mood-affecting how he/she thinks and perceives the surroundings and routine activities such as, for example, doing clean up and listening to favorite music may become altered and easier when high.

Reasons to Use Cannabis

In addition to several major reasons to start smoking weed, our beginners guide to cannabis proposes even more argumentations at least to try this fantastic stuff. As you already know, weed smoking is becoming more and more mainstream than ever before. Unluckily, marijuana still appears to have a pretty poor reputation. Personally, we believe that smoking pot can bring some excellent benefits to you.

In this way, if you are still looking for a couple of other reasons justifying your need for weed-smoking, check out the following advantages of getting lit provided in our cannabis guide for beginners.

#1 Marijuana can unlock your creative potential

One of the recent studies found that weed smoking might be causing some psychotomimetic changes that can lead smokers to make specific connections between thoughts and ideas that are not related initially.

Such type of thinking might grant a substantial boost for your creativity, so be sure to grab some grass and make those creative thoughts flowing.

#2 Marijuana helps eliminate stress

Whether your day job is connected with tons of stress, or you’ve found yourself stuck in a toxic relationship, or simply want to get rid of that everyday pressure everyone goes through – smoking marijuana is by far the easiest way to de-stress.

Once you decide to indulge in the world of tranquility and relaxation, watch out for the dosage. Consuming large doses of weed in one go may finish in you developing a healthy addiction to the plant, and a bunch of side effects, such as drowsiness and inability to get focused. On the other hand, always going for small doses and avoiding smoking ganja every day can stabilize your nervous system.

#3 Weed can help you in losing weight

Although some may be saying marijuana tends to provide much more problems than benefits, the recent study has proved that pot smokers are far less prone to developing obesity.

Another medical research revealed pretty much similar results, stating those people used to light up on a regular basis are fitter than those who don’t consume weed in either form.

Also, to all said above, scientists also discovered that using dope can accelerate your metabolism, speed up and ease fat loss and decrease the levels of cholesterol. Thus, if you are still dissatisfied with the numbers on scales, consider trying out swapping your salad diet for another kind of green.

#4 Usual food tastes so much better when weed smoking weed

Have you ever imagined how awesome getting stoned and stuffing the table in front of you with an enormous amount of snacks can be? It is an absolute fact that cannabis is known to boost the appetite. But why does it make usual food taste so unusually good?

It was found that, due to THC influencing human’s cannabinoid receptors, located in the brain, everyday meals appear even more appetizing thanks to a heightened sense of smell.

Accordingly, it will probably be an excellent idea to stock up on some eatable stuff right before sparking up.

#5 Cannabis improves your sleep

Although there is an eternal debate over the real effects marijuana has on sleep patterns, some are convinced that smoking a joint just before going to bed can act as an ultimate sleeping pill overpowering other “drowsy” items like alcohol and human-made medications.

At the same time, though, it is proposed that marijuana’s effectiveness as a significant sleep helper might be decreasing with increased usage.

Disclaimer: We do not encourage peoples to use weed or any of its products. This article is just for information purpose only.