30 Methods that Can Help to Boost Testosterone Level Naturally

Posted on Updated on 21 April, 2018

Testosterone is the male sex hormone which plays a vital role in driving physical changes in boys after attaining puberty, such as facial hair growth, increased muscle in the body and development of deeper voice. It is a kind of steroid hormone which is produced both in men and women but more particularly in men. Having a good level of testosterone is very much important to achieve good health, disease free body, sexually intense life and almost everything that is necessary for the correct functioning of the body. Also, an increase in testosterone level can help you build rapid muscle mass in an only matter of few weeks. Now, let us have a look at the 35 best methods that can contribute to boosting your testosterone level naturally.

Strength Training

Strength training can help you to increase your power and show noticeable improvement in testosterone level regardless of your age. To get useful results, you would be required to lift heavy weights and take a nutritious diet. This would help you to build lean muscle mass and perhaps help you to create anabolic hormones in your body.

Stress-free Life

There are always ups and downs in life, but regardless what the situation is we need to follow stress-free life. Taking a lot of stress can lead to low testosterone secretion in the body. In addition, it also leads to the secretion of another hormone which is known as cortisol, which causes fat gain in the area near the stomach. Stress can divert you from your goal, and thus you should have control of the stress level so that no negative impact is seen in your body.

Low-fat Diets Should be Avoided

We very well know how important is saturated fat, but we should never forget the role that simple dietary fat plays in the life. Low-fat diets will lower your production of testosterone and thus will ruin your sexual life. Fat is essential for health as long as we keep checking on some calories that we are undertaking.

Sugar Intake Should be Stopped

Sugar is regarded as the worst food that you can take in your diet. The matter of fact is sugar lowers your testosterone level and makes you fat by gaining a lot of weight. After every dose of sugar that you take in your diet, you can expect a downfall in your testosterone level. Now by immediate effect, Sugar consumption should be stopped or lowered if you want to boost your testosterone level.

Workouts Should be Well Planned

The Workout should be planned and should be done systematically. You should take proper rest between every set completed and should avoid chit chatting for long in the gym. The workouts should be intense and should be a shorter interval of time as workouts longer than 40 minutes would not be as effective.

Stop Smoking

Smoking is one of the worst things that can affect your health badly. In addition, it can also lead to low testosterone level, which would severely affect your long term goals. It becomes difficult to develop muscle mass in men who are smokers. So, if you desire to have a significant level of testosterone, then you should stop smoking right away.

Say “NO” to alcohol

Just like smoking is bad for health, Alcohol does no better. If you wish to increase your testosterone level naturally, then you should head towards quitting alcohol. Alcohol on certain occasions is fine, but make sure you don’t drink beer as it contains a certain amount of estrogen that can destroy testosterone level in your body.

Take a Thyroid Test

Once you reach an age of say 45 or 50, you should take some tests every year such as a thyroid test. Thyroid test can help you to know about hypothyroidism, which is a condition, in which thyroid gland is not producing enough hormone which leads to lack of testosterone production. In addition, your body might not function correctly, and you might feel ill. There is particular medication easily available for hypothyroidism, which can easily cure this problem.

Partner with Your Friend During Workout

Having a partner alongside you during training can help you a lot. You would be able to train a bit harder with the aid of your friend, and thus it will contribute to increasing excess testosterone in your body. Also, he can also boost your confidence in case you fail to train properly.

Add Oysters to Your Diet

One food that is rich in testosterone secretion is oysters. Oysters are quite rich in zinc, which helps to boost the testosterone level in a male. Usually, during training, men lose a lot of zinc, so it is entirely necessary to consume zinc. So, in this regard oysters’ acts very well to supply the zinc deficiency so that the zinc level in the body is further increased.

Regular Intake of Vitamin D

The intake of vitamin D is crucial as it can make your bones strong as well as boost your natural level of testosterone in your body. In most cases, as seen by research and surveys, men are deficient in Vitamin D. So, proper supplementation is essential to bring back the level of vitamin D in the body.

The Timing of Your Crabs is Critical

The timing at which you intake Carbs is very much important. Usually, Carbs are very much relevant and useful to the body if you take it before and after the workout. After a specified interval of time, you will notice that you have very well improved your performance and recovery time, which will help to increase the testosterone level in your body. Also, you should also focus that you consume low carbs for the rest of the day since we perform a very low level of activity during this period.

Use Garlic with Your Food

Garlic has a lot of benefits associated with it, unlike sauces that have sugary substances. You can use garlic instead of sauces as it is healthy for your body as well as improves your tastes. In addition, garlic is also very active to boost your testosterone level.

Don’t Avoid Squat in Your Training

We very well know that heavy training plays a very critical role in the increase of natural testosterone level in the body. But one thing that most of us avoid is doing squat. Doing squat is one of the most beneficial exercises to boost the testosterone level in the body as it works alongside a lot of muscles. In addition, lifting a heavy amount of weight during a squat can increase the testosterone release.

Eat Orange Every Day in the Morning

The very first thing that you should do when you first wake up in the morning is eating an orange. Orange is quite rich in vitamin c which helps to reduce the level of cortisol which in turn contributes to increasing the standard of testosterone. Also, it also contributes to boosting the immune system of the body which can practically help you to do more work out.

Replace Coffee with Herbal Tree

A lot of intake of coffee can lead to increase in the level of cortisol production, which can result in loss of muscle mass and practically slow down the production of testosterone in the body. Also, coffee also ruins the sleep cycle if taken more than 4-5 times a day. The best thing is to replace coffee with herbal tea as it is very beneficial for the health as well as helps you in case you want to drink something warm.

Indulge in Sex

This is considered as one of the best ways to boost your testosterone level. It has been seen that men who are indulged in more sex, have a better standard of testosterone flow in the body. So, if you have a girlfriend or wife, then don’t hold back at bedroom as it is a kind of cycle in which the more you have sex perhaps you will notice the more increase in the testosterone level.

Broccoli Should be Made as Your Favorite Food

Broccoli is indeed the best food to increase the testosterone level production in the body. In addition, it controls the estrogen level in your body. You can eat Broccoli raw, or you can steam it as per your convenience. Broccoli is also very cheap and thus doesn’t dig a hole in your pocket.

Fiber Intake Should be Tracked

Fiber plays a very critical role in achieving weight loss effects. In addition, it also helps to keep a check on diabetes and regulate blood sugar in our body. We know very well that overdoing anything is not good for health and so is the case regarding fiber intake.

If the fiber intake is too much, then it can lead to decrease in testosterone level in our body which acts as a hindrance in building lean muscle mass. So, the agenda is use fiber for a particular dose so that it can be good for health.

Turn “Non-Vegetarian”

Unless and until you feel that you have a strong interpersonal belief, you should not turn down being a Non-vegetarian. We very well know that Vegetarian foods are quite rich in fiber and another type of nutrient known as soy, which does no good to the testosterone level in the body. So, it is better to turn non-vegetarian.

Practice Meditation

We have a misconception that meditation is only done by monks and not by usual people. But, the fact is meditation helps to release a lot of stress, which in turn can contribute to boosting the testosterone level in the body. By various reports, it has been seen that people who practice meditation regularly have a positive influence on all the aspects of life regardless of the situation.

Take Forskolin Supplementation

The Forskolin is another type of supplementation that you can add to your wish list. Regular consumption of Forskolin over a period has shown a great increase in testosterone level in men. In addition, they witnessed positive vibe in themselves, such as an increase in energy level and perhaps happening mood.

Opt for Organic Food

When you buy items at a grocery store, look out for foods that are organic in nature. Non-organic foods may contain toxic substances which would not do any good to your body. In addition, you would be victimized by several devastating diseases and even cancer.

Use Olive Oils in Food

Olive oil is a great substance which can help you a lot in your weight loss goal. Olive oil is considered far better than any other oil as it has substances which can boost your testosterone level to a considerable extent. Also, olive oil can also help you to absorb cholesterol better in comparison to other oils which can thus be very helpful in testosterone formation.

Try Out Boxing

If you feel that nothing is working out, then you can perhaps buy a pair of boxing gloves and start boxing. You can use the punching bag as a form to release the stress that has happened for all day long. In addition, it will help you to release more testosterone from your body as it is a very aggressive form of activity.

Try OutOnions

Do you want to boost your testosterone to another level? If, yes, then you should try to add Onions to your diet. This vegetable will help you to take your testosterone to the next step. You can easily add them to your diet as they are very good at the taste.

Add Healthy Salts in Your Diet Plan

Gone are the days when people used to think that salts are bad for health as they increase the risk of heart disease as well as increase the blood pressure. You can choose healthy salts such as Himalayan crystals and sea salts that are good for health as they are unprocessed in nature and could be very beneficial for increasing the testosterone level in the body.

Try out Grapefruit for Desert

Are you concerned that eating desert would lead to increase in fat? If, yes, then you should probably try out grapefruit as a form of desert. Grapefruit can help you to lower the estrogen level and practically help you to boost the testosterone level as it has a small composition of carbs and sugar.

Add Avocado to the Diet Plan

Avocado is rich in vitamin E and quite a healthy source of fat. It will help to drop your estrogen level and at the same time increase the testosterone level in the body naturally. If you are planning to have a baby soon, then you should try out the avocado.

Look out for a Counselor

In case you are suffering from any form of depression, then you should watch out for a Counselor who can help you deal with stress. Taking a lot of stress can lead to increase in cortisol as well as a decrease in testosterone level as both go hand to hand with one another. Also, note that don’t take anti-depressant as it can have an adverse impact on your health.