How to Boost Fertility Naturally in Women

Posted on Updated on 21 May, 2017

It is a great feeling to be a mother. It is almost like a dream to carry the bundle of joy in your hand for the first time. The awesome gurgles and the small little fingers trying to catch your finger are certainly a pleasure of a lifetime. However, it needs a lot of care and other factors which boost the fertility in a woman.

It would be great if we concentrate on the various natural ways which help women to get the correct impetus in the process of motherhood.  This article covers all the natural ways to boost the fertility in a woman naturally.

It is imperative that one should maintain a proper weight once you are planning for a baby. Being overweight or underweight matters much when a woman wants to conceive. If you want to conceive at the right time, you must check out on the weight. According to a study, women with a pre- pregnancy BMI between (25-39), were obese. Whereas women having a BMI level nearly between (18.5-24.9) is not even ok. It is said that BMI level should be below 19.

  • One Should take Proper Diet:

It is very important that one must have a wholesome diet. Your diet should contain vitamin D, zinc, iron, vitamin C and enough protein. One must remember that if you go without proper diet, you would not be able to improve the fertility.  That is the main reason, which increases the risk of miscarriages. To check that you must indulge in getting a protein enriched diet. Eggs, meat, fish, beans as well as low-fat milk products are a reliable source of protein. You can intake multivitamins as supplements.

  • Avoid Alcohol, as Well as Caffeine:

You must keep one thing in mind that along with a healthy diet, it is equally necessary to consume healthy drinks. There are examples which show that intake of alcohols has affected the fertility in women. It also affects the fetus. Alcohol consumption affects the estrogen levels. This, in turn, produces harmful effects on the implantations of eggs.

However, a glass of Pinot does not much affect the pregnancy. It is better to be an absolute teetotaler if you are thinking of getting pregnant. Caffeine affects the hormonal level of the body, which hampers the process of fertility or getting pregnant.

  • Stay Away from Pesticides:

According to research, the pesticides which are used to kill insects have direct effects on the fertility of a person, be it, men or woman. The pesticides also affect the menstrual cycle in a woman. According to a medical journal, eating raw fruits and vegetables have not only affected the fertility rate in a woman but it also considerably affected the sperm count in men. So be very selective and wash the fruits and vegetable before eating them.

  • Be Careful About Your Workplace:

According to the Centers for Disease Control, it is paramount to be mindful of the work environment that you are in. If you are working in chemical industry, you need to be very sure that you are not exposed to the nitrous oxide, jet fuel or radiation. As it will weaken your fertility level and you will have trouble in getting pregnant. So, it is advised to stay away from such workplace when you are planning for a baby. The change of shifts or rotational off days might as well affect the process of getting pregnant. Research says that nearly 120000 women were having problems in the fertility process since they either had night shifts or rotational off days. Others who followed a normal shift did not face such problems.

  • Simply Quit Cigarettes:

Like alcohol, you also must never think of smoking during the tenure of pregnancy or while you are planning to have a family. The toxins in the cigarettes are very harmful to the babies as well as for the mother. Even before you are planning a baby, it is important that you should give up smoking, since it affects the ovaries. So, it is always advised to quit smoking to boost the fertility in women.

  • Indulge in Music Which is Inspiring for Your Soul:

According to Doctor’s opinion, music is a powerful process to increase the fertility level in you. You should listen to those pieces of music which relax you. It has the power to take the strain out of your body. Scientifically it is true that fertility level gets a natural boost if you indulge yourself in music, meditation and have a calm and placid mind. You should keep yourself happy and this, in turn, helps in the procedure of having a smooth pregnancy.

  • Have Plenty of Smoothies and Juices:

It is very much necessary to have ample of water content in your body while you are planning for a baby or when you are pregnant. Fruits are must for these stages. It is necessary that your intake more of fruit juices and smoothies which help your body to have lots of water. Besides having the highest nutrient diets, you should intake adequate water and fruits. Since fruits are rich in vitamins, enzymes as well as minerals. It provides your body with a lot of antioxidants, which acts as another natural remedy to boost the fertility in women.

Certain things that you remember:

Old cells constantly die and get replaced with new cells. Everything is dependent on the cells. Blood, uterus, eggs, ovaries and the Fallopian tubes are responsible for making a woman get pregnant. So, the diet that you are following during pregnancy should consist of the nutrients which help in the production of the new and healthy cells which are good for the baby as well as for you. In that case, it is certainly your responsibility to have the healthiest food and keep yourself away from alcohol and cigarettes. Rest well, think well, and drink lots of water, it helps in removing the toxins from your body. Apart from these, it is very important to practice some exercises which keep you active. At the same time, you need to be careful that you do not gain weight. Eat well, sleep well and stay happy; it will naturally boost the fertility level.

Hope this post was helpful enough for all the women who are planning to get pregnant or who are struggling to conceive. Do you have any queries? Do let us know in our comment section.