Beauty Benefits of Sandalwood Powder for Skin

Posted on Updated on 3 May, 2018

Sandalwood is also known as Chandan that is obtained from Santalum album or sandalwood tree. It is loaded with lots of benefits for your skin and health as well. It is extremely good for your skin as hence, people use it widely to experience its positives. You just need to prepare natural face packs by utilizing ingredients such as milk, coconut oil, Multani mitti, rose water, citrus fruits juice, etc. with sandalwood powder. Besides, you can utilize sandalwood oil instead. Here are some common benefits of sandalwood for skin beauty that makes you encourage to use it regularly.

Prevent Oily Skin

oily skin

It is the simplest method of getting rid of oily skin rapidly. Majority of people with oily skin use it and experience the sound benefits of sandalwood to get an attractive skin tone. It makes your skin completely free of oil and delivers your radiant and clear complexion within the short interval of time. It is the only reason that almost every cosmetics, face wash, etc. contain sandalwood.

Tighten Your Skin

Pollution, dust, and exposure to the sun are the leading cause of having premature skin aging. It is one of the most popular natural methods to get a tighten skin. It helps in rejuvenating your skin and makes it youthful and tight by preventing your drooping skin. People often prefer sandalwood oil. They use it with coconut oil or almond oil to massage on their loose and sagging skin. It works amazingly and provides your charming and tight skin by evening out your complexion and removes dryness as well as wrinkles. Alternatively, using sandalwood also lessen the risk of damage caused by free radicals.

Exfoliate Your Skin

To maintain your skin health, exfoliation is excessively important. It is highly recommended to use natural products to exfoliate your skin that delivers fruitful outcomes and keeps your skin healthy without causing any kind of side effects. It will be the ideal solution to prepare a thick consistency of face pack by using equal amounts of black chickpea powder, sandalwood powder, and the small amount of milk. This healthy face scrub inhibits toxins, pollutants, dirt, and other harmful elements from your skin. Moreover, it cuts down the dead skin cells and encourages new skin cells. As a result, after using this face pack of sandalwood powder, you have a fresh and extremely radiant outer skin.

Prevent Acne and Blackheads


Most of the people suffer from this common skin illness. They wander here and there to get rid of this problem. It is not a dangerous problem as it occurs when your skin produces the excess amount of oil and sebum and germ, pollutants and other harmful materials cog skin pores. But you do not need to worry about it. Nothing works better than sandalwood as it works better than expensive products. You have to use a paste of sandalwood powder and turmeric powder. When you use this magical paste on your regular basis, it desolates the blackheads, acne scars, and acne and makes your feel glowing skin as well.

Deals with Eczema/Psoriasis


Sandalwood is considered as one of the best ingredients that deal with the problem of eczema or psoriasis. It helps in soothing and moisturizing your skin due to its emollient qualities. Furthermore, it is a robust antiseptic agent. Thus, it reduces the chances of being trapped by infections. It delivers immediate results and helps you to get relief from burning sensation, itchiness, and swelling because of acne, eczema or any other debilitating skin issues. Also, it is helpful in treating allergies, rashes, and slight burns.

Cures Suntan


Due to the sedentary lifestyle, you often go out of the home or office and work in the sun. The first thing you have to save yourself from harmful sun rays. People use sandalwood for old ages to escape from such kind of skin-damaging effect. Sandalwood is highly packed with natural essential oils that aid your skin to get rid of issues like the suntan. It is capable of preventing the redness caused by the sunburn. It provides your skin-cooling effects and eases a sunburn too.

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Fairs Complexion

fair complexion

If you want to get a fair complexion within the short interval of time, sandalwood powder is an ideal solution in such a case. It helps you in attaining fair skin by decreasing the concentration of melanin in your skin. Besides, it makes you have the distinctive fragrance all the time. It is the reason that people use sandalwood with many other ingredients to prepare favorable face packs.

Soothe Oily Skin

Dry and dull skin often makes you feel uncomfortable. Besides the problem, flaky and dry skin leads you to have frustration and itchiness. Sandalwood is beneficial also in treating this miserable skin condition. All you have to do is to use pure sandalwood oil rub it gently for few minutes on your skin. It works astonishingly and delivers you moisturized, soft, and supple skin shortly.

Promote Skin Brightness

To enhance your skin tone, you usually go for skin creams full of chemicals that claims for instant radiance. But, such products not only waste your time and money but also cause side effects too. Thus, go for the sandalwood that is entirely natural and provides magical results. Sandalwood brightens your skin and enhances its glow. You can prepare a skin fairness cream by mixing other ingredients with sandalwood and apply it on your daily basis that will leave an attractive skin tone.

Ease Warts and Blemishes


Injuries, rashes, acne, pimple usually makes your skin have marks or blemishes that restricts your charming appearance. Using sandalwood is a proven method to remove even permanent or stubborn spots and blemishes on your skin. Also, it is found that it is useful in soothing warts. Interestingly, it can remove your genital warts too that is often caused by HPV virus.

Act as a Bleaching Agent

Sandalwood also works as a bleaching agent, and consequently, it makes you have radiant skin. You should mix citrus fruit juice and sandalwood powder to form a good consistency. Applying this mixture on your skin helps in bleaching your skin efficaciously as well as improve skin tone to a great extent.

Soften Your Skin

The benefits of sandalwood for skin health are innumerable. It is a simple and straightforward method to experience soften skin without doing anything hard. It carries natural skin brightening and skin softening qualities, and it also works as a Cicatrizant. When you smear a homemade natural face pack on your skin, it potently softens your skin and gives flawless skin quickly.

Treat Skin Itching and Infections

Sandalwood is a robust anti-inflammation agent that prevents eruptions and inflammations of your skin. You can just use in summer due to its non-stick properties. You can obtain its soothing effects and reduce skin itching as well. It always has a calming impact on your skin and protects your skin from several kinds of damages.

Cuts Down Wrinkles


Sandalwood enhances blood circulation in your skin as it has excellent anti-inflammatory properties. Alternatively, it helps in eliminating metabolic waste or other harmful materials from your skin. In added to, it fulfills the needs of your skin and supplies essential nutrients to an extraordinary extent. Furthermore, it restricts free radicals that are the primary factor behind the wrinkled skin. As a result, it all makes you look young, and your skin remains healthy always.