How to Beat the Winter Blues?

Posted on Updated on 23 December, 2017

Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

Winter blues is also known as SAD or seasonal affective disorder. It is a mood disorder subset that people are suffering at the same time each year. Such depressive symptoms are shown in winters commonly. Some significant traits of this disorders are worthlessness, hopelessness, not interested in activities, withdraw from social interactions, thoughts of suicide, appetite and sleep problem, nausea, oversleeping, decreased sex drive, lack of energy, agitation, etc. Some reasons behind winter blues are tensions, with a load of responsibilities, not moving too much, not eating properly, not drinking much water, over scheduled, your meaningless expectation, etc. It is the disease when one suffers through at least two winters of depression even after diagnosed. Luckily, there is an original prescription that you can try to treat SAD instead of medicines.

Go Outside

Everyone spend almost whole time inside the house in winters. It is not only unhealthy but a bracing mental disturbance to spend a lot of time inside your apartment. A scenery of outer world can change your perspective on objects. Morning air chills you and refreshes your mind. Daylight (morning light and early afternoon) is beneficial for those having SAD or winter blues. It is also favorable in non-seasonal clinical depression. Winter blues treatment requires sitting with the bright natural light for 15 to 30 minutes. Do not use bright light at night because it can cause insomnia. Light therapy is the first step that you should take while having symptoms of SAD.


It is typical to go for some activities while suffering from SADs because their mood does not allow them to do such serviceable things. But training enhances their natural boost to both physical as well as mental health. An excellent workout secretes serotonin and endorphins that help to manage your feeling of happiness. Alternatively, a regular performance helps to maintain their psychological stress, energy, counter feeling down, and cognitive recital. While suffering from this disorder, you do not need to be a marathon. Just have some outdoor exercises for at least 30 to 40 minutes daily. Outdoor activity will interact you with fresh air as well as new sights. This process acts as spirit booster and a good start to reduce your depression significantly.

Vitamin D

Deficiency of vitamin D is also responsible for mental disorders or SADs. Consuming vitamins help you to feel better and maintain your bone health. It encourages your immune system as well. It also helps you in mood regulation. Sun is the best source of vitamin D so, go out whenever the sun is up. You can include foods that are rich in vitamin D such as fatty fish, eggs yolks, cheese, soy milk, orange juice, dairy products, beef liver, etc. Because vitamin D is fat-soluble, it is easily digestible.

Blue Light

It is considered that blue light has positive effects to boost your mood. Blue light has a significant impact on your brains’ ability as it process emotions. It impacts your mood by manipulating of hormones level and circadian rhythm. Sometimes, it affects your feelings directly. It is pretty much battered that bright white light if compared. Therefore, spend your time with blue light. But remember, using blue light in nights can impair your sleep. Because it has yellow glasses that filter out the wavelengths of blue light. These yellowish glass effects you negatively.

Sleep Well

Poor sleeping is the leading cause of depression. It disrupts delicate hormonal process in human body. If you do not follow a natural sleeping pattern (sleep when the sun sets and wake up when the sun rises), it can lead you to have winter blues systematically. Sleep early and properly. It benefits you to have enough mind relax and get rid out of tensions. But do not sleep too much. It is quite beneficial than any other medication. Eat healthy things to avoid your sleep problems. Never involve sugar, caffeine, and highly processed foods in your diet because it can worsen the condition more if you have SADs.

Dairy Products

Raw dairy products can strengthen bones and improve the immune system. Consume dairy products those are low in fat and also high in natural organic righteousness because the high level of fats can destroy your mood system as well. Some typical examples of raw dairy products are milk, fresh and raw cheese, yogurt, amasai, kefir, etc. Following such diet will help you to improve winter blues or mind depression.

Control Sugar Intake

Sugar intake can ease your mental depression at first. But studies show that consuming too much of sugar amount or its product has a detrimental impression on your mind. It disturbs your brain functionally and slows its activity. Therefore, have lessened the use of sugar or ban it if possible in the case, you are having mental problems.

Folic Acid

It is one the best treatment that you should not skip while having depression or mental stress. Our body consumes it and uses it to secrete serotonin. It is useful for the neurotransmitter that has a direct impact on mood. Foods that are rich in folic acids are soybeans, black-eyed peas, sunflower seeds, fortified cereals, lentils, oranges, oatmeal, green leafy vegetables, etc. folic is especially vital while aging. It helps to improve memory in stressed adults. Consuming its coenzyme forms aids in proper nutrition.

Herbal Tea

It is simple, marvelous, and undoubtedly capable that uses to calm and relax your mind. It encourages your mind and body to release tensions and negative thoughts. Mostly herbal tea carries tasty flavors such as lemon balm, chamomile, sage, skullcap, etc. it welcomes a tranquilize life and heals your body in various ways.


Hypertension or mental depression problem arises due to a state called oxidative state. In this condition, your body induces reactive oxygen genus that is much higher than your body’s antioxidant capacity. So, consume garlic because it has an antioxidant tendency that soothes your depression level. It moderates glucose level of your body. You can prepare garlic pickle that lives long and have a delicious taste. Instead of this, you can break your fast in the morning by eating one or two garlic cloves every day.

Listen to the Music

Listening music not only ease your stress but also balance your life. It generates a zone of peace that fulfills happiness in your every day. Listening to meditation music boost your concentration power while working. Listening music before sleeping allows all worries to run out and make you sleep restfully. It internally connects to your inner peace and issues you stress proof surroundings. It helps you in much more ways such as more accessible and more profound meditation, fulfill your yoga, healing, and renewal, mindful meals, morning inspiration, rejuvenating bath, etc.


Having massage therapy helps to open your blocked energy channels. It manages stress, mental depression, tensed muscles and improves blood circulation. Massage has a rubbing process of skin and muscles in circular strokes. It works to ease tight muscles fibers and re-energize you. It reduces chronic pains as well as mental fatigue, anxiety, insomnia to a great extent.