Amnesia Causes, Symptoms & Natural Home Remedies

Amnesia Causes, Symptoms & Natural Home Remedies

Amnesia is a condition which leads to partial or total loss of memory. The patient suffers from poor memory or complete blackout. It naturally comes with old age or with some mental disorder. There can be various reasons due to which a person suffers from Amnesia. Some of them are:

  • Some mental or physical trauma.
  • Brain Damage.
  • Regular use of drugs.

This type of syndrome can be permanent or temporary. The person suffering from amnesia doesn’t lose self-identity but may forget other people, facts, and information. The person not only forgets the past information but faces issues in learning new information too. There are different types of amnesia a person can suffer from, they are:

Retrograde Amnesia:

Retrograde amnesia is caused by any injury or brain trauma, in which patient doesn’t remember anything that occurs before the injury or brain trauma.

Anterograde Amnesia:

Anterograde amnesia can occur after having a head injury or brain trauma .in this type of amnesia patient is unable to retain any new information. Short term memory is its symptom. However, information on an event is remembered clearly.

Traumatic Amnesia:

Traumatic amnesia causes loss of consciousness or even coma usually, happens during an accident or in sports injury .this type of amnesia occurs due to hard Bowl in a head and lasts temporarily.

Transient Global Amnesia:

Transient global amnesia is a severe amnesia where the patient loses all his/her new memories. individualsIt is vaguely or partially remembered found in older age people suffering from the chronic vascular problem.

Hysterical Amnesia:

Hysterical amnesia is a rare condition also known as fugue amnesia. This causes patient loses all his/her memories including his/her own identity like name, address, etc. may occur by a traumatic event, in most cases memory will return over time.

Childhood Amnesia:

Childhood amnesia or infantile amnesia is a case in which people have no memory of their childhood due to, the immature development of individual parts in childhood age.

Symptoms for Amnesia:

Above mentioned are different kinds of amnesia. People can suffer from either of them. The symptoms are different with each kind of amnesia.

  • Past event is not remembered in retrograde amnesia.
  • Not remembering recent event or short-term memory in Anterograde amnesia.
  • Headache .
  • Sensitivity to noise.
  • Lack of focus.
  • Tremors.
  • Uncoordinated movement.
  • Confusion.
  • Brain weakens.
  • Failure to recognize the face.
  • Inability to recognize places.

Above are some of the symptoms which show up if a person is suffering from amnesia.

What Causes of Amnesia?

Amnesia caused by brain injury or trauma. Some of the possible causes are:

  • Stroke is one of the common causes that strike amnesia.
  • Viral infection such as HSV or an autoimmune reaction to cancer.
  • Celiac disease.
  • Deprivation of oxygen to the brain, such as heart attack, respiratory distress.
  • Sleeping drugs.
  • Internal bleeding in the brain.
  • Brain tumor.
  • The head injury caused by accident or by a traumatic incident.
  • Child abuse, sexual abuse, causes psychological amnesia.
  • Present in any natural disaster or a terrorist attack.


However, a doctor is the best person to diagnose whether an individual is suffering from amnesia or not .but here are the few issues that doctor will cover to diagnose the problem.

  • Did the patient remember the recent or past event?
  • When the memory loss problem started.
  • Is there any head injury or stroke.
  • Is there any family history of memory related problem?
  • Patient’s alcohol intake details.
  • Has consumed any illegal drug like heroin or cocaine.
  • Any depression history.
  • Short term memory and long term memory judgment.
  • An MRI scan, CT scan or An ECG test can be performed on a patient.

Natural Home Remedies to Cure Amnesia:

However, there is best option avail in medical drugs, but they have their pros and corns, the best choice to treat any disease is the home remedy as long as the disease is in control. Here are some of them to treat amnesia naturally at home:

Cumin Seeds:

Helps in improving memory is very beneficiary to treat amnesia.

What you need:

  • One tsp cumin seed.
  • Two tsp of pure honey.


  • Add both cumin seed and homey.
  • Consumed the seeds regularly every morning.


Apples have beneficiary minerals like phosphorus and potassium to treat amnesia. You need one cup milk, one tsp honey, and an apple. Eat an apple along with milk and honey.

Basils or Tulsi:

Basil heals the body and mind keeping it in upright function. Take one cup water and four-five basil leaves. Boil the water and add crushed basil leaves in it. Let it simmer for 2-3 minutes, Strain and consume it daily 3-4 times in a day.

Black Pepper:

Black pepper helps to reduce memory loss caused by amnesia. Get ½ tsp freshly ground black pepper and one tsp honey. Crush one tsp black pepper into a fine powder. Add One tsp oh honey in it. Consume daily every morning and in the evening.


Used since century to cure mental problems and in enhancing memory. Get a  cup of water, one tsp dried Brahmi.


  • Boil One cup of water.
  • Add One tsp of Brahmi in it and let it steep for One0 minutes.
  • Let the infusion cools down.
  • Strain it and consume daily empty stomach in the morning.
  • Alternatively, massage your scalp with Brahmi oil.


An almond contains a powerful substance to restore memory loss caused by amnesia. Almonds are rich in vitamin E, zinc, fiber, and magnesium. Get some almonds and aA glass of milk.


  • Soak ten almonds overnight.
  • Make a paste of softened almonds.
  • Consume it by mixing in a glass of milk daily.


Dates enhance the memory by providing vital nourishment to the brain. Get six – seven dates, and a glass of milk.


  • Boil 6-7 dates in a glass of milk for 5-One0 minutes.
  • Consume this mixture daily twice a day.


Rosemary used for various health benefits and had been used since ancient times; it improves concentration, boosts memory and also cures forgetfulness. Massage your scalp with rosemary oil to take out mental fatigue. Can be taken in the form of food like herbal tea, cooking oil, as a herb, etc.

Meditation and Exercise:

An Exercising and medication play a significant role whether you have a disease or not; Meditation relaxes your mind making it stress-free and helps in enhances mental focus and keeping the brain healthy. One can also perform brain exercise or yoga to increase the memory power.

Sage Leaves:

A sage leaf boosts the concentration level, which helps in curing amnesia. You need sage tea and a cup of water.


  • Bring water to boil.
  • Steep sage tea bag in it for a minute or you can use dried sage leaves too.
  • Consume it 2-3 times in a day.


Walnut is known for improving brain power already; this magic nut is rich in phosphorus which cures memory loss problem.

  • Consume 20 gram of walnut daily.
  • You can also combine figs and raisin with it to improve an overall nervous system.


Your dietary planning should contain the entire essential nutrient, each and everyday meal has to be a balanced diet .person suffering from amnesia should avoid.

  • Tea.
  • Coffee.
  • Alcohol.
  • White flour.
  • Sugar.
  • Flesh food.


Periwinkle is a natural herb used in medicine .it contain a vincamine substance which is a beneficiary in enhances memory. You need dried Periwinkle leaves and a Cup of water.


  • Boil a cup of water.
  • Add One tsp dried periwinkle leaves in it.
  • Let it simmer for few minutes.
  • Consume it like a tea once daily.

Eleuthero Root:

Widely uses as Chinese herb, contains many health benefits. Provides tonic for mind, boosts concentration and stimulate blood flow. Get some dried eleuthero root, a cup of water.


  • Boil a cup of water.
  • Add one tsp dried eleuthero root in it.
  • Let it simmer for few minutes.
  • Consume it like a tea once daily.


Prevention first comes from home care, though medical care has to be taken into account if any severe case is there but, the essential point’s needs to keep in mind to prevent from amnesia are.

  • Avoid excessive alcohol consumption.
  • Always wear a helmet when you are riding a bicycle or a bike.
  • Treat any infection before it makes it way to your brain.
  • If you have an elder family member, provide better lighting and clutter free home to avoid any fall that causes brain injury which leads to amnesia.
  • If there is already a person suffering from amnesia, do always keep their identification like name, address, and contact number in their pocket.
  • The common concern like leaving gas open, hot water tap on, has to keep in mind, a stove cut off after a specified time, a smoke alarm, installing a thermostat to cut off the hot water automatically.
  • Substantial numbers, large print calendar, and clocks help in reducing anxiety and frustration.
  • Lastly, if you an amnesia-suffering family member do take care well of them and talk about the past and present events to keep their mind engage, which will help them to recover their memory loss.