Top 9 Natural Home Remedies for Altitude Sickness

Posted on Updated on 21 April, 2018

Most of the people feel uneasy and sick when they go to high altitude places. This feeling is called altitude sickness. Home remedies for altitude sickness are numerous such as avoid unnecessary exertion of the body; keep the body hydrated, consuming herbal potion, etc.

The main reason for this sickness is altitude as at high altitude the air is thinner with less amount of oxygen and hence you feel breathing trouble. Therefore, to combat the weather and high altitude you should take a deep breath.

The symptoms of altitude sickness start in 10 to 20 hours of arrival, and it tends to aggravate at night as your body is trying to achieve the metabolic rate for resting. The primary symptoms are faster heart beats, discomfort in breathing, headache, nausea and much more.

Here are the Best Home Remedies for Altitude Sickness:

  1. The Herbal Potion made from Lemon and Garlic:

Garlic contains antibacterial properties and lemon also has antimicrobial compounds. So, the drink made from lemon juice and garlic with water can instantly give relief in nausea, headache, and dizziness.

You can take one lemon and squeeze the juice. Then take one garlic clove and crush it. Now take one glass of water and add the crushed garlic and lemon juice in water and mix properly. After 5 minutes, strain the water and fill this concoction in a bottle and drink as and when you get any symptoms of sickness.

  1. Ginger:

Ginger is beneficial and is used as a natural remedy for many illnesses. It is quite known for combating altitude sickness. You can only chew a small piece of ginger or can make a drink of ginger to alleviate the feeling of nausea or stop vomiting.

Take a medium piece of ginger, cut into small pieces and crush or grind and make a paste. Strain and mix the ginger juice in a glass of water. Consume this water before you start your journey again.

  1. Cinnamon:

Cinnamon is known as an excellent remedy for this sickness. Apparently, it is useful to calm the abdomen muscles and inhibits the vomiting and nausea feeling. It is also used to stop motion sickness. Frequent travelers should always keep cinnamon handy with them.

To use this remedy just take a cooking pan, put one glass of water and one teaspoon of cinnamon powder. Stir it properly and bring the water to boil. Strain the water and consume whenever you feel nauseous.

  1. Fennel Seeds:

The fennel seed gives a cooling effect and efficiently combat the signs of altitude sickness. Because of its cooling properties, it is useful in acidity and treats severe stomach upset.

For this remedy, you need to get a cooking pan, add two glasses of water and boil the mix. Now add one teaspoon of fennel seeds and simmer in slow flame for another ten minutes. Let the water cool down to room temperature, strain, and drink. You can also store this water and take to use while climbing.

  1. Lemon Soda:

Lime soda is a useful remedy to prevent the symptoms of vomiting, and it is also readily available on the move or can also prepare at home.

Just fill the glass with new soda, add the lemon juice of half lemon, stir it and drink immediately. If you want, you can also add ginger juice or green mango juice for more effectiveness.

  1. Honey and Lemon Water:

Honey and lemon water mix is an excellent remedy when you have a sore throat due to excessive vomiting. This option will calm your irritated throat and give relief in altitude sickness.

Just cut a lemon and squeeze it in a glass of water, then add one tablespoon of honey and stir thoroughly. This drink will help to soothe your throat and help to combat this disease also.

  1. Mint Herbal Tea:

A mint leaf contains the compounds that calm the stomach. Hence it is much helpful to prevent the symptoms of altitude sickness. It prevents the feeling of nausea, headache and inhibits vomiting.

You need to take a cooking pan, put a glass of water and boil it. Now add a handful of mint leaves and steep for 15 minutes. Then strain the mix and drink it immediately. This drink will prevent stomach upset and nausea.

  1. Black Pepper and Ginger Water:

Black pepper is known for its properties that can help the brain work faster. When you have a dizzy and vomiting feel black pepper water will solve this health issue.

To use this remedy, get a glass of water, add one teaspoon of black pepper powder and one teaspoon of fresh crushed ginger to it. Boil the mix and let it simmer for ten minutes. After five minutes, strain it and drink the concoction.

  1. Garlic:

Garlic is a much helpful home remedy to some health problems. It is known to make the blood thinner, that enhances the blood circulation and removes the high-altitude symptoms. It is helpful to regulate the intake of oxygen in the body and hence decreases the breathlessness. Thus, garlic can help solve breathing issues while you are at a height.

Keep the garlic clove handy when you are climbing or traveling at high altitude. Whenever you feel uneasy, just peel the garlic clove and eat it hard, chew it properly and you will instantly see the result.

Some other Ways to Inhibit Altitude Sickness:

Apart from the home remedies, even these small tips will help to keep in pink of health.

  • Keep Yourself Well Hydrated:

 At a high altitude, your body gets dehydrated faster, and you may have to feel severe breathing problem. Despite deep breaths, the body does not get the required amount of oxygen. Hence it is advisable to drink at least four quarts of water.

  • Consume Easily Digestible Food Items:

Avoid foods which are cumbersome and takes a longer time to digest. Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and carbohydrate rich food.

If you are traveling first time to high altitude region, just keep calm and relax your body. Do not do exercise your strain your body. Traveling or mountaineering can be an exhilarating experience and sometimes the experience of a lifetime. Therefore, follow the home remedy and diverse ways to keep you equipped fit to counter the altitude sickness.