3 Reasons Water Filtration is Important

3 Reasons Water Filtration is Important

As human body is 60% water, this means water is the most necessary thing which the human body needs to survive.

But what to do if the drinking water gets contaminated and is unsafe to drink? Water also contains pollutants like our air includes. Microorganisms in water cause diarrhea, vomiting, and several other harmful diseases. So it is better to purify water with a quality purifier before drinking. PiMag water from Nikken is an easily accessible and useful technology to clean water.

There are many health benefits of purified water. Let’s go through some of such benefits which make water purification necessary. 

Removes Toxic Minerals

There are two types of minerals in untreated water. One is good for the human body, while other is harmful. Minerals like copper and magnesium are the needs of the human body, and their presence in water is allowed. But the presence of lead, Arsenic, and fluoride in drinking water is like poison to your body.

These useful and harmful minerals react with each other and make the untreated water much more dirty. A quality water purifier removes the harmful minerals from the water and makes it drinkable. And that is a very much important reason why you should use a good quality water purifier.

Helps To Reduce Weight

Drinking water early in the morning is the best thing to lose some weight, and many people practice this trick. But if the water we drink in the morning is contaminated with chemicals and toxic minerals, then it will leave harmful effects on our empty stomach. It is scientifically proven that the person who drinks purified water before every meal, he consumes 74 fewer calories per meal.

Treated water Helps in Digestion

Doctors usually suggest to drink more water to overcome the constipation problem. In our stomach, water breaks food pieces in small particles to let our body absorb the nutrients. Unpurified water contains chemicals which make a chemical reaction with the food to cause constipation. So it is better to purify the water before drinking it, so as to reap maximum benefits.