3 Common Injuries you can Suffer in a Road Accident

3 Common Injuries you can Suffer in a Road Accident

Road accidents are more than common today. Almost every day, you get to see some or the other news about some road accident taking place. And here, besides injuries, casualties have also become common.

But there are some of the injuries which maximum of the people definitely get from these road accidents.

Cuts on the body

Some accidents are not at all fatal. For example, if you are traveling on a two wheeler, your bike might slide and you fall on the road. Whether any other vehicle is involved or not, this accident is the common scenario of today.

So although nothing major happens here, but you surely get some cuts on the body which might take a few days to heal.

In car accidents too, the airbags prevent the car drivers maximum of times. But even then, some glass pieces may slide across the skin, causing some deep cuts throughout the body. Again, though traumatized, these cuts can also heal in a few days.


If the accident is severe, and you are traveling on a 2 wheeler, then you might even get yourself a fracture. This might happen from a normal sliding of your bike, or if you met with a bad accident against some car or truck.

In that case, apart from getting a free truck accident consultation, you should also get your fracture treated as soon as possible. The fractures can be extremely painful if not taken care of in time.

And after cuts, these fractures are the most common injuries people see in their day to day lives.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Sometimes the accident is not that dangerous or harmful, other than damage to your vehicle. But that accident surely holds the power to cause you a lot of stress and trauma. A person might take a lot of time from getting out of this post traumatic stress disorder.

If any one of your relative has met with an accident, make sure you make their environment light and friendly, to help them cope from the stress quickly.