3 Android Apps Women can use to Track their Periods

Posted on Updated on 13 November, 2018

Periods is a constant happening in a woman’s life. And due to several reasons, they can often become misbalanced. But it is also necessary to have a rough idea about when you are expecting your next cycle. This helps plan many things like an outing, function, and so on.

So how can you go ahead with this?

There are several Android apps that have become popular today, which help women track their periods. They make you aware in advance, when you are expecting your next cycle. These apps help you give insight into the monthly cycle of your period, ranging from the exact date, cramps severity, flow rate, and so on.

Here you will come to know about few of those popular applications which can help you track your periods.

Period Calendar

If you are getting periods on exact same date every month, then nothing can be better. But if the dates are varied, it is necessary to have a rough estimate of your next cycle. This android app helps you predict that date based on your past cycles.

Not just the periods, you will also come to know about your ovulation cycle, the fertile window, using this application. You can also record your intercourses, weight, mood, birth control, and so on.


This is one of the best applications for keeping track of periods. You might be wondering what is so different in each app and how can keeping track make an app better than the other.

Well, it is not just keeping track of your periods, that make this app popular. It helps you with many more functionalities. Clue uses science to help you understand the unique patterns in your menstrual cycles. You can find mood tracker, exercise tracker, health log and many other functions in this application.

Flo Period Tracker

This is also a popular application among women. Besides basic functions like period tracker, mood tracker, and health logs, there are many other functions in this smart app as well. Using this, you can track your sleep, water consumption, sex drive, symptoms, and exercises.

The more you keep feeding this app, the better insights you will get on your body and health.