10 Muscle-Building Cable Exercises Six Pack Abs Workout

Posted on Updated on 1 May, 2017

In the world of exercise and lifting, cable exercises are the option of a newcomer or weak person. Cable exercises are commonly written off. Regarding effectiveness and other senses, cable exercises are ranked below barbells, dumbbells and other machines as well. People have the wrong assumptions that free weight lifting will be more efficient than the cable ones, so why should one go for the cable exercises? Well, let me clear out the concept here because half-knowledge is more dangerous than having no knowledge at all! For muscle building and lifting, cable exercise provides a valuable advantage. Free weight lifting only provides muscle tension on the upward portion (concentric) and much less tension on the downward (eccentric). It does not matter how much you control the weight; the imbalance cannot be erased. But cable lifting exercises provide constant muscle tensions, both concentric and eccentric muscle tension and it is undoubtedly more effective than the free weight training.

And if you are ready to try out the benefit of muscle-building cable exercises, we can just help you out. In this article, we will give you the ten best muscle-building cable exercises which will be efficient for your muscle building process. Let us have a look.

Seated Cable Row

This multi-joint exercise recruits more muscle group, and thus it helps you to lift off heavier loads. Also, this lifting exercise contributes to release growth hormones and testosterones which ultimately help in muscle growth. You can practice this lifting exercise after the back training. It becomes more effective if coupled with a single-arm version of the row.

Cable Upright Row

If you want to have some shoulder multi-joint exercise, Cable Upright Row will serve you right. Using a wider grip, this is great lifting exercise for middle deltoid muscles. You can do it while standing or lying down. And you can use a little bit more weight while standing because it helps in muscle building faster. You can use this lifting as your finishing exercise, or you can apply it before doing single joint exercises.

Pull down

The perpendicular cable exercise i.e. the pull-down exercise is a crucial exercise for your shoulder and muscle tension. You can experiment with this practice, and it is effective if you are worried about the muscle-building session. With an extended range of motion, pull down exercise is a great muscle-building exercise which is used as a warm-up as well. Or you can finish your training by the pull-down exercises as well.

Cable Side Lateral Raises

Mostly people do the side lateral movement using dumbbells. But doing the same side lateral with cable can give your muscles a different experience altogether. It provides your muscle with a stimulus to which your muscle is not used to. But cable side lateral raises can be difficult at first. So at first try out with lighter weight. And as you get accustomed to it, increase the weight. You can use cable side lateral raise to finish your shoulder exercises.

Cable Crunch

Cable crunch is an acute exercise for upper abs region. Unlike other ab exercises, cable crunch gives you the provision of altering the load so you can train with any number of rep ranges. Also, you can practice this exercise while standing or kneeling down. You can do this exercise on the first or second day to put up the challenging task.

Shoulder Tri-Set

You may hear of the exercise twofer. This shoulder tri-set is three-for. These cables are set in a manner that you can do only joint deltoid muscle exercises. Without putting the handle down, you can reach for each deltoid muscle head with this cable exercise. And if you can link them up together, it will trigger some great muscle tension, and ultimately it will benefit your muscles. It should be practiced at the end of your training season.

Triceps Overhead Extension exercise

A lot of people do the triceps overhead extension exercise with the use of dumbbell or EZ-bar. But if you try it out with cable extension, it will be more useful for triceps muscle tensions. This exercise comes in variety ways like you can do it by cable rope overhead extension triceps or kneeling cable triceps extensions. If you do multi-joint exercise first in your training session, this activity can come anywhere after that. But do these cables exercise before doing light loaded movements like kickbacks etc.?

Cable Pull through

This is one of the best stand-out leg exercises; you can do with cables. It has similarity with the Romanian Deadlift. This cable exercise mainly targets the posterior chain including lower back, upper hamstring, and glutes. In this exercise, you should keep your back flat. The whole movement through this exercise should take place in the hips, with little knee-bending. Always try to minimize any motion over the shoulder while doing this exercise. You can do this exercise before moving to the single joint exercise.

Cable Curl

The standing single arm cable curl should be on your bucket list while training for muscle-building. A great exercise for biceps and you can quickly change the orientation by adjusting the pulley heights. You can try out this cable exercise when you start reducing the intensity of your workout session. This activity is thick, so you have to be careful if you have any shoulder injury.

Internal and External Rotation

A lot of people consider this exercise as a time waster, but if you can put it in the right way, it will pay off surely. This cable exercise if perfect for ball and socket joint and it enables the stability of your muscles as well. While doing this, you should keep an eye on the rotator. Otherwise, it can cause some serious shoulder problem. Also, this exercise is better suited for the warm-up session.

Cable exercises can prove to be excellent and efficient if you can use it correctly. Try out the above-listed activities and build your muscles like nobody else. Happy Exercising!