Top Ten Best Places to Visit in Indiana

Indiana one of the beautiful states of the United States that have access to some of the beautiful sites of attractions. This state is famous for various reasons:

  • A large number of cultural events are organized here
  • Museums, shopping complexes, and many other places would drive you to go crazy for this state.
  • Sports activities for refreshment.

Indianapolis, the capital of this state, has fresh air outside that city the lets tourists enjoy the natural beauty of this place. You can quickly reach the state, and once you are here, you will feel yourself mesmerized by the amazing places. Let us now look at the top 10 places that you must visit while traveling to Indiana:

White River State Park, Indianapolis

This White River State Park is widespread in the area of over 250 acres. It is located in the capital city of this state called Indianapolis. You will get a chance to feel the natural beauty of the state over here. You can involve yourself in exciting activities. This place is a perfect place that entertains people of all ages.  Many places are connected and can be easily visited from this park like Eiteljorg Museum of American Indian and Western Art, Indiana State Museum, White River Gardens, and much more.

The Eiteljorg Museum, Indianapolis

This beautiful Eiteljorg Museum showcases artworks of the Native American and the Western American culture.  On entering the White River state park, you will find this museum as the first spots of attractions of the park. This Museum has been named after its founder, Harrison Eiteljorg and displays artifacts of this businessman from the capital city Indianapolis.

You will see artistic paintings of the painters that existed during the 19th century. You will get a chance to see the unique works of some of the great artists like N. C. Wyeth, Albert Bierstadt who existed during that time.

This Museum is a perfect site of attraction for people who want to see a great amalgamation of the Indian and the Western culture. You will find contemporary works of the modern and traditional Americans that lived here. This Museum gives you the opportunity to explore other places that are nearby.  This is one of the best places that you must visit while traveling to Indiana.

First Christian Church, Columbus

This church is located in Columbus and was built in the year 1942 by Eliel Saarinen. The best part of visiting this church is that this church has a 160 ft. tall tower and a very stylish look. The material used in the construction of this church is mostly buff brick and limestone. This Church has a seating capacity of up to 900 people at the same time. The contemporary style of this church made this church the First Christian Church of the United States that was designed with modern looks.

Fort Wayne Zoo, Fort Wayne

Located in Fort Wayne is the Zoo for Children that was named after its location.  This Zoo is a must visit for the tourists visiting Indiana with their kids and family members. It has award winning exhibitions of the animals. You will find different types of animals here. You can take rides and have a great time visiting this place. This zoo was renovated in the year 2000, and after that, the fame of this zoo rose to a considerable extent. After renovation, more tourists have started visiting this place.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Speedway

Indianapolis, the capital city of Indiana State, has an Indiana Motor Speedway for the people who love driving. This is a perfect place for tourists who want to enjoy the thrill of driving. You can also join Indy Racing Experience Driving Program. This program will give you some tips and tricks to drive cars from the real IndyCar series. You will be provided training to drive on the actual tracks. When you visit this place, do not forget to pay a visit to the Hall of Fame Museum. You will find an amazing collection of photos of the racers and the cars from the American History.

Indianapolis Zoo, Indianapolis

Although it is named as Indianapolis Zoo, it is far more than a zoo. You will find a variety of animals here. Not only this, you will get a chance to involve yourself in lots of recreational activities. You can go for an Animal Art Adventure. Here activists will create a personalized painting of yours,’ and you can quickly take this art home.  There is an In-water Dolphin Adventure where you will get a chance to see zoo friendly dolphins. You can also visit White River Gardens from here and get information about how to conserve flora and fauna. This education is imparted with the help of Conservatory Shows.

Lanier Mansion, Madison

Lanier Mansion is one of the historical sites that was incorporated by an American Businessman in the year 1800. It has been constructed keeping in view the Revival style used by Greeks of that time. It’s construction completed in the year 1844. Lanier Mansion has been registered on the list of historical sites of the Madison. Francis Costigan, one of the brilliant architects of that time designed this building.  You will also get a chance to see many more creations from this designer when you enter the building. There are various goods and furnishings, 3-storied spiral staircase, and many more things. Gardens display beautiful plants that depict the style used by the people of the 19th century.

RV-MH Hall of Fame, Elkhart

If you are curious to know about the vehicles that the Americans used in the past, then this is a perfect place for you. This RV- MV Hall of Fame is located in Elkhart. It shows different kinds of vehicles and the advancements that occurred in the Amercian technology. You will see how technology has drastically changed from the World War 1 to the present time.  This Museum is spread over a wider area. It has photos and some memories that will take you back to the Amercian history.

Snite Museum of Art at the University of Notre Dame

This Museum was founded by the great family of Fred B. Snite in the loving memory of his son; Frederick Jr. This Museum contains artifacts from ancient and medieval time, arts from American history that existed during the 19th and 20th century, and much more decorative arts. You will find permanent exhibits here. You may get a chance to see temporary exhibitions in case you visit this place during the time of temporary exhibitions.  This Snite Museum of Art is one of the important parts of the Notre Dame University.

WonderLab, Bloomington

This Wonderlab is a Laboratory situated in Bloomington. It is one of the best Museums that must be visited to show how Science and Technology have changed over the past years. Not only this is a historic place, but there is a fun center for kids that mainly focus on imparting quality education on science, and technology.

Above are top 10 places to visit in Indiana. Hopefully, you will find these places attractive and plan to include them in your travel package to Indiana.

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