Top 10 Places to Visit in Virginia

Virginia, an immensely delightful state, is situated on the Atlantic coastline of the United States. It is the biggest ancient land of US and the one from thirteen native colonies of the American Revolution. This state is the section of both Mid-Atlantic and Southern United States. Though, Virginia is recognized as the “Old Dominion,” “Mother of States” and “Mother of Presidents” due to its position as primary colonial custody (possession) accepted the main part of British America and the eight American Presidents were born in the state. The capital of “Old Dominion” is Richmond; the most popular and largest city is Virginia Beach.

The landscape and climate of Virginia are the sculpture by the Chesapeake Bay and the Blue Ridge Mountains, which impart habitation for much of its vegetation and wildlife. Virginia’s evaluated population is around 8.3 million, has the overall area of 42,774.2 square miles (110,784.7-kilometer square), constructing it the 30th biggest state by region.

The Virginia has the most beautiful and natural attractions which include Natural Bridge, National Parks, Assateague, Luray Caverns and the Barrier Islands of Chincoteague. The mountains are the primary station for trekking, long beaches; outdoor games are famous summer stopping places.

An overview of the amazing attractions of Virginia:

Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach, is a peaceful city pinpointed on the Mid-Atlantic area of Virginia, United States. It is the 41 st famous and largest city of the country.

Virginia Beach is known as “The Resort City” or “Neptune City” with a lot of beaches, hundreds of restaurants and hotels across its sea bank. Every single year the Neptune City entertains North American Sand Soccer Championships, East Coast Surfing Championships, and a beach soccer game.

There is a lot of activities to do in Virginia Beach. It has different beaches, and a lot of sandy shores provide every single traveler the beach desertion they aspire, whether it is in a concealed cove or the eye of an action. The Virginia Beach Boardwalk is for walking, skating and cycling with the way there are ancient statues, entertaining feature, restaurants and Seabank stages.

Virginia Beach has many more features to offer; golfing, nightlife, boat tours, amusement rides, sea kayaking and more.

Old Town Alexandria

Old Town Alexandria, an independent city, pinpointed in the Commonwealth of “Old Dominion,” America. Its estimated population is around 155,810. Alexandria’s historic center is named as “Old Town.” A historic place “Alexandria” that Washington DC called residence.

There are many renowned buildings, containing General Robert. Lee’s Boyhood home, art galleries, restaurants and hotels, and antique shops. The focal point of the region is Market Square, the second biggest slave market in the America.

It has many popular attractions to visit, such as Stroll King Street, Tour Market Square, Museums, Shopping Malls, Old Town Farmers Market, Seabank and The Torpedo Factory Art Centre.

Shenandoah National Park

Shenandoah National Park is a beautiful place to visit, which borders the section of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia, United States. The national park is extended and narrow with the wide Shenandoah valley and river in the west area and the spinning elevation of the Virginia Piedmont in the east area. The area of the national park is 197,438 acres. Although the beautiful Skyline Drive is the most notable feature of the national park. It has around 60 summits with heights over 3000 ft. Along with the tallest peak of Hawksbill Mountain (4,051 ft.), three prime bedrock of the park are Basaltic, Granitic and Siliciclastic. The top most wonderful destinations of the national park are in order: Skyline Drive, Hawksbill Mountain, Rose River Falls, Skyland, Old Rag Mountain Hike, Bearfence Mountain, Dark Hollow Falls, Limberlost trail, Doyle’s River Falls, Elkwallow Picnic Area, Dickey Ridge Trail, South River Falls Trail and Appalachian Trail.

Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge

Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge is pinpointed in the end date of Assateague Island, Virginia. It is situated between Ocean City and Virginia Beach. It contains more than 14000 acres of land area which includes (maritime forests, beach, marsh, and dunes). It gives haunt for shorebirds, songbirds, waterfowl and wading birds as well as other breeds of flora and fauna. Chincoteague Island is around seven miles extend and three miles broad; it is mainly located to provide wide formation activities. Assateague Island is residence to Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge.

The Chincoteague Island has various activities to do: Boating- amazing time pass of travellers on Chincoteague, Crabbing- wonderful activity on the island, Clamming- another beautiful activity on the Eastern seashore, Fishing, Hang Gliding, Horse Riding Lessons and Trail Rides, Mini Golf and Amusements, Land Tours, Kayak Tours,Outdoor Parks, Event Venues and Marine and Coastal Family Programs.


Charlottesville, the independent city, situated in Commonwealth of United States. It is the region of Albemarle district, which is near two legal entities and has 18 individual localities. Charlottesville is coolly known C’ville. C’ville is the heart of Charlottesville metropolitan area that includes Greene, Nelson, Albemarle, and Fluvanna counties. Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe called home to Charlottesville.

The amazing attractions of Charlottesville are in sequence: The Fralin Museum of Art- the University of Virginia, Historic Downtown Mall- around 120 shops and 30 restaurants. Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello- residence of the third president of United States, James Monroe’s Highland- home of the 5th president of America, Santa Barbara, Cleveland events and Sanibel Island.


Richmond is the independent city, and the capital of Virginia pinpointed in the Mid- Atlantic area of United States. It is recognized as The River City, Fist City and The Capital of South. On 21 May 1861, it was named as the Confederate capital. Richmond is the fourth most popular city in Virginia, and the estimated population of Richmond is 223,170.

The attractive feature of Richmond are in order: American Civil War Centre- the nation’s first museum, Science Museum of Virginia- showcase interactive exhibits and experiences, James River, Edgar Allan Poe Museum, Maggie L. Walker House, Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond  Church Hill, Richmond Canal Tour, Monument Avenue, Maymont Mansion and Carytown. It also has shopping and dining area such as South Park Mall, Carytown, Petersburg, West end, Capitol Square and more!

Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon, plantation house of the first president (Washington DC) of United States. The mansion is the center part of his estate and situated near Potomac River. It is near Alexandria, Virginia.

Mount Vernon has following features such as: Little Mountain Park, Tulip Garden, Roozengaarde Display Garden, Bay View State Park, Skagit Wildlife Area, Pasek Cellars, Valley Shine Distillery, Tulip Valley Winery,  Red Door Antique Mall, Hedlin Family Farms, Mount Vernon Farmers Market, Kiwanis Park, Bars and Clubs, Riverbelle Dinner Theatre, Horseback Riding tours and many more.


Williamsburg, a special and inspiring historical museum, is situated in Commonwealth of Virginia, United States. It was the original capital of Old Dominion (Virginia). Williamsburg is a very delightful city to visit. It is the combination of a lively college town and living Museum. The Art Museum of Williamsburg where you will find magnificent exhibits and displays, restaurants, shopping facilities and entertainment. There is a plenty of excitement is also perceived in Colonial Williamsburg locality: Busch Gardens, Roller Coasters, fun rides for children

Some areas can redesign a context for the phase of American Revolution as skillfully as Williamsburg. Where the primary buildings of the 18th century are redesigned or recreated skillfully on their foundation.

Some amazing and wonderful places to visit in Williamsburg: Governor’s Palace, Artisans Shops, Busch Gardens, Revolutionary City, Water Country USA, College of William and Mary, Bassett Hall and Great Hopes Plantation.

Busch Gardens

Busch Garden is a theme park pinpointed in Williamsburg, Virginia, US. It is approximately 60.40 miles (97.20 kilometers) northwest of “THE RESORT CITY” (Virginia Beach).

The Garden was introduced as “THE OLD COUNTRY” on 16th May 1975. The owner Busch Gardens is SeaWorld Entertainment. The Busch Garden is themed around several European Countries. The park has total 389 acres of land area, and the operating system starts from March to January. It was initially known as Busch Gardens: The Old Country. It is the European-themed park has 54 rides and many other attractions such as historical parks, amusement parks, fine dining, and shopping.

The Busch Garden has many different rides like Roller Coaster Rides, Swing Rides, Flume Rides, Rapid Rides, Boat Ride, Skyride, Eagle Ride, Train Ride and Flat Ride. Many beautiful restaurants and hotels are also there.

Chesapeake Bay

The Chesapeake Bay is the largest delta which is situated in Maryland and Virginia, United States. The Chesapeake Bay is the largest delta in the Northern part of United States. The southern part the bay is in Virginia as well as the north is in Maryland. The total area of the bay is 64,299 square miles (166,534-kilometre square).

The Chesapeake Bay has many delightful attractions; Fort Mc Henry, Smith Island, Oxford Town, Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, Cambridge, Dock Bars of the Bay, Hoppers Island, Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge and much more.

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