Top 10 Places to Visit in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is one of the best tourist destinations that can be visited during any month of the year. We are here on the list of Top 10 places that you must visit when you plan to travel to Pennsylvania. 

Hershey Park

If you want to give your kids an ultimate surprise in Pennsylvania, then include this Hershey Park in your trip. It is one of the adventurous places that is meant for the fun of kids. This is a kind of amusement park that contains several rides for kids and adults as well.  You can have complete fun with your kids. Start visiting this park with taking roller coaster rides and move to aquatic shows to end up your day with lots of entertainment.  This primary motive of creating this park in the year 1906 was to provide a refreshment zone to the workers of Town, Hershey. Later, the park started expanding its wings, and soon it became one of the major sites of attractions for the tourists visiting Pennsylvania.

This park has much more than your expectations. Excellent dining area that is available throughout the day allows you to satisfy your hunger with delicious foods and drinks. 

Eastern State Penitentiary

This place is one of the topics of talks when it comes to visiting Pennsylvania. Do you know it is a prison? Yes, in fact, one of the expensive prisons of the United States containing bravery stories of many legends. This prison was closed in the year 1971, and since then it is open for the visitors to have a look at the most expensive and high-technology based prison of the United States. Its building was designed in the year 1829. It contains large-size corridors, fabulous interiors, and security systems like features that make it a must to visit the place.

The location is perfect to click stunning pictures. This prison was home to most of the criminals that existed during that time. 


Strasburg is a town that is in the Lancaster County. It is best known for presents the history of the railroad. The best part of visiting this place is to take a ride on Strasburg Rail Road. This is a small train that covers some of the best natural sceneries. The duration of riding on this train is 45-minutes. You can have an exciting time riding on this train.

This railroad train passes through many sites of attractions like Amish country, natural adventure farms, Strasburg Scooters, take buggy rides, and much more. When you visit the town Strasburg, you will get a chance to see theater performance and musical performances focusing on the real stories from Bible. You can visit Amish village while visiting this town. This village will take you closer to the Amish culture. Take hot air balloon rides and experience the real fun like never before.

Independence National Park

This park is best known for liberty bell. Not only the liberty bell but Independence National Park is the home to many other sites of attractions like

  • Liberty Bell. To enter liberty hall, you don’t need to buy any ticket, but you must clear the security clear before going into this historical area.
  • Independence Hall. Visit Independence Hall to see the chairs and tables that were used by the then President George Washington while signing the declaration of independence.
  • Benjamin Franklin Museum. Learn more about the character of Franklin by visiting this museum that contains beautiful animations depicting life story of Franklin.

This park is located in Philadelphia and includes the history of American democratic culture.  You can click amazing pictures of yours by standing in the pose of your favorite character. Several fun activities keep going on the park. You can check the calendar of events and plan your trip accordingly.

Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall and Museum

This museum is located in Pittsburgh. One of the best and the must visit places in Pennsylvania. This museum is best known for containing the inspiring stories of soldiers who fought for the country during the civil war. Also, you will find information about the real veterans of the country that existed after 1920. It is a kind of storage register that has preserved the brave Manship and guts of soldiers, military men, and another serviceman.

You will get a chance to have a glimpse of almost all wars in this museum. The best part of visiting this museum is that is one of the largest buildings in the United States.On visiting this place, you will see a large auditorium, a ballroom for fine dining, and many more things.

Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

This is one of the best sites of attractions in Pennsylvania.  If you are a natural beauty lover, you must include this site in your package. Book tickets for this garden online and save a considerable amount of your hard-earned money. A plethora of flowers, creative artworks, exhibitions, and many more things would drive you to go crazy for this place. Visits Butterfly forest and experience the real beauty of this place surrounded by different varieties of butterflies.

You can opt for self-guided tours where you won’t be asked to pay any surcharge on your tour. Then is the student tour that is organized primarily for the school going students to educate them about the fauna of our country.

Philadelphia Museum of Art

It is one of the history creating buildings that has left visitors captive. Philadelphia Museum of Art is loaded with various artworks that make this place, one of the best and the must-to-visit place. At the entrance of this museum, you will find steps that are seen in some of the favorite movies. Going up the steps, you will be able to see Benjamin Franklin Parkway containing details about the character of Franklin who lived there during that time. You will be surprised to know that this park stands in the third position when it comes to ranking it regarding the largest museums in the country. You can even attend International concerts live on every Friday night. The primary focus of this concert is in Jazz music.

The Cathedral of Learning

While visiting Pittsburgh’s university, you will find the Cathedral of Learning in its central campus area. This place is very well registered under the national registry and is one of the historical places that one must visit while traveling to Pennsylvania. This luxurious building represents the dream of Pittsburgh which he wanted to live in real life. It is more than just a school. It showcases the dream house of Pittsburg. Its building is one of the tallest buildings that was designed for the education sector.

This 42-storied building is as high as 532 ft. It was built in the year 1921, and its base was shaken in the year 1926. Up to 40 floors of this building are used only for the educational purpose of school going children.

Pittsburgh Skyline

This place is best known for serving delicious food. Ample of adventurous sites, rich culture, and historical places to visit won’t let you take your eyes off it. Regarding area, this city stands at the second position when comparing its area with other cities of the Pennsylvania.  This place celebrated its 200th-anniversary last year. This city is amazingly beautiful, contains several architectures of the 19th century. You can visit Bridge of Sighs. This bridge was used to relocate prisoners that existed during that time. Visit Fort Pitt blockhouse when you visit this place.

It is one of the oldest blocks in Pittsburgh. Most of the fabric used in this block is still in its original condition. Visitors love to visit this place and experience the history from the closet.

Valley Forge

This place is one of the historical places that must be visited experience the pain, sacrifice, and victory of the Revolutionary War that American went through. When the war was On, in the winter season of the year 1777-78, soldiers were hurt, had to suffer from diseases, suffer from hunger, and had to go through many unwanted situations. During that time, Brazilian came up with this center to provide optimum supply to the soldiers so that they don’t die of hunger.

When visiting Valley Forge, you must visit Valley Forge historical national park to see how soldiers suffered during that time using exhibitions and films that detail you with the history of winters of 1777-1778.

Above are the top 10 destinations for tourist who plan to travel Pennsylvania with their friends or family members. You must visit this places to make your trip memorable.

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