Top 10 Places to Visit in Idaho

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Love for traveling cannot be expressed in words. It can be mountains or rivers, seas or forests; a traveler always finds solace in a new place. If you are a real wanderer and are in search of a place that will blow your mind with its charm and beauty, Idaho is the exact place you were looking for all this while. Located between Canada and Nevada, Idaho has a lot saved for your entertainment. Small towns and beautiful countryside roads to rapid rivers and hillsides, it is love at first sight. We hereby bring you the top ten places you have to visit when you are in Idaho. Enjoy the ride.

Boise, the Cosmopolitan:

What better than a valley with a river on the foothills of the Rocky Mountains?! Boise is a University town located in the southwestern part of Idaho. It is known for the lovely Boise University along with the downtown which is full of sidewalks and restaurants. As you take a walk across this town, take a look at the Idaho State Capitol, Boise Art Museum, the famous classical Egyptian Theatre and a lot more. For all the footballers out there, you can’t miss the blue field of the BSU stadium which is magnificent in itself.

Idaho Falls:

Witness the breathtaking beauty of the Idaho Falls which stretches under the Grand Teton in the Snake River Plain. This area is mainly known for its art and culture. You can take a look at the nearby art galleries along with a visit to the Willards Art Center and Art Museum of Eastern Idaho. The Actors’ Repertory Theatre has some of the most famous shows throughout the year. You can find a lot of greenery all around you, and the Snake River is perfect for biking and strolling.

Gateway to the Northwest- Pocatello:

It is illegal not to smile here. Well, this is the spirit the residents of Pocatello have been living up to ever since they faced extreme weather conditions. However, it is not that case anymore, and Pocatello has a great cultural and social life. The Palace Playhouse Theatre, the Old Town Actors Theatre has managed to maintain the cultural aspect of the place. Museums and galleries here are famous for portraying different anthropologies and depicting their tribal history as well. You have the Mini Creek Nordic Ski Complex where you have a lot of activities like biking, golf, bird watching and fishing when the ice melts.

Coeur d’ Alene:

The magical area with 55 lakes that emerged out of the melted glacier around 10,000 years ago is a traveler’s dream come true. Lovely boat rides and magnificent views are a must when you visit this place. The Silverwood Theme Park is an appropriate place for your kids. Over 70 rides and slides will definitely bring a smile on your faces. Apart from this, you have different art exhibitions by local artists and events every month. You can enjoy theater shows at fine evenings or visit different art galleries.


Love old towns and quiet roads? Love old art and architecture? Lewiston is the place to be. It is a quaint town that gives you an old west feel and is home to a lot of adventures like canoeing, kayaking, swimming owing to the merger of the Snake River and the Clearwater River. You can also experience the deepest canyon of America, the Hells Canyon here. You find 2500-year-old Native American carvings on the walls of this canyon. This gives you an idea of their cultural and historical past.

Sun Valley:

Sun Valley is a valley located in the central part of Idaho and shares many resources. The city is more of a playground, and you can go for different sports activities. Those with a high adrenaline rush find different sports here like biking, hiking, fishing, riding, skating and many more. However, this area is known for skiing on Bold Mountains and Dollar Mountains. Sun Valley is a pretty happening place and is a favorite destination for a lot of Hollywood celebrities. You have opera and jazz festivals here as well as a winter’s meet for all the writers and readers all around the place.

Yellowstone National Park:

The park with the title of the first national park in the world, Yellowstone National Park is a majestic national park on a volcano hot spot. It has a total area of 3,500 square miles and is shared by Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. You find beautiful rivers with alpine trees, geysers and hot water springs, canyons and a lot of vegetation around you.

Animal lovers, stay alert as you will find your dream animals over here. From wolves to bison, bears to elk and a lot of other animals will make your jaws drop. You can just go hiking or boating and skiing. However, this depends on the season you visit.

Shoshone Falls:

Also known as Niagara of the West, this fall is actually higher than the Niagara Falls. It is based on the Snake River and has a majestic view. The Falls move from Snake River across the Basalt Canyon to the Columbia River. It is great for sightseeing, picnics, and tours. You have playgrounds, boating and swimming areas as well. The time to visit this falls, which is known as the best,  is April to July when the water rush is great.

Ketchum, the Mining City:

Ketchum is one of the richest areas as far as mining in the southwest is concerned. It has become an important tourist attraction nowadays who love to fish, hike, roam around and visit different art galleries in this area. The Ore Wagon Museum has a collection of the original 1880’s ore wagons which were used in the Wood River Valley. You can also visit the Sawtooth National Forest here. The place is known for its beautiful scenery both in summers and winters.

Bruneau Dunes State Park:

Do you like to stay away from the city and its commercial life? Well, this might be the appropriate place for you. Bruneau Dune State Park is away from the hustle-bustle of the city. You can spend beautiful weekends with your family and friends by indulging yourself into bird watching, fishing, hiking and simple walks in the dunes under the starlit clear skies and breezy evenings. The Park actually has an area where you can go star gazing, using the powerful telescopes they provide. Winters are pleasant too, and you can ski down the dunes and go for sledding as well.

Apart from these ten places, you have a lot of other small towns and falls, parks and recreational areas. Hells Canyon and Sawtooth National Park recreational areas are some of the other interesting places. You can take a walk in the Ponderosa State Park or visit the Mesa Falls. The Rocks National Reserve where you can go for a drive and take a look at the cliff faces and rocky spires. Rock climbing and camping are very common here.

If you take an overall look, this place is not going to disappoint you. The varied scenery and destinations make Idaho a must visit for all adventure and art lovers out there. Happy traveling.

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