Top 10 Places to Visit in Gujarat

Gujarat is one of those tourist attractions in India that you can keep traversing for long. Popular for its grand palaces, modern attractions and shrines Gujarat has all that a wanderer seeks in a perfect holiday destination. If you are trying to figure out your choices of what to do here, then below is the list of must-see places in Gujarat.


A visit to Dholavira gives you a chance to get back in the Harappan Civilization. It is an ideal gateway for travelers looking for peace and excitement simultaneously. You can’t help, but you get awestruck by the incredible artistry. Walk through the paths and explore the water conservation systems and large stadium with systematic seating arrangements. The place is a treat to the eye and is worth watching. The design of the Dholavira is identified by seven major cultural stages that are indexed from Stage I to Stage VI. Dholavira has undoubtedly added a new measure to the Indus Civilization and enfolds a promise of offering a more exposure to the area in the future.

Rann of Kutch

The famous saying in Gujarat ‘You haven’t seen anything if you haven’t seen Kutch,’ is apt for the place. Rann of Kutch is an excellent blend of sand and salt. This wonderful white symphony reaches its peak on a full moon night. As now you have stepped at Rann of Kutch a moonlight camel safari is surely one of the must do things. The site is also a home to ecologically rich wildlife that can be noticed around the desert most often. Kutch is better known for its particular variety of organ-art, metal crafts, wood carving and pottery.  The landscape of the Kutch is so white that even a drop of a random color adds an attracting element in the ordinary life of Rann of Kutch. If you are a folk music lover, enjoy the live performances by some brilliant local artisans of the state.

Rani ki Vav, Patan

Rani ki Vav is one of the rare monuments in Gujarat that is structured by a queen for her king. 110kms from Gandhinagar, the town Patan is a famous historical town which holds spectacular views of the Talavs, Vavs, and temples. The sculpture of the apsaras adorning themselves symbolizes the solah shringar to look more beautiful. A stepped corridor at intervals pillared many stories pavilions is a highlight. It is also believed that the step-well at the site once contained medical plants that were used to treat fever and other diseases. It is a human-made marvel fascinating the visitors across the globe. Overall, the interior of the walls and the architectural magnificence of Rani ki Vav is a visual delight to the visitors.

Taranga Hills

Tarana Hills is one the exotic places to visit in Gujarat. Located in the Aravali mountain range the site is known to have deep connections with Buddhism and Jainism. As you step upward towards the Derasar, the hills imbued with cool and fresh air welcomes you to the temple. You can catch the breathtaking view of the beautiful cascading rivers Rupen and Sabarmati. Taranga Hills is a wonderful place to spend your weekend on; as it allows you to watch the majestic structures and also offers some lovely time and eye-catching views from the top of the hill. With so many highlights in one, the temple remains mysteriously in the heart of the visitors.

Gir National Park

Gir National Park is a perfect weekend date for wildlife lovers. The place is marked as one of the largest zones to the Asiatic lions; the site is secured due to the vegetation and other species living in the sanctuary. Gir National Park is the only place where you can spot lion prowling in the open area. The site covers nearly 1412square km of land, and interestingly it is the park that has a community who lives in a complete harmony with each other.

That queer sentiment you get while traveling in the open jeeps, watching the lions are speechless but stuff you can’t afford to miss.

Sabarmati Ashram

Sabarmati Ashram is one of the frequently visited attractions in Gujarat. Lies on the banks of Sabarmati River, Sabarmati Ashram, played a major role in Indian Independence. It was the official residence of Mahatma Gandhi, from where some followers joined him. Set up in 1915 the Ashram still holds a large number of original scripts of Mahatma Gandhiji’s letters. What makes this place more interesting are the films and photographs on the achievements of Mahatma Gandhi. The ashram has a museum also, which was relocated to well-planned museum building and was unveiled by Prime Minister of India (Jawahar Lal Nehru) on 10th May 1963.

Champaner- Pavagarh Archaeological Park

Explore the incredible architecture and praise the quality of the most visited place in Gujarat. Champaner- Pavargh is all dotted with step-walls, military precincts, natural heritage, architectural buildings and mosques that lie between Champaner city and Pavagadh Hill so one couldn’t skip incredible sightseeing opportunity. The site was inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2004. The Masjid erected here is a perfect epitome of the Indo-Islamic fusion architecture that later served as a dummy to build other mosques.

Hajira Beach

Located nearly 28kms of Surat, Hajira Beach is a beautiful tourists destination that remains busy round the years with visitors from every corner. The beach is bestowed with golden sand, verdant green palms, and cool blue water. The beach has its class and offers peace and serenity to the travelers. Hajira Beach is one of the ideal vacation spots in Gujarat which guarantees the visitors to entertain with its super-cool environment. This is the place in Gujarat where people would want to rejuvenate themselves from the daily stress and the mundane lifestyle.

Laxmi Vilas Palace

Built by Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad II, Laxmi Vilas Palace was the largest abode unit in the world. Can you just guess its size? The site covers more than 700acres and holds other buildings such as Moti Baug Palace and a Museum. What you can watch here is the incredible collection of beautiful sculptures and bronze and terracotta that are spread all over the palace. It is one of the greatest examples of India’s lavish lifestyle and royal residences. On your visit to Gujarat, don’t miss the opportunity to explore this luxurious villa.

Watson Museum

One of the major attractions in Gujarat is the Watson Museum that holds the precious objects of the colonial period and history of Rajkot including archaeological items and coins, inscriptions, handicraft, sculptures, rocks, and minerals. The museum also has several copies of the carvings from the 13th century, costumes, and designs of the local tribes. Watson Museum is considered one of the seven museums of the Saurashtra region. Although, the museum is not famous it’s certainly a visit for travelers who have time to explore more.

Even after exploring Gujarat for 20 days, it still feels like you have missed visiting something. Gujarat is indeed a place that holds some attractive places to exhilarate, all you have to do is to step out of your home.

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