Top 10 Places to Visit in Connecticut

One of the beautiful states of the United States. Yes, you guessed it right! Connecticut is one of the captivating states of the United States that is best known for some of the attractive sites that would drive you to go crazy for the state. We are here with the ten best places that you must visit in Connecticut.

Roseland Cottage

You might have heard about the cottage earlier also. It is one of the best cottages that is also called as The Pink House. It is situated in Woodstock. The entire architecture of this cottage has been designed keeping Gothic Revival style of 1846 in view. It is one of the historical landmarks of the United States.  The interiors of this cottage still resemble the 19th century. During that time, this cottage was specifically used to entertain the guests. Even the US president of that time visited this cottage in the 19th century. You can find gardens, icehouse, and many other places for recreational activities as well.

Mystic Aquarium & Institution For Exploration

Mystic Aquarium & Institution gives you a chance to explore the aquatic life from the closet. Watch different species of birds, touch their nose, feathers, and feel the touch of natural creatures. Go as much closer as you can to the beluga whale. Not only this, you will find other animals like Steller sea lions, blue tongued skinks, and African penguins. There are many the other main sites of attractions at this place like XD Motion Theater 3D, etc. If you are looking for a perfect family vacation destination, then this is a place meant for you.

Mystic Seaport

One of the best sites of attractions to be visited in Connecticut. This place has been renovated for the tourists. Earlier there was a historical seaport village on this port. Soon it was restored for the visitors to make it one of the best sites of attractions of Connecticut. You will also find a museum giving information about the history of this beautiful place. You will find displays of antique ships featuring historical figures. This place is a home to sailmakers who built ships and remodeled old ships as well. You can learn about stories of different models of ships there.

Peabody Museum of Natural History at Yale University

It is one of the oldest and the historical museums across the world. This museum is centrally located in the Yale University. Most of the visitors who visit Yale University prefer to visit this spot due to this museum. This place is loaded with historical artifacts.  Visit this and get information about the dinosaurs, Egyptians, mummies, and much more that lived during that time. If you love dinosaurs, you will love this place. You can touch different fossils that you have just read in your school books or magazines. There are no parking fees levied outside the museum so you can hassle-free visit this museum.

Mashantucket Pequot Museum & Research Center

Tribal people own this Mashantucket Pequot Museum & Research Center. This research center represents the natural beauty of the Sothern section of the New England. On entering the Museum and research center, you will find dioramas, latest computer programs, text panels, and collection of interactive films based on how Mashantucket Pequot evolved over a period. If you are visiting this place, you will get a chance to see the Pequot village that existed in the 16th century. Not only this, but you can also see a glacial crevasse that is over 18,000 years old.


Greenwich is the largest town located on the gold coast of the beautiful state, Connecticut. The best thing that everyone must know is that the place has been named after a borough based in London. It was once called one of the best places to stay and live your family, especially in the United States. This place also organizes International Film Festival called Greenwich International Film Festival. This festival is held on an annual basis. You must not forget to visit the Bruce Museum and the stunning Audubon Center.  If you love to shop for new things, you must visit Greenwich Avenue as well.

Silver Sands State Park

If you want to experience the real beauty of the US state, Connecticut then does not forget to visit this Silver Sands, State Park. This is a must-to-visit park if you are seriously visiting this place for complete fun and entertainment for your kids and other family members. You will find this place loaded with tons of activities like swimming, bird watching, and much more.  This park is very close to the Walnut Beach. You can easily visit this almost similar kind of beach to have fun. You may visit Charles Island to get Heron and egret rookeries. Make sure you reach this island when the water tides are low. Do not hire any vehicle. It is better to go by foot to Charles Island. You can watch snowy owl and many other birds like a rough-legged hawk in the bird sanctuary.

West River

When you start your vacations to Connecticut, this is the first and the most beautiful place that you must visit at the start. Get fantastic views of this famous river from Edgewood Park and the Memorial Park of the West River. Yale University is very near to this river, and this is the main reason to why the students of this university use this river for learning to row. The growing team of Yale University comes to this point to get specialized training on rowing. Not only is the Yale University the only reasons but there are many other reasons to why tourists like this place.

Wadsworth Falls State Park

Also called Wadsworth Falls for the beauty and serene environment this place gives to the guests. You will be surprised to see the 1.25 mile fall from the entrance of the park.  You can go for trekking. If you are just a beginner and are a bit worried about trekking, then don’t worry the trek part is easy.  You can easily watch the Wadsworth fall of 30-foot without any hassle. There are many other activities like swimming, picnicking that would keep you busy throughout the day.

North Meadows

North Meadows is more of a commercialized area located near to the Hartford city.  Most of the people who visit Riverside Park prefer visiting this place as well. If you are visiting this place, do not forget to take a high ropes challenge. This is one of the best things that every tourist must take up to enjoy this challenging task. There are rowing docks and many riverside trails for full-time fun and entertainment. You can also get a chance to see bald eagle during your visit to this place. If you are fortunate, you will get an opportunity to see one.

If you haven’t decided on your nest trip yet, you must plan to visit Connecticut State of the United States. It is one of the best states that would change your view of visiting any US states. Do not forget to include these places when planning your trip to Connecticut.

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