Top 10 Places to Visit in Arkansas

Arkansas is one of the best states out of total 50 states of the United States. It is the 29th largest state when it comes to checking its ranking regarding the area covered by it. If you haven’t visited this place and want to spend your vacations at an outstanding place, then Arkansas is a must to visit the state for you.

Let us have a look at the ten best places that you must visit in Arkansas:

Air Museum

This site is located in Fayetteville. On visiting here, you will find racing planes from the year 1920 and 1930. You can also find the great history of American flying culture in those years. You will be surprised to know that the building of this Air Museum is quite old. It was used as an aircraft hangar in the year 1940s.  Most of the aircraft that are on display in this museum is running quite well and have the ability to fly as well.

Buffalo National Park

Buffalo national park is full of entertaining activities. You can float on water by canoeing. There are many other things like hiking, bird-watching, fishing, camping, etc. that would let you get bored once you reach here. You can go for hunting with your friends. When you are floating on the river, you can explore the beauty of surrounding areas of the park. Buffalo National River is clean and safe from any harmful pollutants. It is a free-flowing river where you can enjoy riding on the back of the horse. You can easily find some wildlife animals like deer, bobcat, and much more. This park is a home to these wildlife animals, and they feel like home here.

Crater of Diamonds State Park

Crater of Diamonds State Park is an extraordinary place best known for the presence of natural diamonds. The best part of visiting this place is that it contains natural diamonds and is open to the public as well. It is the only place in the states of the Unites States that includes Diamonds and has availability for the public viewing as well. One of the most precious jewels called Wagner Diamond was discovered here. More than 7000 natural diamonds have been discovered at this place so far. It was in the year 1972 the park was listed under the state parks of Arkansas. You will also get a chance to visit a museum and a water playground when you visit this place with your friends or family members.

Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site

Little Rock Central High School is located in little rock. This public school is best known for the desegregation. It was in the year 1954 when the Supreme Court released a rule that segregation of Public school in the US states was highly constitutional. This school enrolled only white students. In 1957, Nine black students were refused to take admission to this school. This reluctant of the school to give admission to the black students create riots.  This event was one of the most talked about incidents in the history of Civil rights Movements. You can visit a visitor a visitor center that was opened in the year 2006. This center displays the history of the incidents that took place in the Little Rock Central High school.

Mammoth Spring State Park

If you love to watch spring from the closet, then this a park meant for you. You must visit this park to watch the longest spring of the United States. Water flows at the rate of 9million gallons/hour. You can visit the visitor center to get a glimpse of the rich history of this area. At just a few distances away, you will find a train depot that connected this park to the Frisco railway stations some years back.

Hot Springs National Park

The Hot springs national park is famous for its healing properties. Most of the visitors have been exploring this place before the park was officially constructed. This park was created in the year 1921 and tourists have been enjoying the natural beauty of this park since many years before the park was established. On visiting here, you will find a variety of bathhouses that have healing properties. There are many other sites of attractions like observation tower that would drive you to go crazy for this park. On the main streets of this park, the Central Avenue, there are different rows of bathhouses. Some heights above the Central Avenue is the mountain from where hot water flows. This park is considered as a one-stop junction of the people who want to relax and take spa. One of the best destinations we must say in Arkansas.

Mount Magazine State Park

This place is full of entertainment. You can go for camping, hiking, picnicking, visiting galleries, and much more. This place is definitely for you to experience the natural beauty of Arkansas. There are gift galleries to buy unique gifts for your loved ones. Lots of interactive programs are organized to keep the tourists busy and entertained all the time. This park is best suited for romantic couples who want to spend some quality time alone. The couple can also go for rock climbing, horseback riding, and many more adventurous things that would make their trip memorable.

Thorncrown Chapel

This is a unique place located in Eureka Springs. Some of the talented architects have designed the exemplary building of this place using glass and wood. Natural woodland architecture would look appealing to you. Glass walls make this place heavenly. High glass walls make you feel as if you are surrounded by wooden architects. This Thorncrown Chapel is 48ft tall and has over 6K sq.ft glass walls.

William J Clinton Presidential Library and Museum

William J Clinton Presidential Library and Museum or Clinton Presidential Center stands on the edge of a river located in Little Rock. This center displays the bridge between the past and the future experiences. The idea behind this bridge came from the already existing bridges that enhanced the beauty of this place. Many local events are organized at this place occasionally. This place is lovely, and you won’t be able to take your eyes off its art collections. You can visit this place if you want to explore the natural beauty and cultural diversity at this place.

Whitaker Point

This is one of the best and the must-to-visit places in Arkansas. You might have seen the Whitaker Point in many of the Disney movies. The most talked out destination for romantic couples who want to experience an outstanding kissing shot. This place in Arkansas is ancient and has created many loving stories. Its view will leave you wordless. You won’t find words to describe the beauty and the uniqueness of this place.  This point has a dangerous narrow rock with stepper edge.

Above are the top 10 and the best places to visit in Arkansas.  You must visit this beautiful state of the United States and explore its natural beauty by visiting places mentioned above.


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