Top 10 Delightful Destinations to Visit in California

California, an immensely beautiful state, is pinpointed on the western coastline of United States. It is stretched from the Mexican border throughout the Pacific Ocean, nearby 900 miles. The Grizzly Bear State earlier knew California. As it exploded – the bear citizens have sponged out then it became “THE GOLDEN STATE.” This state has larger economy among all United States. Los Angeles is the most amazing largest metro city in California.

California is the substantial state of United States by population and is the third sizeable state by domain (after Texas and Alaska) that boasts the vast number of outstanding natural inducements, aesthetic beaches, unflappable deserts and magnificent mountains. It is the home to leading institutions(places) and national parks.

An overview of attractive destinations to visit in California:

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park is the most attractive and prominent national park, is discovered in Northern California. The Yosemite is popularly known for its enormous waterfalls, rivers, valleys, mountains, granite cliffs, lakes, glaciers and the Yosemite reinforces dissimilarities of plants and animals.

It has many fantastic attractions that uncover the finest outlooks, Rock climbing mountains, trees (more than three thousand years old), highest waterfalls: Yosemite Falls are the 6th largest falls in all over the world; which falls at 2424 ft. The waterfall is the huge attraction of the Yosemite national park which is located near Sierra Nevada mountain area in California. The finest vision of Waterfall is viewed in the spring season when the snow melts strenuously. The granite dome is the very popular origination of Yosemite National Park; granite rises from 4737 ft. to the valley floor, hikers can climb with the use of wires(cords). The glacial valley which is known as the Yosemite Valley of the park is about 8 miles extensive and is located alongside the park exist. Glaciers point is one of the best viewpoints of Yosemite park, which rises to an elevation of 7,214 ft. Cathedral Peak is also the beautiful attraction of Yosemite park.


Disneyland is the most amazing adventurous park to visit that is in Anaheim, California. It is the first original theme land, which started on July 17, 1955, and the second amazing sisters Disney park, which began in 2001, pinpointed over the entry plaza of Disneyland parking lot. This wonderful, playful park propounds interactions at each turn. The place where kids and adults enjoy the attractions of the park and are outlined into two theme parks, three hotels, a shopping mall and a refreshment area. It is a residence to all sorts of cartoon gags, gadgets, rides, shows, athletic events (games) and refreshments. This land is famous in all over the world

It is Mickey’s toon town outlined to be hustled, wrenched and explored. Disneyland has entertained millions of visitors. Disneyland covers almost 160 acres of area, but 85 acres of area is open for visitors. Sleeping Beauty Castle is the unique centerpiece of the park; it is 77 feet above. The monorail, beautiful attraction takes 9 minutes to assemble a round trip. The park is highly crowded during vacations and weekends and less crowded in the month of January and early mid of May.

San Francisco

San Francisco, a very pleasant destination to visit in California. It is the second largest city in California, covers 47.9 square miles (124 km Sq.) in the area, located near the northern end of San Francisco Peninsula, moulding it the smallest territory- inside the shape of California. After New York, San Francisco is the second highly populated city in the United States- with an evaluated census of 8.7 million. The town and its surrounding regions are known as San Francisco Bay Area.

San Francisco is a famous tourist location for its fog, golden gate bridge, cool summers, landmarks, steep rolling hills, penitentiary, fisherman’s wharf and Chinatown locale. The modern golden gate bridge has impressed a million travelers with its remarkable 1.7-mile span, each day approximately more than 12000 automobiles drive over it. Cable cars that run on the routes and move by an underground cable on three tracks. Union squares, a shopping place or area for shopping lovers and the visit to Chinatown at Bush Street and Grant Avenue is called the “Dragon’s Gate.” San Francisco Nightlife is the beautiful place to visit; it is constantly a different location.

Los Angeles (L.A)

Los Angeles is a metropolitan city located in southern California. The city of Los Angeles is frequently known by its acronyms L.A. Los Angeles is the second crowded town in the United States and the most popular city in California with an estimated population of 4,04,2000. It covers 469 square miles (1210 km Sq.) of the area. It is famous for its ethnic diversity, Mediterranean climate, and sprawling metropolis. L.A. has the largest economic engines in the country and is also famous as the residence of Hollywood. Los Angeles has 6th ranked in global cities. It is often identified by low-rise buildings. The city is divided in following centers; Downtown, Warner Center, Koreatown, Century City, Miracle Mile, Hollywood, and Westwood.

Plan for such wonderful things in L.A.: Venice Beach is the area which encourages its unconventional spirit, and is known as the kooky epicenter of California. Hollywood is the place to grab a glance of stardust. Rodeo Drive, shopping mall, where fashion dreams can be fulfilled, as Los Angeles is the best shopping destination in the world. L.A offers free and least cost activities that include museum exhibits, free tours, downtown L.A. and much more!

Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is a beautiful county, located near the southern coastline of the state of California, US. The city stretches in the middle of steeply rising Santa Ynez Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Santa Barbara’s atmosphere is frequently chronicled as Mediterranean, and it has been nurtured as the “American Riviera” and has an evaluated population 91,196, and molding it the second famous city after Santa Maria. Santa Barbara is the charter city of California; its economy includes an important service sector, education, technology, agriculture, finance, local government, and manufacturing.

Santa Barbara is the loveliest town near Los Angeles in California with beautiful Spanish style architecture, mountain backdrop, and an attractive waterfront. The city has an inordinate primacy of having many places of interest surrounded by the close presence of each other, constructing it a simple city to travel.

Major beautiful attractions of Santa Barbara: 18th century Mission Santa Barbara, Museum of Art, County Courthouse, Ty Warner Sea Centre, Botanic Garden and much more!


Sacramento is the capital and charter city of California state, US. The estimated population of the city is 4,93,025, and the convergence of Sacramento River and American River is situated in the northern part of California’s rolling central valley, is familiar as Sacramento river. Sacramento is the rapid expanding and sixth biggest city in the state (California). Maybe it is the strange tourist place, but it has amazing destinations to visit, Capitol Park, Crocker Art Museum, Old Sacramento, Fairytale Town, Sacramento Zoo, Midtown, Railroad Museum and Sutter’s Fort. Young families must visit beautiful destinations of Sacramento.

San Diego

San Diego is the lovely city, popular for its beaches, situated on the Pacific coastline of California, United States. It comes under second big cities of California and 8th largest city of United States, with the highest elevation of 1591 ft. and the estimated population of the city is 1,394,928.

San Diego is the matured city of California. It has charismatic natural beauty, pleasant climate, mild temperatures and adequate sunshine. It has more than 68 miles of beaches. Some amazing places of San Diego to visit; Balboa Park, The World Famous San Diego Zoo, Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum, Sea World, Gaslamp Quarter, Seaport Village, Point Loma and Cabrillo National Monument and more.

San Jose

San Jose is a big city located in a Northern portion of California, United State, with an estimated population of 1,026,908. It is the third famous city in California and the tenth popular city in the United States.

San Jose, a dynamic city in Silicon Valley where you find unique museums, dynamic neighborhoods, amazing parks and great restaurants.

Many beautiful attractions of the city San Jose; walk a mile in romantic Municipal Rose Garden, stunning San Jose Museum of Art, San Pedro Square Market, Willow Glen, Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum and Happy Hollow Park and Zoo.


Most enjoyable and fifth most popular city located in California, US. It covers almost about 112 square miles, with the estimated population of 520,000.

Fresno is having stunning and beautiful places to visit: Fresno Chaffee Zoo, Forestiere Underground Gardens, beautiful Woodward Regional Park, Fresno Art Museum, Island Waterperry and lovely Shinzen Japanese Garden.

Long Beach

Most popular and largest city long beach is situated in a southern portion of California and pinpointed on the Pacific coastal region of the United States. Long Beach is the coastal and charter city, with an evaluated population 462,254. It is the 7th largest and famous in California and 36th

The biggest city in the United States. It lies between southeast corner of the Los Angeles city. It is commonly known for its largest shipping ports. Following are the major attractions of long beach city: Queen Mary the beautiful historic Ocean, The Pacific Aquarium, American Art Museum, Belmont Shore, EI Dorado Nature Centre and Long Beach Museum Of Art.

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