Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Alabama

Surprisingly, Alabama is one of the best, but least tourist’s visiting places of the United States. It is not because the visitors don’t find this place captivating but they have the least idea about the things and the places that you should visit while traveling to Alabama. We are here on the list of Top 10 visiting places in Alabama that would change the point of view of people who were earlier neglecting this place for traveling.

Here we go… 

Ave Maria Grotto

It is one of the most visited places in Alabama. Most of the tourist who visits Alabama makes sure that they visit this beautiful place at any cost. Once you see this place, we believe you will feel as if you have never seen something like this before. Brother Joseph Zoettl started creating this site as fun, and he ended up creating this place as a Masterpiece of his art. It is one of the biggest achievements of his life.

Birmingham Zoo

This is a fantastic zoo. You can see over 800 different varieties of animals here. In this zoo, you will find an exhibition that is open for the visitors. You can see these exhibitions during any months of the year. This Birmingham Zoo is not only a zoo, but it is also an educational center for school going students, teachers, and much more. Specialized training is given to the kids and educators to click stunning pictures of the bird. You can also join summer camps. The tickets for summer camps are booked online so if you are interested in visiting this zoo, book your ticket today.

Bellingrath Gardens & Home

This garden shares a rich history. Walter and Bessie Bellingrath lived here, and it was their home to them. Now you must be thinking who is Walter and Bessie Bellingrath. Walter Bellingrath was the first person who invented Coco-coca bottles. He used his wealth to create such a kind of gardens. They created this garden and the home to Walter and Bessie Bellingrath in the year 1932. Then its beauty and calmness converted the garden into a museum in the year 1956. The preservers if this garden and Home feel honored to safeguard the natural beauty for the tourists.

Cheaha State Park

This park is one of the must-to-visiting places for the travelers who love to watch the natural beauty from the close. If you like the nature, you will fall in love with this place. It is one of the best and the traditional parks that contain natural sceneries, and many other sportive events like you can go on hiking, restaurants to have your favorite food, and avail lodges facility to stay nearby this park. This park also gives you accommodation to stay for a night and have a lovely time.

Point Mallard Park

If you are on vacation with your family, then this is a must-to-visit place for you. This is a beautiful park that is loaded with multiple recreational activities like swimming pools, water slides, duck pond and much more. Well, this was about the water activities, this park contains a golf course as well. This golf course is spread in the area of 200-acres of land. You get facilities like clubhouse, shower facility, restroom facility, and many other basic to luxurious facilities.

You can be a part of the Ice Complex or enjoy with your family in Soccer Park. Visit Almond Recreation Center, one of the best places to visit while visiting Point Mallard Park.

Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail

Are you a golf lover? If not, you might not have heard about this place. This place is one of the popular places amongst the golf lovers. You get a chance to play the golf at different levels of courses that are widely spread across the city. The entire train contains over 468 holes at 11 different sites. So, if you are a golf lover, don’t miss the chance to visit this place.

US Space & Rocket Center

This center is best known as the birthplace of space programs that Americans used to perform to carry out different projects. This US Space and Rocket Center is based in Huntsville. Dr. Wernher von Braun picked up this beautiful city to develop a rocket called Apollo. This place is one of the major sites of attractions for tourist who plans to travel to Alabama. If you are not known to this place, you must visit and explore the real world of scientists. Various types of camps are organized at this center every year.

Russell Cave National Monument

It is a National Monument in Alabama that was established in the year 1961. Pre-historic Indians occupied Russell Cave for over 8000 years. It’s some part of the land was officially denoted to the Americans. Now the park comes under the management of National Park service of the United States. On visiting this place, you will find yourself closer to the cultural history of the people who lived during that period. Over thousands of tourists visit this plan when visiting Alabama.

McWane Science Center

If you are going to Visit Alabama with your friends or family members, you must visit this place. This is an educational science center that contains different species of fishes. This place is one of the best places to showcase fishes and many other exhibition sites to your kids.  It is widely spread in the area of over 9000 sq.ft and is divided into four floors. The area is huge enough to entertain millions’ of visitors at the same time. This museum was opened in the year 1998.

  1. First White House of the Confederacy 

This place was the residence of the then-president Jefferson Davis. He lived here with his family. It is well-maintained. This Fully-furnished white house that is kept in its original state since the year of the 1850s to 60s. In the year 1835, this First White House of the Confederacy was made open for the visitors. It is even a registered place in the national register maintained by the Americans.

Above are the Top 10 must visit places in Alabama. If you are traveling or have not yet planned to visit this place, then plan it today and include this places to make your vacations the most beautiful one.

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