Top 10 Best Places in South Carolina

Create Memories of your best vacations by visiting these top 10 places in South Carolina:

Caesars Head State Park

If you are a selfies-posing person and want to capture your memories in your camera, then this place will give you a plethora of opportunities to collect as many photos and memories as you can. Hold your breath and visit Table Rock, the breathtaking place for many tourists who find it awesome. If you like to play treasure hunting, then there are many hidden geocaches. You can find them and win the treasure hunting in your favor. But before you start playing this game, you must have a high-quality GPS system to track geocaches.


It is one of the oldest cities in the United States. You will find most of the historical buildings when you visit this place. If you are a history lover person, you can pay a visit to the historic buildings, gardens, and other sites that would take you closer to the days of the year 1672. There are many more places like Charleston Musical Hall for the Music lovers, cruises, shopping sites, and much more. If you are planning to stay in this city for some days, do visit South Carolina Aquarium to show your kids, the beauty of marine life.

Cypress Garden

Cypress Garden is widely spread in the area of over 170-acres of land. The main highlight of this garden is the 80-acre is a Blackwater swamp that is surrounded by the boats and the trails from all sides. Most of the Tourists who come to Cypress Garden come to visit this 80-acre Blackwater Swamp only. There are easy to move footpaths throughout the garden, so you won’t feel any difficulty while crossing the garden. While visiting this garden, you may visit Butterfly House as well. There are various Movies like “The Notebook,” “The Patriot” etc. that were hosted by this Garden.

Hilton Head Island

When the name “Island” strikes our mind, we start thinking of summer vacations. Hilton Head Island has much more things to unfold for you.  Although this Island is not so popular, you can consider it’s less famous as its strength when you look for some relaxing place for yourself. This place is less crowdy and is less known to the new visitors so you can check this Island to spend some lonely time with yourself or your loving family members. Outdoor activities like biking, hiking, shopping, etc. are available in abundance here. Plan your trip to this Island today.

Huntington Beach State Park

If you are looking for hiking, fishing, shopping, camping, bird-watching, etc. like sites, then Huntington Beach State Park has everything for you. It is one of the complete destinations for people who want to enjoy outdoor sports to the fullest. You can pack your bags and carry tents to stay some nights at this beautiful place. There are over 300 different species of birds that would drive you to fall in love with this place. There is a freshwater Lake in this State Park where you may find alligators as well.

Lee Falls Waterfall

One of the demanding waterfall spots that are asked by most of the tourists who visit South Carolina. This Lee Falls Waterfall stands as high as 75-ft high. Although not an official waterfall but this place has its natural beauty that you should not skip at any cost. Initially, you may find it difficult to spot this waterfall, but with proper navigation down a nature trail and a careful walk of over 2-3 hours, you would be able to find this mesmerizing Lee falls along your way. The best time to start trekking on Lee Falls is March and October.

Morris Island

Morris Island is one of the peaceful Islands that would keep you calm and give you freshness. This is one of the historic gardens that have attracted a major portion of the tourist’s base traveling to South Carolina. When you visit this Island, make sure you visit Morris Island Lighthouse as well. Although the size of this Island has reduced to a considerable extent due to the damage caused by land erosions, it has still managed to retain its beauty despite all obstacles.

Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is a full-filled beach that is serene and will give you complete refreshment. This is one of the most visited destinations of the localities and the tourists who visit South Carolina. When you visit this beach, do not forget to see the sun set. You can go for canoeing, bathing, kayaking, and many other entertaining activities from here. Try your hands on nearby restaurants that will give you ample of opportunities to eat food and take drinks of your choice.

Riverbanks Zoo & Garden

If you are planning to take your kids along with your trip to South Carolina, do not forget to take them to Riverbanks Zoo & Garden.  This Zoo is a home to more than 2000 animals belonging to 350 different species. From Kangaroos, Koala, Giraffes, Lions, bears, Zebra to tigers, you will find almost every animal that you can think of. Then is the Botanical Garden that showcases the life of flora and fauna of the state. This place is more of an educational site that gives information about the conservation of plants and animals.

The South Carolina State Museum

This Museum of art is well-built on four floors where you can see temporary to permanent exhibits on a seasonal basis. There are digital planetarium, 4D theaters and Observatory Towers that would never let you forget the memories of this state. This museum was incorporated in the year 1988 and houses some of the best pieces of an artifact to attract a huge base of tourists every year. It is the largest Museum of South Carolina that displays historical, cultural, mythological, and technological works of the state. It is best suited for people of all ages.

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