Top 10 Attractive Places to Visit in Hawaii

Hawaii is the 50th most wonderful and beautiful state, have recently connected with the United States of America. It has secured the statehood on 21 August 1959. Hawaii, the only state of United States is situated in Oceania. This is the northern island set in Polynesia, occupying an extensive group of islands in the central Pacific Ocean. It is the only United State not situated in Americas and the state with an Asian plurality.

The Hawaii state skirts nearly the whole volcanic Hawaiian Island which consist hundreds of archipelago stretches over 1500 miles (2400 kilometers). Hawaii is the 11th less popular and the 13th densely populated 50th state of United States. Hawaii is the fourth longest coastline which is around 1210-kilometer-long, after the coastlines of Florida, Alaska, and California.

Hawaii’s warm tropical weather, various natural scenes, dynamic volcanoes, public beaches, and oceanic surroundings make it a famous place for visitors.

The ten major islands of Hawaii are in sequence: Waikiki, Oahu, Lāna’i, Niihau, Maui, Kaua’i, Moloka’i, Kaho’olawe, Lahaina and the Island of Hawaii. The last one is the biggest island in the set of islands; it is frequently known as the “Hawaii Island” or the “Big Island.”

The Hawaiian Island

Hawaiian Island is the biggest island of the Hawaii state. It is known as the “Big Island” or “Hawaiian Island,” containing 62% land area of the Hawaii state, it skirted 4038 square miles and examined as the most ecologically different island of all the Hawaii island, as it has a very different field of natural environments. Visitors who like outdoor attractions or movements will never be bored on Hawaiian Island. This island permit you swim in the ocean and walk in the snow on the same day.

The Hawaiian Islands have many attractions in order: the five volcanoes- Mauna Loa, Visit Kohala, Hualalai, Mauna Kea, and Kilauea. Beaches- Green Sand Beach, Papakolea and Punaluu Black Sand Beach, Waipi’o Valley and Kohala.


Oahu, the most beautiful place of Hawaii state and is well known as The Gathering Place. It is the biggest and the northern coastal island of Polynesia, the residence to many of the visitors of United States. Oahu has approximately 596.7 square miles (1,545.4-kilometer square) of land area. It is the 3rd biggest island of Hawaii, making it the 20th biggest island in America. Appreciating fun in the sun on Oahu mean mother nature.

Some beautiful places of Oahu a traveller must visit: Diamond Head; beautiful Monument of state, Pearl Harbor, Waikiki Beach: coolest place of Oahu, Hoomaluhia Botanical Gardens in Kaneohe, Shark’s Cove and Hanauma Bay, Maunawili Falls Trail, Ko’Olina Lagoons, Turtle Beach, Makapu’u Point Lighthouse Trail and Drive to North Shore.


Waikiki, the most beautiful place to visit, situated in the southern coastal region of Honolulu. It was one time an amusement park for Honolulu royalty. Waikiki commenced to the globe, when its first hotel the Moana Surfrider, was built on its shorelines in 1901. Today, Waikiki Oahu’s most amazing resort area and a hotel for visitors around the globe. It appreciates the fame of being world’s most popular beach resort, furnished with South Sea Magic, the affection of Honolulu. Waikiki is mainly famous for beaches, but it is likely more than beaches.

Waikiki has many attractions: Kapiolani Park and Queens Garden: the oldest beautiful public park and garden holds a sequence of attraction including, Waikiki Aquarium and Waikiki Zoo. Waikiki beaches: charismatic charm of Waikiki, Honolulu Zoo, Kalakaua Avenue, Royal Hawaiian Shopping Centre, Diamond Head Crater, Waikiki Aquarium, International Market and Army Museum of Hawaii.


Maui is the wonderful island in the state of Hawaii, the United States and the second biggest island of Hawaii, that stretches the 727.2 square miles (1883 kilometer squares) of land area. It is known as “The Valley Isle.” Maui is a 17th biggest island in the United States. Maui had a citizenry of 144,444.

Maui discovers some peaceful spots or places are in order: Snorkel Trip to Molokini; the Maui island is residence to some volcanic islets in the planet. The Molokini Crater has pinpointed three miles away from southern coastlines.

Maui Ocean Centre: it is known for sea tunnel, indoor shark tank which displays tiger shark, gray tips, white tips and deep-water fish. Whale watching tours: Maui’s Whale season starts as early November and late in May.

Golfing: it is the most fantastic place in Hawaii, the heaven on earth. Many more attractions of Maui; Helicopter Tours, Surfing, Jaws Surf Break and Sacred Pools


Niihau, the dry island is pinpointed on the 18 miles north- western coast of Kauai, United States. The Niihau is known as “The Forbidden Isle” because non-Hawaiian residents are not legalized to go there, around 250 Hawaiian inhabitants exist on Niihau, and It is the 7th biggest island in Hawaii, that is 17.5 miles (28.2 km) south West of Kauai’s throughout the Kaulakahi. It stretches approximately 69.5 square miles (180-kilometer square) of land area. It comprises of one volcano that has huge landslide to the east, and this island is 4.9 million years old.

On Niihau island, life is extremely easy, because there is no electricity, no shops, no cars, no paved roads, no hotels. People go on Niihau by foot, bike or cycle. The only work (job) accessible to Niihau Island is at the Robinson family ranch, where most of the residents work by raising cattle. People get meals from the ranch as well.

Niihau is a very crispy island, so the landscape and greenery are not as vigorous and tropical as in the other islands of Hawaii. Entrance to Niihau is very restricted; travelers can only visit Niihau when they are invited by Niihau members or by the Robinson family ranch.


Moloka’i, the peaceful island is recognized as “The Most Hawaiian Isle” or “The Friendly Isle.” The people who like friendliness, simplicity, clean beaches, natural beauty must visit Moloka’i island. No (traffic lights, chain stores, tall buildings, and nightclubs) are found there. It is the peaceful island with inspiring sceneries. The highest mountain of the Moloka’i island is Kamakou, 4,961 feet tall. Moloka’i is sheltered by kiawe forests, and its west end is very crispy, while the north and east end is vigorous and has the tallest sea cliffs, rainforests, and waterfalls.

Though, it has several towns and beaches to visit; the number one town of Kaunakakai is on Molokai’s south coast has one prime access route where natives do shopping. Molokai also has some uncrowded beaches, white sand beaches, and swimming beaches.


LANAI, the sixth biggest Hawaiian Island, it is known as “The Pineapple Island.” Its land area is around 141 square miles (365 square kilometers) with 47 miles (75 km) of coastline. Lanai’s broad range activities and secluded white sand beaches make this isle a unique stopping place. It is pinpointed 1700 ft. (518 m) above the sea level. This island is very dry with a yearly rainfall around 37 inches (94 cm).

Inhabitants and travelers enjoy the varied weather of lanai, due to fast upgrading changes. Sea level temperatures are hotter than other temperatures in Lanai.

Many attractive and wonderful destinations of Lanai: Lanai beaches- Snorkel, beautiful white sand, scuba, swim, sunbathe, shipwreck beach, manele bay, and hoopoe bay. The Cathedrals, Sporting Clays, The Garden of Gods, Munro Trail and more!


Kauai is the fourth biggest Hawaiian Island; it’s weather conditions are semitropical. Kauai is a native place or residence to several distinct microclimates. It is a different geographical subject to fertile river valleys, majestic mountain tops, tropical rainforests, sand dunes to bare desert plateaus and foothills.

Kauai has beautiful places to visit: Beaches- sandy beaches, snorkeling and scuba Beach, Tunnels Beach, Poipu Beach and Hanalei Bay Beach, Alakai wilderness preserve, Waimea Canyon, Botanical Gardens, Spouting Horn and Waialeale Crater, these are the most famous and scenic spots(places) of Kauai.


Kaho’olawe is the smallest island of all the eight volcanic islands. This island is known as “The Target Isle.” It is situated seven miles (11km) southeast of Lanai and southwest of Maui. The land area of Kaho’olawe is around 44.97 square meter (116.47-kilometre square). It is commonly a dry island (yearly rainfall is less than 65cm or 26inches). It has always been less populated because of the insufficiency of fresh water.

Kahoolawe is similar to Alcatraz Island located near San Francisco. One time the Kahoolawe is used for prisoners. It was earlier famous for the beautiful green garden with plants and flowers, but then goats brought into the garden, they ate all the plants and flowers and damaged the plant’s life (greenery).


Lahaina is the beautiful and biggest census-designated place located in Maui, Hawaii. Lahaina has several gorgeous destinations with scenic views: Snorkel Tours, Whale Watching, Maui Theater, Visit Historical Places, Golf Resorts, Whalers Village, Kaanapali Beach and Black Rock, Maui Grown Coffee Farm, Horseback Riding at Ironwood Ranch, Stroll Front Street in Lahaina and More!

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