Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Washington

Bellevue City, King County

Bellevue or “The Satellite city” is located on the eastern side of the King County. This is one of the preferred destinations for localities and for the tourists who want to engage themselves in the family activities. There are tons of green spaces that will remind you of nature. There are parks, beaches, and natural gardens that you must visit if you plan to visit this city. When you reach here, do not forget to visit Children’s Museum. Here we will find activities that suit people of all age groups.

Future of Flight Aviation Center, Mukilteo

The Future of Flight Museum as the name of this Museum suggest is a Museum displaying artifacts and historical pictures of the Aviation Industry. If you are on tour to Boeing, the Future of Flight Aviation Center would be your first stop. This Museum is more of an education center that showcases history related to Aerospace culture of the Americans. If you are a fan of Aerospace Industry, you will find this Museum, an ultimate place.  Inside this Museum, you can explore over 28,000 sq.ft galleries where temporary to permanent exhibits are organized to attract tourists.

Mount Rainer National Park, Washington

Mount Rainer National Park situated in Pierce and Lewis County to the southeast and northeast side resp. of the state. This US National Park was incorporated in the year 1899 and is the fifth national park in the US. This Park located in the Cascade Mountains is widely spread in the area of 236,381 acres of land. The road to this Mount Rainer Park is open round the year. You can enjoy hiking in the summer season and go for snowshoeing in winter to enjoy your vacations to the fullest. There are many more sites of attractions that you can visit this park without any hassle.

Mt. St. Helens National Volcanic Monument, Mount St. Helens

As the name of this place suggests, Mt. St. Helens National Volcanic Monument is a National Monument in the United States that covers most of the Mount St. Helens area. This place erupted in the year 1980, and it was after the eruption, the President of the state, Ronald Reagan re-established the Monument in the year 1982. This Monument is spread in the area of over 110,000 acres of land. Interiors of this Monument are left unattended to respond naturally to the natural disturbances that occur in nature.  This is the first Monument that came under the services of the US Forest Service Management.

San Juan Island, Washington

San Juan Island is one of the valuable parts of the Washington state that has significantly contributed towards bringing a large number of tourists every year. This Island is the chain of the islands with over four islands easily accessible by ferry. All of these islands have galleries, food restaurants, seafood restaurants, and parks in order to give complete facilities to the tourists who come to visit this place. You may take a whale watching tour where you may get a chance to see whales and some more mammals on your way to other islands via ferry.

Spokane City, Washington

Spokane city is full of fantastic sites of attractions. There are gardens like Japanese Garden, Manito Garden, and much more that will give you a glimpse of the natural beauty of this city. If you are an adventurous person and want to for skiing, you can visit Mount Spokane and do the skiing. You can pay a visit to the Riverfront Park that has amusement rides and many more things to keep your kids busy all the day. Just visit this city once to have an unforgettable experience.

Seattle Center, Seattle

Widely spread in the area of over 74-acres of land, Seattle Center is one of the demanding centers of arts, Observatory, entertainment, and many more things. Initially, the center was built in the year 1962 in order to host World Fair, the same year. 605-ft tall Seattle Space Needle is the tallest landmark that most of the tourists visit this place for. You can start your day at Seattle center from Sky View Observatory and then proceed to other highlights of this center.

Kitsap Peninsula, Washington

Kitsap Peninsular separates Olympic Peninsula from its peninsula on its western side. If you are planning to go on a beach holiday, then Kitsap Peninsula should be your one-stop destinations. This Kitsap Peninsula is surrounded by coastline, coastal towns, and villages that make it a perfect place for the beach lovers. Not only you get a chance to go for beaching activities like fishing, scuba diving, kayaking, and much more but you also get an opportunity to explore the historical places as well. There are over nine state parks under this Peninsula so visit this place to have complete fun.

Tacoma Museum, Tacoma

Tacoma city is one of the renowned cities of the United States that has some of the major sites of attractions for the tourists who come to visit Washington State. There are Glass Museums, cultural centers, and Museums showing various artifacts that won’t let you get bored when you reach this place. This city is mostly famous for the Museum of Glass that contains some of the amazing works of glass artists who live locally. There are outdoor fun activities as well.

Olympic National Park, Olympic Peninsula

Olympic National Park is one of the most-visited National Parks in the United States that is located on the Olympic Peninsula, Washington. There are ocean beaches, mountain tops, wild life, and many more natural sceneries that won’t let you forget your memories to this place even after your holidays are over. You will be surprised to know that this Park is widely distributed in the area of over 1 million acres of land and is a home to wild animals. Three different ecosystems would give you endless opportunities to have fun.

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