Top 10 Places to Visit in Vermont

Vermont is the home to several fascinating places. Here are top 10 must visit places:

Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Holding Inc., South Burlington

If you are traveling to Vermont with your kids, do not forget to take them to this Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Holding Inc. This Company was incorporated in the year 1978 and is headquartered in South Burlington. Its main factory is located in Waterbury, Vermont state only. The company is famous for manufacturing quality ice-creams, frozen yogurt, and sorbet like things.  Without any doubt, we can say that this is best place for your children where they can see and learn how their favorite ice-creams are made and given different shapes and colors.

Bennington Battle Monument, Bennington

Bennington Battle Monument is a 306 ft high pyramidal Monument located in Bennington. This Monument reminds you of the Battle of Bennington that took place while the American Revolutionary war was on. There are over 412 steps that you need to take to reach the top of this Monument. If you do not want to use the steps, you can go via elevator and get a perfect view from the closet. You can find some time from your busy day and pay a visit to the Bennington Museum that is located at a very small distance from the Monument.

Hildene Home, Manchester

Hildene Home was the summer home of Lincoln family. This home situated on 820 Hildene Road and is based in Manchester. Robert Todd Lincoln lived here with his loving wife, Mary Harlan Lincoln. Robert Todd Lincoln was the only son out of the four sons of Abraham Lincoln who lived and survived to enter the adulthood phase. When Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, Robert Todd Lincoln used to come to this place with his mother to find peace and comfort zone. This home truly represents the wealth of the Lincoln family. You can see some of the personal belongings of the President when you reach this home.

Lake Champlain, Vermont

This natural freshwater lake is widely spread in the area of over 120 miles between the borders of Vermont and New York. The major portion of this Lake Champlain lies in Vermont. Thus, it has become one of the major ports of destinations for tourists who travel to Vermont. If you have come here for recreational activities, wildlife viewing, or any see historical sites of attractions, then this Lake will give you multiple of opportunities to travel to fun-giving places from here.

Montshire Museum of Science, Norwich

Montshire is a renowned science Museum located in Norwich. This Science Museum is widely spread in the area of over 110acres of land. There are over 140 different exhibits on categories like math, science, anatomy, history, etc. There are live exhibitions as well where you can see a hive of honey bees, leafcutter ants, and many more outdoor creatures. There is an additional Science park that is spread in the area of over 2-acres of land showcasing solar system, Whisper dishes, sound, light, energy, and many other things. This Science Museum was incorporated in the year 1976.

Killington Resort, Killington

Killington Resort is a ski Resort located in Killington. This ski resort provides the largest ski area when compared to the other skiing areas of the eastern United States. This resort was established in the year 2013-14 and has become one of the demanding spots of attractions within a very short span. If you are a skiing lover person, you should not miss the chance to board the plane going towards Killington. It is one of the best skiing spots for you. Not only this, there are sceneries that would drive you to fall in love with this place.

Lake Champlain Maritime Museum, Vergennes

Lake Champlain Maritime Museum is a not for profit Museum that is located in Vergennes. This Museum has been built and managed with a mission to preserve the history of Lake Champlain and to showcase it in front of the tourists in a unique style. Lake Champlain has discovered many shipwrecks, and the LCMM Museum studies those shipwrecks and preserves them in the Museum. Through the means of this Museum, the history and culture of the Lake is displayed to the tourists.

Smugglers Notch State Park, Vermont

Vermont’s Smuggler State Park located near Stowe Town is one of the major destinations of the tourists who visit Vermont. This Park is located at the height of over 2,119 ft and has been named Smugglers Notch because it separates Mount Mansfield from the Spruce Field and the popular Sterling Range. This Park has a detailed campsite that allows tourists to visit this place without any hassle. You may visit Bingham Falls from this Park and save your time.

Shelburne Museum of Art, Shelburne

Shelburne is a large Museum of Art with different artifacts segregated over 39 buildings.  Out of these 39, 25 buildings are dedicated to the history of the Americans. This Museum is widely spread in the area of over 45 acres of land and is at a close distance from Lake Champlain. This open-air Museum will help you to learn more about the American buildings, arts, history, and other things that are related directly or indirectly to Americans. There are many more places that you must explore while paying a visit to this Museum. Some of the renowned places that must be visited include shopping sites, printing shops, lighthouse, etc.

Stowe Town, Lamoille County

Stowe is one of the best towns located in Lamoille County.  This Town was established in the year 1763 by a Governor called Benning Wentworth. He was the Royal Governor of the colony called New Hampshire. This city has skiing trails, so the best time to visit here is the winter season when the ice is at its peak, and the skiing is the best sport. This Town will remind you of the ski Industry by Vermont. Ski Industry is a heritage site that can be seen through the Vermont Ski Museum.

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