Top 10 Best Places to Visit in South Dakota

Badland National Park, South Dakota

The main site of the attraction of this Badland National Park is the Black-footed ferret, an endangered land mammal that is the most popular endangered mammal of the North America. This park is widely spread in the area of over 242,000 acres of land and is a home to several wild animals. There are huge pinnacles made from clay or sand erosion. When you visit this park, you will find plenty of American Buffalos’ to entertain you on the way. A well-connected road to the park will take you through many other places of the South Dakota without any hassle.

Black Hills National Forest, South Dakota

Located South-west Dakota, This Black Hills National Forest attracts a huge base of tourists who travel to South Dakota every year. This Forest is wisely spread in the area of over 1.25 million acres of land and is a home to several wild animals as well. Headquartered in Custer, this Forest has various district offices. There are plenty of camping grounds where you can have outdoor fun and enjoy recreational activities. Hiking, fishing, riding on the back of the horse are no more a hard to find activities at this place.

Custer State Park, Custer

Custer State Park located South-west side of the South Dakota is one of the safest homes for the wild animals. This park has been named after a colonel, George Armh3 Custer. It has been observed that this Custer State Park is the largest park of the Southern side of the state. You will find more than 1500 American Buffalo’s when you get inside the park. The main reason behind the popularity of this park is the natural sceneries that would drive you to fall in love with this place.

Crazy Horse Memorial, Custer

This Crazy Horse Memorial is an under construction but most-visited place of the Tourists who visit Custer and other places surrounding it. Only the head and the upper part of a Chief Standing Bear have been constructed so far, and rest of the place is still under construction. Although not complete but many tourists pay a visit to this Memorial and feel blessed after coming here. The main aim of the creators and the Foundation governing this Memorial is to preserve the history of North American Indians and to showcase it in front of the hundreds of thousands of tourists who come every year.

Homestake Gold Mine, Lead

Deepest Gold Mine in Lead that was closed in the year 2002 is one of the largest Gold Mines of the North America. This Mine has produced more than 1.25 Million Kgs of Gold during its serving period. As of now, this Gold Mine is not in operation and tourists can learn about this Gold Mine through Visitor Center only. Guided Tours are available on this site.  If you are traveling to this place, you can take an open tour and see how this Gold Mine looks like.

Mammoth Site, Hot Springs

Mammoth is more of a museum that will help you learn more about the Fossil fuels. This site will take you closer to the Pleistocene era, and you would see remains of plants and animals that existed during that period. It has been believed that the Mammoth species were found at this place in the year 1974 and is it since then the site has preserved the species and come up with a Museum. Now, this Museum has become a one-stop hub for viewing remains of Mammoth at one place.

The Corn Palace, Mitchell

The Corn Palace is one of the Royal Palaces in Mitchell that is the only Corn Palace across the globe. This Palace is one of the favorite destinations for the tourists who want to see this Grain Palace that changes its design every year. Yes, you might be surprised, but this is true. This corn-covered Palace building is changed every year. More than two to five lakh tourists visit this Palace every year to embrace its beauty. This Palace was initially opened in the year 1892 in order to showcase the agricultural potential of the place to a vast extent.

Mount Rushmore National Monument, Keystone

Mount Rushmore is one of the national Monuments in Keystone that has become one of the major stops of attractions for the tourists visiting South Dakota.   This place is well-known for the sculptures of four of the famous presidents of the United States who served the nation during 1730-1890 years. The President George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln sculptures have been carved out of the granite. This place is worth seeing the historical culture of the nation. If you are a history lover person, you must visit this place.

Spearfish Canyon, Spearfish

If you are a nature loving person, you must visit this place to enjoy natural beauty to its fullest. One of the beautiful places in South Dakota that have waterfalls, Spruce Pine Trees, Ponderosa, and many other sites of attractions. This Canyon is situated on the northern side of the Blacks Hills National Forest. You can visit this place and go to many other places of attractions from here. Most of the tourists enjoy spending their time in the natural waterfalls that engulf them in the natural water and do not let them come out of the place in few hours.

Wind Cave National Park, Hot Springs

When you visit South Dakota and the town called Hot Springs, going just 16kms to the north of this town, you will find Wind Cave National Park. This Park was incorporated by the, then President Theodore Roosevelt and soon became the first cave that was listed under the National Parks of the State. This Park is world-famous for the “Boxwork”, which is nothing but a structure resembling honeycomb to some extent. If you just want to relax, take a ground tour to this place to see a different herd of bison, American Buffalo.


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