Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Rhode Island

Beavertail Lighthouse, Rhode Island

Beavertail Lighthouse is situated at the opening of the Narragansett Bay. This place is over 150 years old and is a perfect guiding spot of the tourists who visit Narragansett Bay and need any assistance. This Lighthouse was built in the year 1856. It is one of the leading lighthouses in Rhode Island and ranks third in the colony. The best thing about visiting this Lighthouse is that the light of this lighthouse flashes after every 6 seconds of the day and is active 24×7.

Colt State Park, Bristol

Colt State Park is one of the most visited National Historical parks located in Bristol. This Park is widely spread in the area of over 464 acres of land and is open to the public for visiting. The name of this Park has been derived from an Industrialist Samuel P. Colt who initially owned the park and later it became one of the beautiful parts of the national historic register. You can go for picnicking and eat some delicious food. Go to an observation Tower and see the park from the closet.

Cliff Walk, Newport

Cliff Walk is one of the leading tourist’s spots of the tourists who come to see Rhode Island. This place is best suited for visitors who want to take a long walk across the place. View birds are flying and target two birds at the same time. The beauty of this place is worth praising. Cliff walk is 3 to 1.2 miles long trail. If you want to walk on an easy trail, take a walk to the northern section of this area else go to the southern area to take a careful walk.

Mohegan Bluff, Rhode Island

Huge 150ft clay cliff that would leave you stunned can be found at Mohegan Bluff. The name of this place has historical significance. The place shares a rich history with the battle of Niantic and Mohegan that took place between the two in the middle of the 16th centuries. The primary cause of the battle was to win the island. There are over 140 steps that you need to climb if you want to climb to the top of the cliff. You need to be extra careful while climbing the cliff. The residents are well-aware of the area, so tourists need to be cautious while climbing the cliff.

Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island

One of the best beaches for tourists and the residents. Most of the tourists, who come to see the amazing Rhode Island, prefer visiting this beach. The best time to visit this beach is in the summer season. The number of tourists visiting the beach almost doubles when the summers are around. It is not the only beach at this place. This place is a home to four beaches that would relax you this summer season. Roger Wheeler State Beach can be visited by handicapped as well. There is supporting ramps that allow them to reach this place without any hassle.

RISD Museum, Providence

RISD Museum of Art is famous not only for the artifacts but also for the range of variety of artworks covered by it. There are over 26,000 different objects in the dress category of only historical and contemporary dresses.  You will find almost everything here. Starting from the Egyptian clothing to the 20th-century American designer, the Museum will show you things that you never imaged before. Many more impressive collections of dresses would leave you mesmerized by their beauty.

John Brown House, Providence

This is the first Mansion that was built in the Providence. This Mansion has been named after its owner, John Brown. It was in the year 1968; the mansion was listed under the National Historic landmarks of the state. This elegant and classy home still has the original furnishings from the royal family of Jon Brown. If you are visiting Rhode Island and want to include only one Mansion in your package, then prefer to pay a visit to this John Brown Mansion in order to see how wealthy people lived during that time?

The Elma, Newport

The Elms is one of the largest mansions that was established by a renowned architect named Horace Trumbauer. This Mansion was built for coal baron Edward Julius Berwind. The design of this mansion is a copied one. Most of the design has been created from the Château d’Asnières in France. There are beautiful gardens inside the mansion and all thanks to the creators like C. H. Miller and E. W. Bowditch who worked with the architect to creating an estate like this. This Mansion is one of the historical landmarks that are open to the public.

Providence Capital, Rhode Island

Providence is the capital of the state. This city is the oldest city that was founded in the year 1636. This city is a beautiful city that is situated at the opening of the Providence River. A perfect place to relax and free yourself from everyday stress that keeps occupying your mind unnecessarily. When you visit this place, you will find coffee shops and doughnuts shops in abundance. You will also find Big Blue Bud, the largest termite across the globe. This City became famous for the Industrialization and excelling in Textile, machinery, and other Industries.

The Breakers Mansion, Newport

The Breakers Mansion is a royal mansion built in the year 1895 by Cornelius Vanderbilt. This Mansion showcases the royalty of this family. This Grand Mansion includes 70-royal rooms with a dining room. The surprising thing about this Mansion is a 3-stored dining room. Everything starting from ceilings, flooring, paintings, furniture’s, marbles, decorative, etc. used to decorate the Mansion are unique and have been handpicked by the Cornelius Vanderbilt in order to give tough competition to the wealthy families. Today, this Mansion is counted amongst the National Historical Landmarks of the state.

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