Visit the Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Oregon

Bend City, Oregon

Bend City is located at the heart of the state. It has national forests that showcase the natural beauty and the flora and fauna of this place. You can pay a visit to High Desert Museum to get more information about the arid regions of the Northern section of the Oregon state. If you are a sporty person and want to go for River rafting then guided tours will take you through the Deschutes River. You can go to skiing areas for skiing. Visit Smith Rock is you want to go for rock climbing. Overall, we can say that this place is a perfect place for tourists who have come on an adventurous trip to Oregon.

Boardman Linear State Park, South-West Oregon

If you have just started on your journey to visiting Oregon and you want to have a glimpse of the natural beauty of this state, then you must visit Boardman Linear State Park located in the Southwestern Oregon. This Park has been named after the first superintendent of the state called Samuel H Boardman. On visiting this Park, you will see some beaches, dunes, and natural sceneries that would make your day.

Cannon Beach, North-West Oregon

Cannon Beach is one of the relaxing places for newly wed couples and romantic couples who want to spend some good time with themselves. It is one of the popular tourists’ destinations that have become a major tourist’s spot of the North-west region of the Oregon. This Beach is magnificent and offers a grand view of the coastal rocks that would leave you mesmerized by its serenity. On this beach, you can see the largest coastal rock, Hay Stack Rock. There are resort town nearby, and you must visit them while visiting Oregon.

Crater Lake National Park, South Oregon

Crater Lake National Park is the only National Park situated in Oregon. You will be surprised to know that this park is the fifth oldest park when it comes to comparing its age with another national park of the United States. This all blue-lake is very dense and circular. Visit this place to see heaven on Earth. You can call up your friends and plan to go for hiking on the adventurous trails that would keep you entertained throughout the day. Swimming is also allowed so you can try this sport and have a fun time.

Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, Oregon

Columbia River Gorge is one of the naturally beautiful areas that showcase the beauty of this place. The beauty of this place has amazed the nation, and this is the reason to why it is listed under the National Scenic Areas of the United States. You will see lots of water falls including the Multnomah Falls which is ranked at the second position in the Country regarding its height. This place is a complete hub for hiking, mountain biking, camping, and other sporty activities.

Japanese Garden, Portland

Japanese Garden is widely spread in the area of over 91 acres of land. Everyone needs rest and some place to get relaxation from the everyday stress. Japanese Garden located in Portland is one such major place that will refresh your mind and give you complete satisfaction. This Park will give you one of the best memories of Oregon when you plan to visit the state. This garden is large enough and has been segregated into five sub-divisions of gardens. Then is a genuine Tea House that was originally built in Japan.

Mount Hood National Forest, Portland

Mount Hood is the highest mountain that rises to a height of over 11,239 ft. Then is the Mount Hood Scenic Loop that is a perfect location for hiking, scenic views, and many more activities to keep you busy throughout the day. This Forest has been named after a composite volcano called Mount Hood. Initially, this forest was established in the year 1892 by the name of the Bull Run Forest Reserve. Later, in the year 1908, it was merged with the National forest and got famous by the name of the Oregon National Forest. It was in the year 1924, the name Mount Hood National Forest was given to this Forest.

Washington Park, Portland

Washington Park is an urban park that has Oregon zoo, Museum for Children, natural forests, rose garden, amphitheater, picnicking spots, playgrounds, and many other places to visit. This Park is widely spread in the area of over 410 acres of land. Most of the portion of this land is steep so you can easily go for hiking. Although Portland is full of parks and gardens, no garden or park is as beautiful as Washington Park.

Tumalo Falls, Bend City

Tumalo Falls is a great 97-ft tall water fall situated within the boundaries of a National Forest called Deschutes National Forest. This waterfall is to the west of the Bend city. If you want to enjoy Tumalo Falls to the fullest, the best way is to follow the trail. You can also go for picnicking and eat the delicious food of your choice. You may find some wild animals on your way to the waterfall. There can be deer, hawks, and squirrels around when you take a walk to the Tumalo Falls.

Toketee Falls, Douglas

Toketee Falls is undoubtedly one of the best waterfalls of the Oregon State that must be visited by every tourist who comes to the state. Toketee means pretty and this waterfall truly justifies its name. This Toketee waterfall falls from a height of over 120 ft and lands in two stages. This waterfall is maintained by a dam called PacifiCorp which controls the flow of water from the waterfall. The popularity of this waterfall doesn’t need much of the promotion. It is a well-known waterfall that has superseded other famous destinations of Oregon. You can visit this beautiful place anytime.

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