Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Oklahoma

Browse through these top 10 places in Oklahoma and get amazed by their beauty:

Cherokee Heritage Center, Park Hill

Cherokee Heritage Center is one of the most-visited places for the tourists who visit Oklahoma. This Center is maintained by the Cherokee Historical Society and has some outdoor Museums and indoor exhibitions in order to attract a huge tourist’s base in Park Hill.  This Center sponsors many educational programs and also makes every effort to promote Cherokee and showcase their culture to the people visiting this place. This center is open to the public all the seven days of the week, so you can plan to visit this place during any day of the week without any hassle.

Museum of the Great Plains, Lawton

The Museum of the Great Plains is a historical Museum that will take you closer to the history, present, and expected future of the Great Plains. This Museum is a part of Oklahoma Museum Network and is a home to many educational programs that are organized by the officials in order to attract a huge tourist base in Lawton. This Museum was built to preserve the history and culture of the Great Plains of Northern America with a mission to impart knowledge to the youngsters. You would feel connected to the society when you visit this museum.

Marland Mansion & Estate, Ponca City

Marland Mansion was established in the year 1928, and it was a home to the E.W.Marland, the tenth Governor of the city and a famous oilman. This home is magnificent. You will find yourself lost in the all 55 rooms with kitchen, swimming pool, Boathouse, playing grounds, and many more rooms to play and relax. Within the Marland Estate, is the oil Museum that is must visit in Ponca City. You can also visit Marland’s Grand home from here. This is the oldest home where Marland lived.

Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum, Oklahoma City

This Memorial Museum will remind you of the year 1955 when the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building was bombed inhumanly. Many soldiers, victims, fighters, survivors and people who were a part of the rescue team are remembered for their work at this Memorial place. There are beautiful gardens, and sculptures of valuable people who became a victim of that unpleasant day. You can visit Museum to see how people managed to survive after that tragic accident. This Memorial & Museum is open for public 24 hours, and you just have to pay little entry fees.

Oklahoma City Zoo & Botanical Garden, Oklahoma City

If you are planning to visit Oklahoma with your kids make sure you visit Oklahoma City Zoo & Botanical Garden as well.  The Zoo is widely spread in the area of over 119 acres of land and proving a shelter to over 1,900 animals. This Zoo is open for a Public visit on almost all days except Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year Day. This Zoo and the Botanical Garden incorporated in the Oklahoma City more than 100 years ago.  Some educational sessions are also organized to keep students aware of flora and fauna of the state.

Philbrook Museum of Art, Tulsa

Philbrook Museum of Art is the Art Museum that has been named after Waite and Genevieve Phillips. When you visit this Museum, you will find artistic crafts of Asian, African, and European culture. If you like this Museum of Art, you may visit its second branch based in downtown. Do not forget to visit Philbrook Garden widely spread in the area of over 25 acres of land. There are some of the amazing sculptures that would leave you stunned when you watch them.

The University of Oklahoma, Norman

The University of Oklahoma was established in the year 1890 and is a co-educational university. According to the latest reports of the year 2016, the university provides education to more than 31,250 students every year. The US non-profit organization awarded this University called Operation Hat Trick for helping in the recovery service of the veterans of the state. When you visit this University, you will pay a visit to Museum of Art and Museum of History. There is the Library containing a bibliography of many of the influential people to enhance your knowledge base.

Turner Falls Park

Visiting Oklahoma and skipping Turner Falls Park would be just like ignoring the best part of the state.  This Park has one or the other thing for people of every age. No one can get bored as the place is full of adventurous activities that would make your day, the most refreshing one. The 77-ft waterfall is all natural and will give you refreshed bath. Wildlife can be seen when you cross this park. There are caves, camping sites, and many more surprising activities waiting for you.

Woolaroc Museum & Wildlife Preserve, Bartlesville

Woolaroc Museum showcases artifacts of various western artists, contemporary artists, and much more. Most of the paintings in this Museum have been collected by the Frank Phillips and other members of his family. This place will give you an unparalleled experience of checking wildlife from the closet.  Unique pieces of art works are not only exceptional in Oklahoma but also in the United States. Wildlife Preserve area is spread in the area of over 3,700 acres of land and has given shelter to more than thirty animals and birds from across the globe.

Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge, Lawton

This place Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge is a home to several unique wild animals. This site is offering to house to these wild animals since its inception in the year 1901.We can say that it is one of the oldest wildlife refuges of the United States. You can find American Buffalo in abundance here. Invite your friends to travel with you at this beautiful place and go for hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, and other sports activities.  This Wildlife Refuge site is spread in the area of 59,020 acres of land.

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